Is Judy Wood “Pure Disinformation?” Another Perspective On Her Directed Energy Weapon Model of 9/11

My Facebook friend Andrea Gambioli wrote: “Judy Wood’s theories are pure disinformation, to confuse and divide the truther’s movement (which is in fact what happened).” He posted this retort to her work. In any case, this opens up the discussion to Directed Energy Weapons, which is probably important, in a horrifying way.

9/11 Mystery Raised By PhD Scientist: “Where Did The Buildings Go?”

“A quick summary is that the buildings didn’t burn up, nor did they slam to the ground, but they turned into dust in mid air. How do I know that? Because if they collapsed to the ground, you would have a pile of debris that would correspond to two hundred and ten story buildings. That […]

Jeffrey St. Clair On “What Happened”– Amazon Can’t Delete This One

It has been pointed out that Silicon Valley and the Tech-Topus, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon et al, are the helm of the new American Totalitarianism–its de-facto “deep state–” and that the actual, lumbering “government,” uses said Tech-Topus to enact its agendas, polish its mirrors, send its critics “to the cornfield.” No longer trying to be […]

Truth Barrier Bug/Ransomware–Going Offline For Repair

The post from yesterday about Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss’ HPV YouTube series “Sacrificial Virgins” was spread across many vaccination-aware groups on FB. A FB friend central to the movement emailed me today: “Hi Celia, I’ve shared your latest Truth Barrier post in several groups. Someone just commented that your site is trying to install […]

CIA Fake News Roots: Funding And Influence on Literary Culture and Magazines After WW2

“So magazines like Encounter, they were created in Paris, they were created in Italy, they were created all over Europe; and then they spread to the Nordic countries, they spread to the Third World. What they did was they involved people at different levels. So the people in the know would be people who were […]

What Did A 2000 United Nations Document Reveal About The Plan To Flood Certain Countries With Migrants, Socially Engineered for Decades?

“In other words, this is the way they’re implementing it. The EU is there as a sub-unit of global governance. It’s there to consolidate the European countries, so they can then be subsumed into the world governance. That was what the Trans Atlantic and the Trans Pacific partnerships were about.” –David Knight Note: I think […]

This Place Could Use Some Communism

Socialists be like — Alice Smith (@TheAliceSmith) July 23, 2017

Assange: “The Transparent Do Not Fear Leaks”

  How to solve the "leak problem"? Be the first to tell the truth. The transparent do not fear leaks. No more secrets. — Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) July 22, 2017

Extraordinary: The healing Power of Colostrum

Stage 4 Cancer Reversal Protocol: No Shortcuts, No Failure

“It’s never too late to turn things around. Never, never.”

CORRECTION: Black PR Psy-Up Behind “Assange” Tweet About Podesta

I checked it with the person I trust most about all things Wikileaks, Bella Magnani, on Twitter. She explained it was false and I immediately took it down. I apologize to Truth Barrier readers, but there is a more valuable lesson here. Big money is being spent to discredit Julian Assange by creating imposter accounts […]

Esquire O.J. Simpson American Underbelly

O.J. Simpson was freed on parole today as you probably know. I was commissioned to write about O.J. Simpson on two occasions. One article (linked below) was published in Esquire in 1998. It was at the time the second largest selling issue of Esquire, second to this in 1970, 28 years earlier. [“The Confessions of Lieutenant Calley.”] […]

The Elites Have Minted A Palatable Hillbilly To Translate Trump’s Voter’s Despair, or “Concerns”

“The 2016 election was in part the revenge of a white working class long ignored and neglected by the establishments of both political parties. This America turned out in large numbers for Trump. Vance knows these people. He’s one of them. So he became the Trump whisperer, the voice of a forgotten tribe that rather […]

The Last Gentleman: How George Trow Went Mad, And What The New Yorker Used To Be Like, Or Vice Versa

    “And in fact Trow did wear a fedora for a while—to the great amusement of his colleagues—when he was a young writer at William Shawn’s New Yorker. “This is the sixties, so to wear a fedora is some kind of a big statement,” says Jonathan Schell, who, like Trow, graduated from Harvard in […]

Waking Up About Alcohol And The Protection Of Your Spirit

Al kol: Genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or a supernatural creature in Arabic mythology. Al kol: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it.” The word alcohol is also linked to the fixed star in astronomy known as Algol- also known as “the Demon’s head.” The current Arabic […]

The Growing Power OF “Within The Context Of No Context” By George W.S. Trow

  THE DECLINE OF ADULTHOOD In the New History, nothing was judged—only counted. The power of judging was then subtracted from what it was necessary for a man to learn to do. In the New History, the preferences of a child carried as much weight as the preferences of an adult, so the refining of […]

I Have No Headline For This But Somehow It’s Bringing Us All Closer, Might Be Sublime

Haitian Government Official Set To Testify Against Clinton Foundation Found Dead

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled […]

“This Is The Way It Is Now.” (Raw Audio From Germany, As Girls Are Made Impossible– Canceled)

SICKENING!!! Terrified German parents ask Mayor what they should do in the wake of Muslim "Refugee" Sex Attacks & Rapes upon School Girls.. — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) July 10, 2017

Bonfire Of The Vanities 2017 [When Satire Is Almost Identical To Earnestness]

She is hilarious. Great satire sketch. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 10, 2017

Eye Witness Accounts And Footage From Hamburg G20: “Hellhole Beyond Imagination.”

Gary Ogden and others–I share your confusion and shock. Who and what is “Antifa?” Who and what is backing them, and to what end? Please let’s NOT ARGUE right now and instead put our heads together about what is going on, as it is obviously very dire. Very. And by the way, the word “Kristallnacht” […]

A Father And Son Story, by R.A. Davis

“You want to be a writer? Here.” He found a pen and an unlined memo tablet. Wrote: LIFE DEATH. “Now, write me a third word as big as the first two!” And walked away. I instantly knew the third word but was afraid to write it. The word came by intuition, and Dad was a […]

What Is A Metaphor?

(For Caroline)   An event so impactful that most people in a given time knows its name and roughly what happened is a “historical event.” These events spawn avatars, even centuries later, turning up in people’s sayings, writings and creative works. The Swedish pop group ABBA for example, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 […]

Kristallnacht Of Media Wars: Independent Journalists Stalked, Beaten, Lives Threatened By Antifa Thugs At G20 In Hamburg

German police to journalists: “You’re on your own.”

The Simple Cure To Almost Every So Called Disease

Milo Yiannopoulos Files $10 Million Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Against Simon & Schuster

What Was Happening In That Dawn’s Early Light? The True History Of The Star Spangled Banner

What stirs in me on the eve of the birthday of this nation, that feels like a terrible secret, like when you’re not supposed to love somebody or something but you do. Walking home from the park last night, I wondered what this feeling is and why it has nothing to do with what evil […]

How Laura Loomer Re-Invented Living Theater And Shocked The Petit Bourgeoisie

“A thing with a brave spirit is not mean.” St. Mawr, D.H. Lawrence     I just realized something. All my so-called life in so-called journalism, all I was ever doing was looking for genuine expression of emotions, through the human voice. I love the human voice, when it is being honest. It’s an instrument […]

The Truth Barrier Supports Anti-Tryanny Activists Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec Whose Protest Shut Down Grotesque Trump Assassination Play In New York City

Two anti-tyranny, anti-violence activists Laura Loomer and and Jack Posobiec disrupted the Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar.depicting Donald Trump stabbed to death by a mob with knives. Loomer, of Rebel Media, shouted: “STOP THE NORMALIZATION OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. YOU ARE POLITICAL TERRORISTS ALL OF YOU!” She was arrested and later released […]

Alex Jones, 2013: “I Clearly Believe, From The Evidence, Children Were Really Killed In Sandy Hook, And It’s A Real Tragedy.”

NBC and Megan Kelly are in foaming hot water over Kelly’s upcoming interview with anti-globalist, populist talk show host Alex Jones. Jones pre-empted Kelly’s piece by publishing his own recording of the interview, here. A close friend of mine knows the father of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook, and told me he […]

Camille Paglia, In Searing Interview, Eviscerates Elite Democrats, Praises Trump As A “Builder,” Says Sex Change is ‘Impossible’ and Calls Global Warming “A Sentimental Myth Unsupported By Evidence.”

And–she is a lifelong registered Democrat. I interviewed Paglia in 1990, in a two part interview in SPIN Magazine, and remain an admirer of her wild, caustic mind, passion for history, and serious sense of humor. To wit: “Of course this rousing speech (with its can-do World War Two spirit) got scant coverage in the […]

Simple Mental Techniques To Rewire Traumatic Memories

Forbidden Knowledge: Proof Of U.S. Military Having Infiltrated CNN and Other Media “Since At Least 2001.”

“Truth Stream Media’s Melissa Dykes revisits a story I posted about 5 years ago regarding hard evidence that has emerged over the years of US military psychological operations involvement in the production of this country’s news media. US Government propaganda against US Persons was illegal until Barack Obama officially legitimized it in the 2012 NDAA […]

What They Said: Alan Dershowitz

“The fact that Mueller is opening an investigation on obstruction doesn’t answer the two basic questions. One — can a president be indicted while sitting? And two — can a president be indicted for obstruction — which is simply doing his job, being the head of the executive branch?” “I think the answer to both […]

Otto Warmbier’s Father’s Statement

Fred Warmbier on dealing with Obama admin: "They did nothing for us. No letters, no communication. Nothing.' — Journalism Is Dead (@TheDailyBail) June 15, 2017

What They Said: Alfieri

He dies in her arms, and Beatrice covers him with her body. Alfieri, who is in the crowd, turns out to the audience. The lights have gone down, leaving him in a glow, while behind him the dull prayers of the people and the keening of the women continue.   Alfieri: Most of the time now […]

What They Said: Gary Ogden

“I find myself largely in agreement with these sentiments. Truly frightening that Democrats, at least in California, but Obama is one of these, too, wish total control of every aspect of our lives by government, beginning with the fetus in the womb. The Democrat politicians have become totalitarians, meanwhile our children are very unhealthy, IQ’s […]

Requiem: The End Of Normal

These were the last days of our lives. These were the days when we discovered that we had no friends, as soon as we developed observations or concerns that did not mirror theirs. Friendships that had held for decades crumbled into dust based on a Facebook post or a single text message. You could hate […]

Reflections On The Misogynist Impulse, By Fred Slater

[From a correspondence, June 10, 2017, published with the author’s permission.] “You know Celia I never had really noticed that type of misogny before, the kind you have mentioned before how men want to correct you, contain your voice, isolate it, a demeaning tone and sometimes outright vicious. I was only familiar with classic misogny, […]

What They Said: Fred Slater

[Ed: Fred Slater–a friend living in Ireland– has written some things that I feel need highlighting. He wrote this comment (below) some months ago., in response to this post, which was where the civil war at The Truth Barrier broke out, between those who see pure evil in communism, and those who slap down those […]

The Missing Disavowal Of Antifa

After today's press briefing was compete, a journalist asked about political violence by the left. Real journalism, finally! — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) May 1, 2017

Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping For An Amazing Day

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping has been extremely popular over the last decade, and countless people testify that it has transformed their lives. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read about it here: Here is a short, easy way to try it, if you want to. I like Brad Yates. He is […]

The Post Vietnam Rainbow Tribe

The World Today According To Terrence Williams

This guys makes me laugh. I don’t think he’s cruel, like most comedians. Sean Hannity aired one of his clips and he blew up on Twitter. Sometimes we have to puncture some of our balloons. Concepts like “government” and “journalism.” Jeff Sessions Ate the Democrats up lol @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @CNN #MAGA lol sing with […]

Graham Hancock: “I Traced The Human Story”

For Jeremy.   “The lie told by archeologists is that the great pyramid was the tomb of some megalomaniac Pharaoh. It’s been clear to me for a very long time that the great pyramid was never a tomb. The great pyramid was a giant instrument for amplifying human consciousness. And it functions as a beacon. […]

Pink Light

PINK LIGHT Q: What happens when you send pink light and love to someone else? Abraham: You activate a vibration of connection within yourself which causes the object of your attention to have the same vibration activated within them. In other words, whatever you hold as your object of attention IS vibrating but EVERYTHING is […]

What They Said: Trump Protesters and Trump Supporters

Chemical Holocaust: Studies Find Cause Of Ocean Death Not Warming Water But Glyphosate

[Brought to us via Alexandra Gatsis, who finds exceptional material all the time.] “Coral reefs are largely plant life. Glyphosate is a plant-killer, designed to annihilate any life it comes in contact with that isn’t protected by genetic modification. Run-off from agricultural spraying of this weed killer goes into our rivers and is dumped into […]

Incredibly Adam

Intrepid reporter Gordon Ramsey explores Adam-ness.

Delta, Bank Of America Pull Sponsorship Of New York’s Public Theater After Depiction Of Trump Look-Alike Murdered

  NEW YORK (AP) — Delta Air Lines and Bank of America have announced that they are pulling their sponsorship of a Manhattan-based theater company’s portrayal of Julius Caesar as a Donald Trump look-alike in a business suit who gets knifed to death on stage. Atlanta-based Delta released a statement on Sunday saying it was […]

The Auric and Spiritual Effects Of Hatred

Priestess Of Hate: Who Is Linda Sarsour?

Here’s a little background on Linda Sarsour, who now has an unexpected new opponent–rock musician Courtney Love. This clip zooms past the most infamous Sarsour tweet, which I find more breathtaking every time I read it. Pause and dwell on the words: “I wish I could take their vaginas away–they don’t deserve to be women.” […]

Why Don’t Feminists Fight For Muslim Women?

If this is the COMMERCIAL, imagine the reality

We live in a society that has gone utterly psychotic. The pharmaceutical industry was the driving force beneath the inversion of “life” and “death.” Listen to the words, starting around 0:19. Even by the standards of shocking pharmaceutical death cult propaganda, this one is arresting.

Bombshells: Most Critical Clips From Comey Senate Hearing

Comey Chronicles: Bombshell Clips From Senate Hearing

Gavin McInnes In Hilarious Conversation With Alex Jones Post Comey Testimony

“That’s what all of journalism is today. It’s bitter, angry nerds who should be hanging from a basketball hoop from the waistband of their underwear.”

Proof In The Patent: Hijacking Nervous System, Manipulating Human Emotions, By Remote

“Electric field pulses capable of exciting a sensory resonance can be generated by small insulated electrodes packed flat in the space of a credit card.”

Loretta Lynch Bombshell: Comey Pressured To Mislead Public

Lynch Successfully Pressured Comey To Mislead Public Using Clinton Campaign’s ‘Inaccurate’ Talking Points   Here is a website that brings many simultaneous breaking stories up to date:     I’ll post a few Tweets along the way: 1. Comey confirmed my view that under the constitution the Pres w/d have the authority to […]

Carter and Solomon: Comey Sued By Former Intelligence Contractor For Breach Bigger Than Snowden, Charges FBI Knew Americans Were Being Spied On

“A former U.S. intelligence contractor tells Circa he walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives from the National Security Agency and the CIA, a haul potentially larger than Edward Snowden’s now infamous breach. And now he is suing former FBI Director James Comey and other government figures, alleging the […]

Critics Lambast The Intercept For “Burning” Source, As Russia Interference Theories Revive and Die at Same Time: New NSA Leaker 25 Year Old Reality Leigh Winner Who Faces Prison Supported Sanders, Despised Trump

Tweets reveal warring factions inside wild world of whistleblowers, leakers, radical journalists, and the US Government. Russia election disruption theories revived. “The NSA analysis does not draw conclusions about whether the interference had any effect on the election’s outcome and concedes that much remains unknown about the extent of the hackers’ accomplishments. However, the […]

A Morning Prayer Declaring Favor Over Your Life

I really like this Bill Winston prayer, and send it out not as Christian propaganda but to share the power of the spoken word to bless our day. (What if I said, Brother S., that the “faith” that “faith” can awaken, is in the healing of past wounds, by speaking favor over our lives, the […]

Grassley Bombshell: Evidence Shows Hillary Clinton Blocked Investigation Into CGI Donor, Threatened Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Son With IRS Audit

VIA ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION The Honorable Rex W. Tillerson Secretary U.S. Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 Dear Secretary Tillerson: June 1, 2017 Recent news reports detail that Secretary Clinton and her staff allegedly pressured the government of Bangladesh, including its Prime Minister, Sheik Hasina, to terminate a corruption investigation into a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) […]

Does Sadiq Khan Have Ties To Extremist Groups, And Is That Why He Says Such Atonal Things In Wake Of U.K. Carnage?

“Dear London, fire your current mayor before he starts giving everyone crap about Islamophobia. Hire someone who won’t ever do that again.” –Stephen Ericson, (FB) “In 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron was widely criticized in the UK when he claimed that London mayor Sadiq Khan had ties to the terror group ISIS. An investigation by […]

Start Your Day With Lynn Margulis, Ponder Translucent Clams, Symbiogenesis, Bacterial Origins, and [UH OH,] Might We Be Mammalian Weeds?

“Most clams live in deep, fairly dark waters. Among one group of clams is a species whose ancestors ingested algae—a typical food—but failed to digest them and kept the algae under their shells. The shell, with time, became translucent, allowing sunlight in. The clams fed off their captive algae and their habitat expanded into sunlit […]

What We Don’t Understand About The Paris Climate Accord

A Very Weird Sentence In The New York Times, in a strangely euphemistic “Q&A” about the Paris Climate Accord, which I turned to to get the basic facts straight: “China vowed that its emissions would peak around 2030 and that it would get about 20 percent of its electricity from carbon-free sources by then. India […]

Full Kathy Griffin Press Conference: Accuses Trump’s Whole Family Of Bullying Her When They React Negatively To Decapitation Video

Or…”How To Virtue Signal While Expressing Homicidal Decapitation Fantasies: By Kathy Griffin.” I got through 14 minutes of this, which means I beat my friend Sal by 13 minutes. If you need a refresher course on the baroque multi-directional flying carpet narcissism of the PC trash crowd, you have it here. The Truth Barrier takes […]

Ohio Attorney General Sues 5 Pharmaceutical Companies With Lawsuit Over Opiate Catastrophe, Charging They Lied About Safety, To Get Millions Addicted

Attorney General DeWine Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers for Fraudulent Marketing; Fueling Opioid Epidemic 5/31/2017 (COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today filed a lawsuit against five leading prescription opioid manufacturers and their related companies in Ross County Court of Common Pleas. The lawsuit alleges that the drug companies engaged in fraudulent marketing regarding the […]

Nicky Gumbel: Christian Faith By Way Of A Secular Jewish Intellectual Upbringing

What kind of Christian lecturer quotes Freddie Mercury, C.S. Lewis, The Gospels, and…Alice Cooper? I am very grateful to my Facebook friend Safaa Hakim for sending me to Nicky Gumbel today. Stunned, I have had a hard time doing anything except listening to his videos, one after the other. I neglected to even eat anything […]

The Destruction Of Individuality And Rise of Institutional Hate On American College Campuses: Who Is Controlling Their Minds And With Which Tools?

A bracing, important discussion between Tucker Carlson and Bret Hume. Hume says this era is more stifling than the (supposedly repressive) 1950s in America.

Looking Up The Church Of Satan’s 11 Rules And Being Surprised

“The person who takes every opportunity to “pick on” others is often mistakenly called “sadistic”. In reality, this person is a misdirected masochist who is working towards his own destruction. The reason a person viciously strikes out against you is because they are afraid of you or what you represent, or are resentful of your […]

A Very Naomi Klein Moment: Pepsi Commercial Exposes The Bankruptcy Of Soros Funded SJW Mass Mind Control Movement

I missed this when it happened. Wow this family is breathtakingly awful. Beautiful and immeasurably stupid. But in some ways, their awfulness lights up the darkened world by being too clueless to conceal its true nature, or even try. We all express what we are, whether we wish to or not, at all times. So […]

Why Leftists Submit To Terror: Gad Saad In Conversation With Paul Joseph Watson

The Truth About Popular Culture

Is anybody else, as I am, thinking: This can’t be happening? How does Paul Joseph Watson stay in one piece? This is now new, but was brought to my attention for a second time and I watched it all the way through. There are no longer any words, really, that so justice to the Satanic […]

What They Said: Derek Prince

“Let me give you another example of how rejection can occur at a very young age and of the spiritual impact it can have on a child. Many years ago I was conducting services at a church in Miami. While visiting one of the parishioners at home a few nights earlier, I had done something […]

Mass Media Fits Description Of Delusional Narcissists

Many of us feel that the mass media in the present day manifestation is not unlike a psychopathic narcissist that sees all of us as extensions of its enraged vision, with which me must comply, or be destroyed. When you encounter this is a person, you can leave. How do we protect ourselves from the […]

John Pilger: Today, False Symbolism Is All. “Identity” Is All

“One of the persistent strands in U.S. political life is a cultish extremism that approaches fascism. This was given expression and reinforced during the two terms of Barack Obama. “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being,” said Obama, who expanded the United States’ favorite military pastime: bombing and death squads (“special […]

Make No Allowances For A Cold Disposition

  Ill will is ill will. We should oppose ill will. Not targeted persons, but rather–the spiritual impulse that produces the ill will. The media is the source of the “emotional plague” that sets humans into psychosis and division. This is the invasion of Ahriman that R. Steiner predicted accurately: That his (Ahriman’s) nature would […]

EU Countries Impose Strict Vaccination Compliance Ordinances: Freedoms Vanishing Fast   A question: I know one person in the US is said to have died of measles in the last 20 years, according to the CDC. Does anybody have information about this mother of three who allegedly died of measles in Essen, Germany?    

Who Exactly Are The Individuals Protecting The Rich Family, I Mean Protecting…Oh Dear This Gets Confusing…

(For John Powell. How could you not understand, from this previous post, that the “them” being driven “straight up the wall,” were the DNC and its media? How weird.) To the comment that suggests Seth Rich never existed and is part of a new Psyop–all theories are valid, but that one needs some evidence […]

The Latest In The Seth Rich Train Wreck: Kim DotCom’s Letter To Seth Rich’s Family

When you can’t add to a story, take it anywhere in your own hands, you can at least sit abstain from noting it’s major developments. Here’s the last major development I have seen, not trying very hard, just taking things off the windshield. I don’t have a good feeling about this.  Mommie Dearest media is […]

Media Matters: The New McCarthism Seeking Total Domination Of US Media

“He had more security than a Third World dictator,” one employee said, explaining that Brock’s bodyguards would rarely leave his side, even accompanying him to his home in an affluent Washington neighborhood each night where they “stood post” to protect him. “What movement leader has a detail?” asked someone who saw it. Extensive interviews with […]

Spell Breaking–Daily Beast Article Quotes ISIS Magazine Vowing To Step Up Killing, Including Women, Children, Elderly

This article seems to me to represent a sea change in media: Finally, we are talking about ISIS as they represent themselves, not as PC culture dictates. I had no idea this ISIS  magazine existed–and was apprehensive to even click through to it. I salute the work of Rita Katz and wonder if I am alone […]

ISIS Captures Marawi, Philippines: Churches On Fire, Non-Muslims Beheaded, As Duterte Declares Martial Law


“I was told my school is being burned to the ground. I was informed the city jail is on fire. I was messaged the local hospital is taken over by these men in black hoods. Roads were blocked, fire trucks were seized, and everyone is questioned of religion. If you can’t prove you are a […]

Kim Dot Com Has Made His Statement On Seth Rich: “Panda Advised Me That He Was Working On Voter Analytics Tools…”

“I KNOW THAT SETH RICH WAS INVOLVED IN THE DNC LEAK. I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich. Panda advised me that he was […]

Who Is Kim Dotcom?

What on earth does he plan to tell the world, tomorrow, about his involvement with Seth Rich? Well, so far, it’s still possible to fish up YouTube videos, wonder out loud, and post them. Maybe tomorrow the world as we know it will end, who knows? I did not know who this guy was two […]

Stefan Molyneux Talks to Charles Ortel

..About the true depth of the cancer in government, what Ortel calls the “uni party cabal.” “There isn’t a sense in this country…that we’ve actually been making progress for 17 years. “The mainstream media was gutted by, I would argue, 1999-2002, that time frame–the traditional approach of letting editors sit on top of journalists and, […]

VAXXED Screenings In Europe and At Cannes Kept Secret To Circumvent Paid Pharmaceutical Saboteurs

“We’ve done secret screenings throughout Europe where we don’t announce the location until the day before because there are organized groups of pro-vaccine folks who will mobilize 10-20 people to call the venue that will threaten the venue or get it to change its mind about screening the film,” says Beth Portello, Cinema Libre CFO […]

Julian Assange: “She Decided to Destroy The Libyan State. As A Result She Fueled The European Refugee Crisis. We Published A Lot Of Her Emails On How This Unfolded.”

SPIEGEL: Recently, you have been the focus of fierce criticism from a growing number of politicians and journalists who are linking WikiLeaks to Russian propaganda and disinformation. Assange: That is all spin. After Hillary Clinton lost the election, she and her campaign manager John Podesta decided to blame it on FBI director James Comey, on […]

Assange’s Swedish Lawyer: “They Spoiled And Wasted 5-6 Years Of His Life”

“Of course if they had had evidence against him they would never drop the case.” –Per E. Samuelson Very lucid and painful to watch interview with Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyer, today, upon news breaking internationally that Sweden “dropped the rape case,” against Assange. They did not even “drop” the case–rather, they finally deigned to interview […]

Sweden Drops All Rape Charges Against Julian Assange After Long Overdue Review Of Forensic and Electronic Evidence

Swedish prosecutors have dropped all charges against Julian Assange, after review of the evidence that could have been (and in part, was) obtained years ago. In setting out to destroy the reputation of Julian Assange, it seems to me Sweden succeeded on destroying its own reputation, cultivated for so many decades, and with so much […]

Peter And The Wolf: Can You Remember Feeling Your Feelings?

  About an hour ago, I walked to my phone, which was ringing, in the bedroom. All of a sudden, I was humming Peter and the Wolf, out loud. I think it was Peter’s theme. I am only able to get to the oboe, the duck, before I feel unable to bear the feelings that come […]

Rod Wheeler Details Obstruction Of Rich Investigation: Cites DNC Mystery Person

A note: The “point” here is actually NOT even that one believes or does not believe Rich was killed by DNC operatives. That is highly speculative and speaking for myself, I am NOT saying that. How would I know? How would any of us? The point is: A DNC insider leaked the emails to Wikileaks […]

Are We Possibly Stuck In A Gigantic Murder Cover-Up, Leading To The Ultimate Heart Of American Darkness?

Comment submitted to The Truth Barrier by Peter R. Mare: “Fabrication of news by fake news, yellow journalism, as it used to be called, can be done by anyone. I would like to post my true yellow journalism. In which, I believe is the chain of events: Clinton insider sees what an evil is being […]

Comey Sends Nation Into New Tailspin Over Memo, Deflects Attention From Seth Rich Murder

“I hope you can let this go.” Is that so terrible? Here’s the NYT story that broke within the hour. Now, I don’t think he was a kind, soft fuzzy man, but…you know what?  . Nixon would have a tape.  I would prefer, as an American, not to hang the Republic on the word and […]

Did Seth Rich Have Contact With Wikileaks? Who Killed Him?

This is the best article I have found after hours of “scouring” the internet. It opens about 14 cans of worms and closes none. But at least it sounds like reporters put it together, unlike American journalism which has all its conclusions already baked in; sounds and feels like propaganda. If you already know what […]


I received this news from Andrew Wakefield just now. The Truth Barrier published this story from Poland on May 14. The Poland news came via Sheila Lewis Ealey, (whose story, of twin children, one vaccinated with MMR, one not, one who got autism, one who did not) is in the film. If our friends in […]

My Mother


Ulla, my mother. Sept 13, 1931-Aug 19, 1999.     For so many hours I have tried to find words that aren’t false, for she hated falsity. Inconsolable, is a word that comes to mind. Also: Pure joy, like a child. I offered consolations that were not backed by turns of events in this life. […]

What They Said: Adam Kolaczek

“Thanks for the great article. 1939 -1945 we fight with nazism , since 1945 to 1989 -we fight with comunism Now we fight for future of Poland with crazy and extremly dangerous people, who decided to destroy the youngest Poles by more and more and more mandatory vaccinations.”   Adam Kolaczek from Poland, in response […]



Thanks to Sheila Lewis Ealey for alerting me to this.     To write about opposition to communism in the 1980s, one must begin with Poland. The Poles were the only ones ever to stage repeated challenges to communist rule, with major uprisings in 1956, 1968, 1970, 1976 and 1980. Solidarity, the last of these, […]

Swedish Parliament Strikes Down Mandatory Vaccination: National Health Federation Cites Constitutional Protection From Pre-Meditated Murder


  The Vaccine Reich is hoping nobody notices what just happened in Sweden: The Parliament considered, and struck down, mandatory vaccination laws presented by politician named Sofia Arkelsten, of Sweden’s right of center party Moderaterna, (M.) Other motions, including for additional vaccines added to the schedule and HPV vaccines for boys, were also rejected. Age […]

The Inoculated Girls: Denmark’s Gardasil Expose On TV2

“We can see that it’s serious. There’s a systemic dysfunction. I can tell that they’re seriously ill.” –Niels Gregersen, Arhus University Hospital   “You have no idea how bad this is.” –Dr. Louise Brinth     Note: This program ran on Danish state TV’s channel TV2. Denmark is an outpost of first amendment freedom, and […]

Is Vitamin D Deprivation Part Of The Great Attack?

American Ugly, Cont.

Submitted as comment by R.A. Davis, to “American Ugly.” Let me say something here: Those who read The Truth Barrier and comment, are themselves! They are not me. I enjoy seeing “different opinions” by which I really mean perspectives that can cause mine–or yours– to evolve, stretch, grow, or even faint in the road. I […]

American Ugly

The thing Churchill said to that woman about how he would not be drunk in the morning but she would still be ugly. Trump detesters will still have contributed to American Ugly, when this is all over, and Trump, the detested object, will be removed…they will say ‘WE didn’t destroy the country. HE did.” I […]

What They Said: Doris Lessing

The character keeps four notebooks which she weaves into one golden notebook. One quote that could apply to many of us is, “What’s terrible is to pretend that the second-rate is the first-rate. To pretend that you don’t need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you’re capable […]

What They Said: Richard Nixon


You Do Not Exist


“What have you done with Julia?” said Winston. O’Brien smiled again. “She betrayed you, Winston. Immediately–unreservedly. I have seldom seen anyone come over to us so promptly. She is the perfect penitent. There is not a trace of rebellion or illusion left in her. She is washed absolutely–everything has been burned out of her. She […]

Is Trump a Sadist? Were The Foamers Correct?

I called my father,* moments ago, (30 minutes before he goes on air with his nightly radio show) and said: “I need your take on Trump firing Comey,” he said, “My head is still spinning, I’m glad you called it gives me a chance to organize my thoughts. ” (I opened laptop…) He continued: “He […]

Assange in conversation with Pilger: The Most Important Email In The Entire Collection

Was Alice Miller “Correct?” A Critique Of Her Limits And Strengths

How Is Emotional Blindness Created? Alice Miller

EFT Tapping: You Deserve To Be Treated With Love and Respect

What do I mean By “Pod?”

The term which came via Charles Ortleb, into my consciousness, some time in the late 1990s, refers to a politically armored person who wears political correctness as a kind of sheath. In this way, they protect themselves from injury, and yet they can injure others, whose “pod-d0m” is less intact or well constructed. Pods are […]

Seeing In The Dark: Segmental Armoring

It takes most of a life time to discover how the word and concept “love” is weaponized to block natural responses to the objectionable and/or repressive conduct of others. Not saying: “I love you,” no longer, to my ear, means: I lack love for you, or, I lack a desire for your well being. It […]

Heart of Darkness: Fox News Accused Of Malevolent Spying and Harassment On Andrea Tantaros

I can’t cover but a fraction of what passes across my screen or consciousness at The Truth Barrier, but I want to publicly support the women who are exposing the dark underbelly of Fox News. Is it “biased” to state that you “believe every word of it?” No. I don’t think so. I’m well seasoned in […]

Macron and Le Pen: At Least Know This

“At Least Know This,” was a concept my father and I hatched together about 20 years ago, but never “developed.”  I would (and still do) often ask my father–who I did not grow up with– sweeping questions, mostly about World War 2, which he began following closely by short wave radio as a boy in […]

Young, White, And Dead in America: When Will It End?


[Text by Celia Farber] They aren’t trendy, purple haired, tattooed and pierced, gay or transgender, officially oppressed,  or getting triggered on a college campus somewhere; They have no functioning anger to deploy, and if they did, nobody would fake-love them for it. They don’t have that kind of middle or upper middle class political energy. […]

Easter, Not A Huge Success

  Because it struck me on Easter morning, on what would have been my fourth day as a proper Catholic, I was sure it was an attack from Satan personally. I’m self-important that way, in my imagination. I was extremely weak, nauseated, eyes were hard to open or see with,  and I felt like a […]

What Is “Non Violent Communication?” Is It Soft and Infuriating?

I’ve posted about Marshall Rosenberg before, the creator of NVC (Non-Violent Communication) who divided all language into “Jackal” language (dominant, accusatory, carrying deeply concealed needs) and “Giraffe” (deeply hearing, translucent, expressive of needs and feelings, but not to be mistaken for “gentle,” which can also be Jackal in disguise.) Rosenberg used to joke that he […]

Catholicism, Communism, and Back


I walked into my (Jewish) father’s bedroom, where he and his wife were sitting up in bed, watching the news, last night. I had just come from Thursday Night mass, and felt overcome with emotion. I don’t write any of this to alienate or “trigger” any of my atheist readers. I told them I have […]

In Loving Memory: Bently Stratton: Oct 17, 2011-April 10, 2012

“Totally unbeknownst to his mother, Bently received a staggering 13 vaccinations that day, including two triple doses of DTap, Hepatitis B, a polio shot, three oral rotavirus doses, and a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine. It was all compressed into three shots and one oral dose. It took the nurses half an hour to prepare all the […]

A Searing, Brilliant Summation Of America’s Chemical Vaccine Warfare By Liam Scheff, R.I.P

I had not listened to this before. I am extremely grateful he left behind so many spoken word pieces, like this one, through which he lives on. The way Liam channelled the whole “story,” and everybody in it, and all the angles of the trap, all the countless attacks, and all the ways in which […]

Fifth Victim Of Stockholm Terror Attack Was A Dog Named Iggy


An Irish animal rescue organization called Dogs Aid posted this statement on FB: “We are deeply saddened to learn that one of our dogs was killed in the terrorist attack in Stockholm. Iggy found his beautiful home in Sweden in 2012. R.I.P. beautiful, special boy.” I saw his photo and these words, written by a […]

Home Alone

Staying overnight at my father’s tonight, I imagined Jack reassuring Lewis, as he is five years older. Lewis: She’s not home yet. Jack: She’s fine. She’s probably at Grandpa’s. Remember the snow this morning? Lewis: I’m scared. Jack: Oh for Pete’s sake! Lewis: What is we have no food!? Jack: Have you looked in the […]

Liam Scheff’s Exceptional Journalism: The Story That Almost Brought Down The HIV Murderers


    Liam Scheff has passed away, after a long battle with extreme nerve damage (tinnitus)–described here, leaving his many fans, readers, followers, and friends bereft. He’d been mourning the loss of the love of his life, Helen, for many years, who died suddenly in 2010. I had, like many, recent exchanges with Liam, in which death was […]

Staging The News, Selling The Wars

  Note: I have problems with this video. The production, especially the music is heavy-handed. Rather like…propaganda music. But it opens some very important cans of worms. Who pays for RT? To what end? See what I mean? There is no such thing as non-propaganda anymore, unless you saw it with your own eyes. And […]

A Subtly Heartbreaking Headline About The Trump Family

It is a known phenomenon that fathers will choose one daughter for excessive admiration, leaving the other, or others,  to grow up in a cold, cold shadow. It is one of my pet peeves, fathers who do this. It’s horrid. Trump has done this, to Ivanka and Tiffany. Both are, in very different ways, victims. […]

Read The Indicter Magazine On Syria: Who Are The White Helmets?


      Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos   [Editor’s Note: I am a contributor to The Indicter, wrote this article for the periodical, know, and trust–utterly– Professor Marcello de Noli who I met while living in Sweden recently. Such trust is intuitive, and rare. I will tell […]

Games Without Frontiers: Perspectives on World War lll, By John Powell

[Note: I will be publishing select comments and submissions from Truth Barrier friends, not as reflections of myself but as reflections of you all, along with other voices on the Internet etc. This first one, by John Powell, was submitted as a comment. CF] Exactly as I predicted, in an analysis posted on Facebook a […]

RT–Strike On Syria: Did Trump Drink Kool-Aid? Does It Makes Sense?

I Don’t Trust Trump, But I Know Who My Friends Were Not [A Facebook Post, To Be Elaborated On]

I don’t trust Donald Trump one iota, but instead of being engineered to “hate” him from the outset, I took my time. During this suspended space, many people I wrongly thought were friends went nuts, became abusive, caustic, morally superior and even abandoned me altogether. I am NOW opposed to Donald Trump, due the Syria […]

Farage Decries EU “Mafia” Tactics, Is Booed, Changes Word To “Gangsters.”

Who Is “He?”

Misery has gotten into everything, like a dust bowl. My neighbor Jim gets into the elevator and says, with a stricken face: “Did you hear what he tweeted this morning?” I said I didn’t. [Except I did.] I smile a little, trying to deflect. I should have asked who he was talking about. I don’t […]

A Feeling For The Organism

In reply to Tom DiFerdinando: “Tom, I resonate powerfully with your statement, “It is next to impossible to overcome the emotional plague alone, because the emotional plague is a social sickness, not an individual one.” Just last night my adult son and I were exploring the source of our deep perpetual sadness, and after listening […]


TIME magazine asks on its cover: Is Truth Dead? I wonder: Is Mercy Dead? A small white plastic bag is stuck on a tree branch outside my window, near the projects. Every day I think it will have blown away but it never has. Will somebody climb up there and remove it eventually? The trouble […]


6:19 am. Lying awake I began hallucinating something about wolves and tried to remember, so I could describe it. My mind has spun out of orbit from trying to hold out hope. Media is a disease and it can’t be cured. If men go in there as men, they become monsters. If women go in […]

Wilhelm Reich: Alone

“This reaction of my closest friends and co-workers to the situation here is exactly the same that has harassed the human race for as much as we can say, 8.000 or 10.000 years, since patriarchy has ruled its destinies and since natural love was extinguished in the newborn infants. I shall not go into that. […]

What They Said: John Powell

Editor’s Note: I re-post here an outtake from a comment by John Powell, who has been with us for many years at The Truth Barrier,  and certainly knows my “armor” and rough sides, which we always manage to overcome. The angry comments (names un-named)  have affected my energy and will, to continue the website, and […]


I have stopped eating, or feeling hunger. I have a brain signal saying: “Go get some food,” but I don’t feel hunger. 3 days now. Yesterday I made some rice and added frozen peas and butter. I ate about 4 fork fulls. “Add some salt,” I said to myself. I did. But it didn’t feel […]

Herzog: “Let Them Fact Check To Their Death”

NUNES: Trump Transition Team WAS Under Surveillance; Did Comey Lie?

“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community collected information on U.S. individuals involved in the Trump transition,” Nunes said.   Quoted at     Freedom Watch: FBI Director Comey Lied To House Intelligence Committee About Surveillance Of Trump Nunes — Pamela Moore (@Pamela_Moore13) March 22, 2017

Swedish Singing Duo With Aspergers, ADHD, Threatened by State For Filming Riot: Told To Call Themselves Mentally Impaired, As Instruments Seized And They Face Firing


[BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: 10:22 AM: THEY HAVE NOW BEEN FIRED.They will not get their equipment back.]   A Swedish singing duo– Claes Mård and Nayana Gulstad–filmed a battle between drug gangs [of unknown origin] on March 3, 2017, in the Swedish town of Hallsberg. The gangs were throwing rocks, brandishing weapons, and attacking police cars. Mård’s 17 […]

All Of Society Is A Giant Asch Conformity Experiment: Saker


  “What society had done to me – made me completely powerless – it has also done to you. And just the way it had made me feel like a single lonely nutcase, it made you feel like you were the only one. I most sincerely believe that the real reason for the success of […]

Pharmaceutical Culture Bullies Ban and Harass Film About HIV Positive Healthy 30 Years No Treatment

This is the short history of what happened to the film “Positive Hell” which Truth Barrier readers will have heard about before, in 2016. The film was successfully screened in Queens last weekend and will be screened again today in Harlem, where I will join film maker Joan Shenton in a Q&A afterwards. Free speech […]

Racist SNL Skit Backfires: Alex Jones Reveals How “Entertainment” Is Weaponized

Marshall Rosenberg on Non-Violent Communication: Words Are Windows Or They’re Walls

Why Don’t I Hate Trump?

“The surest, and often the only, way by which a crowd can preserve itself lies in the existence of a second crowd to which it is related. Whether the two crowds confront each other as rivals in a game, or as a serious threat to each other, the sight, or simply the powerful image of […]

VAULT 7: Wikileaks Publishes The Entire Hacking Capacity Of The CIA

  “Still working through the publication, but what @Wikileaks has here is genuinely a big deal. Looks authentic. ” Edward Snowden, Twitter, 8:53 am, March 7., 2017   I’ve been following the mountainous story since it broke this morning–and I went to sleep last night knowing I would wake up to a changed world. We all […]

Somali Journalist Exposes al-Shabaab Recruiting in Sweden: Betrayed By Swedish Ultra PC Media, Returns To Somalia

“We don’t judge anybody.” –Randi Mossige-Norrheim   “This place is more dangerous than Mogadishu.” “What do you mean?” “Here you cannot tell the truth. The truth is kept secret and the people are silenced.” –Amun Abdullahi  

Swedish Psychologist Too Afraid To Reveal Identity Exposes Depths Of Sweden’s Intellectual Tyranny

“Do you realize the absurdity of having to… protect the identity of a psychologist in a Western nation?” “Yeah, it’s embarrassing.”  

Holy War On Human Trafficking and Pedophilia Networks: The Staggering Number Of Arrests In Recent Weeks

“Since the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017, the number of trafficking arrests for human trafficking in 2017 have doubled the total numbers provided for the entire year of 2014 by the Department of Justice. Each individual law enforcement operation has been listed below for reader convenience.”   All the current data is […]


TODAY, 9:30 am EST–   “Activist Robert F. Kennedy and actor Robert De Niro are set to hold a major press conference at the National Press Club Wednesday to discuss the correlation between mercury-containing vaccines and childhood autism. “The event will focus on the announcement of a unique challenge with substantial cash award to the […]

Could The NSA Have Prevented 9/11? The Movie That Will Finally Give Us Answers

  And here is a fascinating article featuring Bill Binney, by Stefania Maurizi, whose 2016 Julian Assange interview was famously distorted by The Guardian.     

Fear In The Age of Trump: Undoing Hypnotic Media-Induced Hysteria, With Byron Katie

What They Said: Rachel Carson

“It is one of the ironies of our time that, while concentrating on the defense of our country against enemies from without, we should be so heedless of those who would destroy it from within.”    

What They Said: Jacques Ellul


“Technique has penetrated the deepest recesses of the human being. The machine tends not only to create a new human environment, but also to modify man’s very essence. The milieu in which he lives is no longer his. He must adapt himself, as though the world were new, to a universe for which he was […]

Women’s March Toward Islam?

Two stunning pieces everybody should read, as we come to terms with the women’s march, its roots, funding, architects, and extremist bedfellows: [Note: Yes, I do realize most women marched spontaneously. That doesn’t change the funding, or ideological fuel, documented in the New York Times piece linked below.] This: “The entire coffee shop gasped in […]

Comic Relief With Steven Crowder

Some Calvinist, I guarantee it, is going to scold me on grounds this is not funny. But I know it’s funny, because I laughed.   This. All. Really. Happened. Undercover tranny at #WomensMarch. @wendydavis, run some background checks, woman! — Steven Crowder (@scrowder) January 24, 2017

How would MLK Jr. Have Felt About Anti-Trump, BLM, and Disrupt J20?

“After all, some smug, pretentious, solipsistic, raging pseudo-intellectual might castigate and excommunicate you for having jumped aboard the anti-Trump bandwagon (how gauche! how plebian!). And then where would that leave you?” –Mark Harris       “I’M sick and TIRED of violence…I’m TIRED of hate, I’m TIRED of selfishness, I’m TIRED of EVIL. I’m not […]

“What If Our America Is Not Dead, But A Country Waiting To Be Born?”

He Will Not Divide Us

Shia Labeouf maniacally screams "he will not divide us!" in a Trump supporter's face…thereby becoming the physical embodiment of division. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) January 22, 2017

Cease Fire

I have never endorsed, whitewashed, nor even addressed what I think of Donald Trump as a human being, given the evidence presented. A common mistake people make is to fill in your blanks when you are still thinking about a thing. I think for a long time and when I have something authentic and original […]

Robert Crumb, On The Myth Of The Counterculture Feminist Man

“The hippie culture of Haight-Ashbury, where it all started for me, was full of men doing nothing all day and expecting women to bring them food. The ‘chick’ had to provide a home for them, cook meals for them, even pay the rent. It was still very much ingrained from the earlier patriarchal mentality of […]

What They Said: Donald Trump

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished – but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered – but the jobs left, and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of […]

Saints March In: The Talladega Tornados Are In D.C.

And I am in Sweden, trying to get somebody–anybody–to understand that this is America. This too, is America. The choreography of contradictions, overseen by Our Better Angels, careening screamingly toward a happy ending. Though always, always, some people are so outraged they are calling for The End Of The Nation. But can anybody no matter how […]

What They Said: Julian Assange


Like a move on a chessboard that ends the game, and at the same time encompasses all moves that have been made up to that point, this statement from Julian Assange is everything. I am heartbroken that so many people here have fallen for the ostensible political positions, or outmoded stigmata like the “alt-right,” when […]

Assange Agrees to US Extradition and Prison Time

True to his word, Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the US, and serve prison time, in exchange, if need be, for Chelsea Manning’s release. Story here.    

John Pilger’s Brightening, Frightening, Dissenting Voice “The Issue Is Not Trump, It’s Us”

I have lost almost all my friends, but I agree with every word of this brilliant essay by John Pilger.   “The seedbed is Obama’s Weimar Republic, a landscape of endemic poverty, militarized police and barbaric prisons, the consequence of a “market” extremism which, under his presidency, prompted the transfer of US$14 trillion in public […]

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning

Dr. Brian Hooker On RFK Jr, Trump’s Vaccine Safety Commission, and How To Stay Polite When Fighting Evil


Brian Hooker, PhD, became a household name in 2014 when it came to light that his 12 years of efforts to obtain vaccine safety data from the CDC had resulted in the phone call that changed history. [See Vaxxed trailer below] when CDC Epidemiologist Dr. William Thompson, also known as the CDC Whistleblower, called him […]

Breaking Project Veritas Expose: Radical Groups Plotting To Release Butyric Acid Into Ventilation System At Trump Inaugural Ball

A Far Left Critique of Obama: The President Who Wasn’t There

“Obama is a master of gesture politics, but he tends to flinch in nearly every pitched battle, even when the odds and the public are behind him. His political instincts drive him to seek cover in the middle ground. He is a reflexive compromiser, more Rodney “Can’t We All Just Get Along” King than Reverend […]

What They Said–Paul Murray: “Even with a boorish loudmouthed orange sexist at the helm..”

My good friend Paul Murray, Scottish, South African, cat-whisperer, humanist, vegan, now based in Australia, with his wife Karen and 7 cats, has a way with words, uniquely his.  My own writing often resembles meandering schools of fish by comparison. I’m always negotiating. Whereas Paul can just slam a thing into the wall, when needed. […]

Glenn Greenwald V BBC on Trump Memo, CIA, Russia and Wikileaks

“You know of course, don’t you, that the Iraq war was started because that agency said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was in alliance with Al Qaeda, something that turned out to be tragically untrue, so of course people would treat those claims skeptically.”   “The problem that people have is […]

Network President Admits To RFK Jr. Pharma Rules TV Content


  “I ate breakfast last week with the president of a network news division and he told me that during non-election years, 70% of the advertising revenues for his news division come from pharmaceutical ads. And if you go on TV any night and watch the network news, you’ll see they become just a vehicle […]

Science Magazine Interviews RFK About Vaccine Safety Commission

Q: When you say “science people,” do you mean experts from the scientific establishment? A: Prominent scientists. Q: Do you mean prominent vaccinologists who believe in the safety and efficacy of today’s vaccines? A: We are going to look for people who have expertise in toxicology, epidemiology, and in public health. Q: When does the […]

RFK Jr. Appointed by Trump To Chair Commission On Vaccine Safety

“Shit, meet fan. Best day for autism activists, perhaps ever.” JB Handley “He’s full of surprises, Donald, isn’t he?” Andrew Wakefield Story here:

Crowds and Power

“Can I ask you something?” he snapped. “What do you think of Donald Trump?” I could say many negative things, but others have that covered. I could say many positive things, but others have that covered. What I question is the question. The presumption that I OWE it anybody to address ONE man instead of […]

New Bombshell From Wikileaks: Nobody in US Government Has Tried To Find Out Who Leaked The DNC Emails

Note: Sometimes  a ‘bombshell’ in journalism is a void–a thing that did not happen. As Obama threatens Russia, Dems and Celebs lead the charge to overturn the election  results due to “Russian hacking,” implore the besieged, bombarded electors, today,  to “do the right thing,”  “be a hero,” and “speak for us all…” we now learn […]

The CIA And The Media: By Carl Bernstein


                “The CIA even ran a formal training program in the 1950s to teach its agents to be journalists. Intelligence officers were “taught to make noises like reporters,” explained a high CIA official, and were then placed in major news organizations with help from management. “These were the […]

What They Said: Barack Obama

Remember? #DNC @RepDWStweets @donnabrazile @HillaryClinton Cheated @BernieSanders in plain sight!#saturdaymorning — Pinball Wizard (@comermd) December 17, 2016

Why Liberals Vote For Fascists, by Paul Glover

“Every society, including ours, contains the seed of fascism, ready to sprout from fear and anger. We were taught after World War 2 that “just following orders” made us “good Germans” but bad Americans. We were taught pride in America’s revolutionary history and our obligation to speak against tyranny. We were taught that obedience to […]

An Elector Recalls Bribes and Death Threats in 2000 Election

Editor’s Note: This piece is about what few of us know, namely how common it is for electors to be harassed, and what forms that harassment takes. It’s also about the concept of “faith” among electors. This two time Republican elector says no electors he has ever encountered have voted against their party. Please limit comments […]

A Letter From A Two Time Member Of The US Electoral College: “…It Would Be The Biggest Political Crime In History…”

[Note, this is from an email correspondence, Dec. 3, 2016, between Celia Farber and Paul Hollrah, following an inquiry about the possibility of an electoral insurrection in the U.S.]       Celia: I find it hard to believe that the Left could ever convince 38 people to become faithless electors… which is what it […]

Voices: “AIDS Wasn’t The First Big Lie But It Was The First Of Its Kind”

“AIDS wasn’t the first ‘big lie’, but it was the first of it’s kind. It became a template which they, the PR people, the drug companies, the propagandists, etc. have used over and over again. AIDS, as far as I’ve known in my lifetime, was the first subject that came along where the mere act […]

Fake News Flashback: AIDS Could Kill More People Than There Are People [US Gov-US Media, 1987–]


“If the spread of AIDS continues at this rate, in 1996 there could be one billion people infected; five years later, hypothetically ten billion people; however the population of the world is only five billion. Could we be facing the threat of extinction during our lifetime? Even before our children are grown?   Theresa Crenshaw, […]

United Nations Backed Assange Details Swedish Rape Falsity To Prosecutors: “I Am Entirely Innocent”

“I am Australian. I am not Swedish. I do not speak Swedish. I have never resided in Sweden. I am entirely innocent. I was already cleared of exactly this allegation in 2010 by the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm, Eva Finne, who closed the case. During the height of the Pentagon’s conflict with me the following […]

A Prayer For The Inquisitive In Times Of Violent Certainty


“I have a right to be confused about the current state of politics. I have a right to pursue all threads. That doesn’t make me anything but an intellectually curious and open minded person. I refuse to hate myself for having a seeking spirit. I didn’t realize how alienating curiosity is.”     –Alexandra Gatsis […]

The Most Ambitious Attempt At Deconstructing “Pizzagate” and the “Brocktopus” Yet To Surface

  “I would say without any hesitation that he is incapable of recognizing the truth, let alone of telling it,” Christopher Hitchens wrote after reading Brock’s memoir. “The whole book is an exercise in self-love, disguised as an exercise in self-abnegation. How could he, asks the author of himself, have possibly gone on so long […]

Edgar Maddison Welch: No Proof Of False Flag, Some Details Of His Troubled Life

Edgar Maddison Welch surrendering to DC police Dec 4

  It has been widely reported that a 28  year old man from North Carolina named Edgar Maddison Welch entered [controversial DC restaurant] Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC yesterday, Dec 4, at “around” 3 pm with either a gun or a rifle. According to reports and eye witness accounts, he was not concerned with […]

Sections Of Dakota Access Pipeline Denied Permit: Tribal Chairman Thanks All Protesters And Obama

This appears to be straight up fantastic news. NPR Coverage here. The American Transcendentalist in me, and Romantic, wants to say this: Henry David Thoreau’s spirit is hovering all over this and smiling, (if he ever smiled.) The pickled observer in me wants to say: What’s this about re-routing? That worries me. Also, did Obama […]

Dave Weldon is NOT the New CDC Director

I told you late last night that a source close to the vaccine battle posted on FB that Dave Weldon was appointed the new director of the CDC. It’s not accurate. The source who told my source said something that the source misinterpreted and it took off from there. I apologize for jumping the gun, […]

Telegram To The Left: Karl Marx Hated Mexicans, Blacks, Jews and Was A White Supremacist, Like For Real

[Ed: I regret being forced to publish such racist swill but people need to know this. There is a lot more where this came from. ]   “What most people don’t know is that Marx was an out and out racist and anti-Semite. He didn’t think much of Mexicans. Concerning the annexation of California after […]

How We Did It [Colluded With Russia To Create Pedophilia Network Delusion]

“Well, Celia, it seems we’ve been exposed as charlatans. It was a great hoax–thanks in large part to the behind-the-scenes efforts of our Russian handlers. I asked Boris Badenov how they planted similar stories in Norway and Canada about busting pedophile rings; he said: “Better you should not be asking.” What’s even more astounding is […]

A December Morning

Man, what a week. Unpredictable energy popping out of people like popcorn. Rage. Frailty. “Where’s my place in things?” I feel like I’m falling through colors and icebergs and danger and funerals and toys and hidden romances, and there’s a little bit of blood on everything. I hear the sound of breathing and the ghost […]

Great Writing–And Why

As of this morning, my new favorite news website both for trustworthiness and transparent (aka “great”) writing, is, billed as “…trusted news and intelligence from special ops veterans.” Some of their ads are for big fat guns that scare me, but I am going to tell you why I like them. I downloaded the […]

Guest Column: Taking Down The Pedophiles


By R.A. Davis   The very fact that we’re learning about Pizzagate indicates they’re being exposed. Given the nature and extent of this curse, it will be a slow process. Central is the fact that taking these people down is synonymous with destroying the entire corrupt Western political, corporate and financial power structure. But it […]

Australian Embryologist Arrested Trying To Buy 6 Year Old For Sex In Los Angeles: “Wanted To Meet Other Pervs” In The US

“Quinn allegedly told agents he was travelling to Los Angeles and wanted to ‘meet up with a dad who shares his young ones’. He explained to the undercover agent he was hoping to meet ‘other pervs’ in the US and agreed to pay a human trafficker to provide him with a child with whom he […]


Raising funds to grow The Truth Barrier, give if you are able, thank you for what you have already given, and small monthly donations are very appreciated. [Have not asked since March!] We’re growing! The PayPal button is in the RIGHT hand side of the site. And below I have pasted the infuriating story from […]

My 2006 Article In Harper’s “Out Of Control: AIDS And The Corruption Of Medical Science”

What happened to my life after this article came out has been unavailable to me, by way of a sonic trauma boom that separated me from it. It eventually came to involve such macabre manifestations of the the whacko kingdom that although it was all happening to and through me, I became utterly disassociated. It seemed […]

Ted Gunderson’s Last Video, and The MacDonald Case In Light Of PizzaGate

Many years ago, I was invited by a fellow journalist to consider the byzantine and seemingly incomprehensibly unjust case of Jeffrey MacDonald, as a comparison study to the rabbit holes of HIV/AIDS. I believe if memory serves I may have interviewed Gunderson. That’s not significant one way or the other, and traumatic events in my own […]

On Mockery

And now I realize, evil’s favorite blocker is mockery. Mockery is the thing people most fear. It is what will afflict you with a thousand wounds when you begin to expose anything significant. If you can endure it, you will be so strong and so free, there’s nothing like it. Cross over– The river is […]

Behind The Curtain At The Normal Factory

“This is all to say that popular discussions of the pathologies of “Trump supporters” have become trite and boring. “Those people” are always depicted through the same phony anthropological prism, as if pundits are examining some inexplicable phenomenon that just suddenly became evident in the material universe. Trump supporters exist in all walks of life […]

Dear PizzaGate Denialists: What is a Pizza in “Poor Health,” and “Not Expected To Survive?”

“We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the justice department, and they’re now going to go after 12 new perversions. Things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys, and making that legal…” Tom De Lay (3:42) Update here. Call me crazy, call PizzaGate “a fake,”  but then you have to prove that […]

Comet Pizza Instagram Captures

I watched many “Pizzagate”  videos in recent weeks, with a sensation like a vise closing in on my temples. An otherworldly headache, blurred vision, an inter-cellular sense that all hope of normalcy is forever lost. Nobody knows WTF is going on, but I have to tell you there are millions of dots in my memory […]

NYPD Cop Says Anti Trump Protesters Paid By Soros, Cites “Intel”

The Morning After: Fear, Loathing And The Invisible Economy That Produces It     “History is hard to know, because of all the hired bullshit, but even without being sure of “history” it seems entirely reasonable to think that every now and then the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a […]

Human Rights Report: Castro Regime Sold Victims’ Blood To Vietcong Prior To Executions


“On May 27, [1966,] 166 Cubans — civilians and members of the military — were executed and submitted to medical procedures of blood extraction of an average of seven pints per person. This blood is sold to Communist Vietnam at a rate of $50 per pint with the dual purpose of obtaining hard currency and […]

Listening To You: Reinaldo Arenas


  “But regardless, if someone is a true writer—not an opportunist who wants to be in favor with the government of the day—that person is always going to be for freedom. Because the simple truth is that without freedom, the writer cannot exist. And the writer who is for freedom is, by definition, not for […]

What They Said: Hillary Clinton

    “Anyone not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to democracy.”   –Hillary Clinton

How To Make A Miracle When You Think You Have Given Up

  [Note: This is a Facebook post by renowned activist and author  Lisa Joyce Goes, who co-founded Thinking Mom’s Revolution.]   I will be off FB for the holiday weekend. Before I go I have a hard uncomfortable message to deliver. I know it is hard watching me talk about recovery and restoration when you […]

Radical Love Poem

Love   Love means to learn to look at yourself The way one looks at distant things For you are only one thing among many. And whoever sees that way heals his heart, Without knowing it, from various ills— A bird and a tree say to him: Friend. Then he wants to use himself and […]

Why People Don’t ‘Get’ Czeslaw Milosz

  ‘It took place at an evening poetry discussion at the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. It was a meeting devoted to [Miłosz’s] Second Space, which had recently appeared in English. All, and I mean all, of the Americans there were convinced that Miłosz was most likely a postmodern spiritual seeker, probably much like […]

Another Stormy, Intemperate Post On Trump, Homophobia, And Racism

What They Said: James Baldwin

  “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”       ― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

Come In


            As I came to the edge of the woods, Thrush music — hark! Now if it was dusk outside, Inside it was dark. Too dark in the woods for a bird By sleight of wing To better its perch for the night, Though it still could sing. The last […]

What They Said: Lynn Margulis

“The Gaia [theory] is not, as many claim, that ‘the Earth is a single organism.’ Yet the Earth, in the biological sense, has a body sustained by complex physiological processes. Life is a planetary-level phenomenon and Earth’s surface has been alive for at least 3,000 million years. To me, the human move to take responsibility […]

What They Said: C. G. Jung

    “Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”

What They Said: Jon Stewart

“I thought Donald Trump disqualified himself at numerous points. But there is now this idea that anyone who voted for him has to be defined by the worst of his rhetoric. There are guys in my neighborhood who I love, I respect, that I think have incredible qualities – that are not afraid of Mexicans […]

Origins of Left Wing Political Correctness Explained By ex KGB Agent

Please watch this and tell us what you see. It’s not necessary to discuss what you think of InfoWars, but rather, this footage, of American “normal,” today. I am literally hoarse from typing forth my horror on Facebook, and my brain hurts from all the “friends” who think it is I who have gone off […]

This is War: Psychotic Fascist Pods vs. Americans Who Respect Democracy

This Is One Of The Saddest Videos I Have Ever Seen

Oh Thank God, Gay Humor Survived The Rainbow Tyranny

Anonymous: Documents Emerging In Coming Days Demonstrating “…The Largest Coverup In American History.”

I can’t verify or properly weigh the content of this message–but I also don’t consider myself like a parent that has to pre-chew her child’s food. We’re all in this crazy stew together, and nobody should take on airs of being too proud about what they just can’t bring themselves to “believe.”  Many things “on the […]

NYPD Police Chief: “What’s In The Emails Is Staggering, and As A Father, It Turned My Stomach.”

“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to […]

Julian Assange: “This Is The Most Significant Email In The Whole Collection”

  “There’s an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money […]

Exclusive Interview With Julian Assange By John Pilger

  John Pilger: Do you take yourself a view of the US election? Do you have a preference for Clinton or Trump? Julian Assange: Donald Trump – what does he represent in the American mind and in the European mind? He represents American “white trash,” deplorable and irredeemable. Basically, the same thing. It means, from […]

What They Said: Alex Jones

“The hashtag #SpiritCooking trended for hours on Twitter Friday following the email chain’s discovery. Clinton-supporters in the media attempted to outright deny or downplay Podesta’s extracurricular activities, claiming such behavior is mundane. The fact that those close to Clinton are engaged in such disturbing rituals should cause concern to any American who doesn’t view carving […]

What They Said: Kurt Vonnegut

“There is a tragic flaw in our Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president.”

A Middle Of The Night Facebook Post About Offense Taken or Not Taken


5:20 am My feeling is, Political Correctness is a seemingly never ending assault of dirty glass shards thrown at people, and the whole thing is rigged from the get go, so that you can never get them all out. But you do try. Well, I do. I try to be less UN PC.  The prayer […]

What They Said: Michael Moore

Michael Moore is not a Donald Trump supporter, but he is a story teller  and journalist, with powerful talent for hitting heart strings. I just watched this this morning, here in Sweden, and found it breathtaking. Whoever you may vote for on November 8th, at least try not to partake in the classist deformation of […]

Thank You Hungary, Köszönöm

It was 60 years ago today that the Hungarian Revolution broke out on the streets of Budapest, ending in a massacre 12 days later when Soviet tanks came in and crushed it, killing some 2,500 Hungarians. We should all say Thank You Hungary, for the courage you showed, for striking the first blow for freedom […]

“Everyone Has To Watch This”– Undercover Video Exposes DNC Trains and Hires Professional “Grassroots” Agitators

Text: Ginger Taylor “Ok… Everyone has to wach this. Undercover video out today. This is just so horrifing. Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC hire groups to cause trouble outside Trump rallies in front of the media, and be “consultants” to run between the Super PACs and the campaign because they are not legally allowed […]

What They Said: Joan Baez

  “The Nobel Prize for Literature is yet another step towards immortality for Bob Dylan. The rebellious, reclusive, unpredictable artist/composer is exactly where the Nobel Prize for Literature needs to be. His gift with words is unsurpassable. Out of my repertoire spanning 60 years, no songs have been more moving and worthy in their depth, […]

The Brain That Changes Itself

Julian Assange Video Talk, Via Berlin, Live

In honor of Wikileaks 10th Anniversary. Watch live now:

‘Watered-Down’ AIDS Drugs Story Hides the Clinton Foundation’s Worse Crimes Against Humanity


By Elizabeth Ely  The day the report appeared on the “watered-down drugs” that the Clinton Foundation arranged, September 20, to be exact, the meme had already been established. The soundbite, the spin, the propaganda, already lived in that space, “The Daily Caller” having leaked certain findings the night before. U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s staff has […]

The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)

(Thank you John Carville.)

Do They Advocate Mandatory Vaccination in Sweden?


American progressives have long fetishized everything Swedish as the ideal way of the civilized world. Sweden is also probably the most safety obsessed nation in the world. Since I am half Swedish and have moved back here, I thought to look up Swedish vaccination laws. I was just curious: Do Swedes have any political movements […]

What They Said: Clark Baker


“If the new documentary “Vaxxed” was made by flat-earthers, no one would imagine that NASA would pressure VFF to pan the documentary. What makes this documentary dangerous is that it deals with facts that – when widely understood – erodes confidence in a pathological industry and threatens the credibility of thousands of incompetent doctors, universities, […]

Australian Film Festival Organizers “Personally and Professionally Threatened,” Pull Vaxxed For Fear Of Personal Safety

“A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been withdrawn from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival. The festival committee says it faced a firestorm of abuse after announcing Vaxxed would be included in the October event, and last night issued a statement because some members felt “personally and professionally threatened’’. “This is unacceptable,’’ the statement read. […]

What They Said: Joan Shenton

“What has happened is that the gay community is suppressing anything that could make the wider community question whether or not it isn’t the gay community that is endangering its own people.”   –Joan Shenton [On “London Live” addressing the second forced removal of short documentary about long term HIV positive survivors, “Positive Hell,” from a […]

The Astonishing Healing Power Of The Earth

Dorion Sagan: My Mother’s Love Letters


Finding the Orange Bag: Ghosts, Reality, and the Escape into Life By Dorion Sagan     “It was strange because almost every letter that she had stuffed in the bag—seemingly with a frenetic need simultaneously to preserve and dispose of, to bracket to some impossible future time—was a kind of love letter.”     In […]

What They Said: Karl Ove Knausgård

  “When I started out on Min Kamp, I was so extremely frustrated over my life and my writing. I wanted to write something majestic and grand, something like Hamlet or Moby-Dick, but found myself with this small life—looking after kids, changing diapers, quarreling with my wife, unable to write anything, really. So I started […]

9/11 American National Anthem Buckingham Palace

A Song To Mama

And if your mother, like mine, is already on the other side of the dream, I should warn you this may make you cry.

Film About Survival Without HIV Drugs Removed From Portobello Film Festival After Threats From Buzzfeed

By Elizabeth Ely   In Film Festivals, Who Gets to Tell Their Story?   Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss’ film Positive Hell has again been removed from a film festival–this time the Portobello Film Festival in London. It chronicles five people’s experience following an HIV “diagnosis,” and their choice to exit the HIV/AIDS Pharmceutical State in the […]

Runmarö Diaries


“People try to put us down.”   –Pete Townshend     September 8, 2016   There is one grocery store here on the island, (pictured.) For some reason, it brings out my shame, this store. Not always, but often. It’s a small, well curated, local grocery, and I try to act local. Without fail, I […]

What They Said: J.B. Handley

  “We have a pediatrician up here in Portland, Dr. Paul Thomas, who has made a very interesting and compelling claim. Dr. Thomas claims that by making two simple amendments to the vaccine schedule (not giving Hepatitis B at all and delaying MMR until a child is over the age of 3) he has seen […]

Pray Away The Ugly


“Father forgive them for they know not–” Luke 23:24 (my edit)   My mother used to say, “Pray.” I didn’t know what she meant. We were not a religious family, though we had the following progression: She was born, like most Swedes, Lutheran, her mother converted her to Catholicism at age 8, then she converted […]

The Last Lines Of A Letter

    Perhaps there are some wounds we don’t want to heal. The memory of what we thought was real. That we never found again.   –Kevin Skolnik, [From a letter to Celia Farber, August, 2016]

Happy Birthday Andrew Wakefield (And One Thing You Don’t Know About Him.)


As a much younger, much less war-damaged journalist, I would have been able to live up to en encounter with Andrew Wakefield–would have had all the right questions, and all the wrong ones. This would have been some time between 1989 and 2006. As I always did in those days, I’d be wearing something OAT colored. […]

Letter From My Father,* 4 Days After I Moved To Sweden

  *I don’t mean to be cryptic, I just haven’t had time to explain anything, in a long time. Or post anything.  I’ve left NYC and gone “home,” to Sweden, where I grew up–a tiny island in the Stockholm archipelago called Runmaro, to be exact. Jack and Lewis (my trusted cats) ALSO moved, and the […]

The Silver Linings Candidate: Jill Stein

[Republished from Facebook today] Note: Cherished friend Paul Murray is South African, and lives in Australia. A keen observer of global events and even American politics,  he was deeply affected by an article I shared, about falling in political love with Jill Stein. So he wrote this:   The best thing to have come out […]

A Facebook Post I Just Wrote (Is the United States Over?)

I’m scared! Aren’t you scared? The political situation in the US is so surreal, unthinkable, and violent. We’ve never been more drunk on hate and phobia, disgust and certainty. Who could make any of this up? NOBODY. For starters: An Australian hacker and radical freedom of information activist is working from inside an Ecuadorian safe […]

How To Replenish Dopamine Naturally

During the many years I was lost in the black forest (trauma, aka “depression”) I avidly, obsessively researched ways to increase bio-available dopamine. I watched hundreds of videos, read hundreds of thousands of words, and experimented on myself ceaselessly. I was seeking even a minute of a pain free psyche, or spark of joy. I consider myself […]

How Marilyn Monroe Really Died: The Missing Evidence

What They Said: Etienne de Harven

“HIV is a monstrous hoax.”   —Etienne De Harven

Truth Barrier Belatedly Registers Shock Over Wikileaks DNC Expose

I’m not in the United States right now, and the last few weeks have been marked by many changes. One of them is that I can’t easily access the Internet, and have not kept regular work hours. (I am in the Stockholm archipelago.) I am also not in the company of Americans, so nobody around […]


Standing in the Larsson kitchen on Runmarö, thinking about the word “home,” and wondering what 30 years is, or is not. Why did it seem the other night like I never left, or like we were once again in the beginning? I fend off homesickness for my other home, America, which Åke’s father Bengt pronounces […]

Mercury-Autism Link Called “Not So Crackpot” by The New York Times in 2002

In a 2002 NYT article by journalist, author and vaccine historian Arthur Allen, Dr. Neal Halsey, Director For The Institute of Vaccine Safety, lost confidence in his previous position that ingredients in vaccines did not cause brain damage (autism.) This article was published 14 years ago. (I am only addressing this moment in time, here.) […]

A Divine Drum Track You Need To Re-Appreciate Tonight

If we were forced to give up every other drum track since the dawn of rock and roll to a terrible new dictator, my thinking is, we would each be allowed to keep two. I would keep this one, [Keith Moon, on Going Mobile] and the drum track to Rock Around The Clock by Bill […]

Before The Ice Age, There Was A Keith Moon

It’s Keith Moon week at The Truth Barrier. So is next week. I figured we need a little break from my relentless bludgeoning. So I searched for a clip I longed to watch, of Keith doing such a cute little dance, to this song from Tommy. He was a warm, desperate, brilliant soul, and the […]

Brexit, A Week And A Half Later: Did The Sky Fall?

Editor’s Note: I have spent countless hours since early yesterday trying to de-spook the spooked text formatting of this new article by Stephen Ericson. I even braved the purchase, downloading, and teeth-gnashing enrollment protocols of Microsoft Office 2016, but it was all for naught. The line breaks refuse to behave in the published version. So, […]

Wakefield: 48 NIH, EPA Scientists Migrate To Non-Disastrous Side Of History, Admit Mercury on List of Chemicals That Cause Brain Damage

An alliance of 48 “top scientists” have finally signed their names to the long known reality that “toxic chemicals” cause brain damage in children, including mercury as “prime example” # 6 on the list. In his powerful July 1st talk at the 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally, Andrew Wakefield identifies the political shapeshifting of the […]

Exchanges: Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommey, and Sunday Times Reporter

  On July 1, 2016, 6:38:24 AM PDT, Andrew Wakefield received an email. It read:   “Dear Mr. Wakefield, (italics mine) I’m a reporter from the Sunday Times. We intend to publish a story this weekend about supposed treatments for autism, in which you will be named. I wanted to give you an opportunity to […]

What They Said: Lewis Morris

    “Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare.”

What They Said: Dr. Rachael Ross, M.D.

  “I’ve ordered thousands of vaccines in my career as a physician. Until recently I had never considered vaccine injury as more than folklore. And weeks ago I never would’ve believed a story about vaccine injured triplets. The past few weeks have been difficult. I have struggled to make sense of all I have seen […]

The Mountain

I dedicate this one to Michael Specter, of The New Yorker, and Dr. David Gorski. I wouldn’t want to be either of them, as history turns against everything they propagandized, and were paid so well to construct. It simply was not true. They must know that, by now, and it must feel like living a nightmare, […]

Herzog On Ecstatic Truth: “And Facts Do Not Create Truth…They Do Not Create An Illumination”

“This was not a serious bullet.” “It’s something very exhilarating for a man to be shot at, with little success.”  —Werner Herzog

What They Said: Andrew Wakefield

“If you interfere with nature. If you interfere with natural processes that have been established over tens of thousands of years, if you make assumptions about things as collectively sophisticated as viruses, then nature will exact a very very big price. And it won’t necessarily do so immediately. But that’s the way it works. So […]

What They Said: James Baldwin

  “It was absolutely clear that the police would whip you and take you in as long as they could get away with it, and that everyone else—housewives, taxi-drivers, elevator boys, dishwashers, bartenders, lawyers, judges, doctors, and grocers—would never, by the operation of any generous human feeling, cease to use you as an outlet for […]


Minnesota, dusk

  Depart from me, ye evil doers, for I will keep the commandment of my God. Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live and let me not be ashamed of my hope.   Samech 115: 116

Fuel and Gratitude

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What is Left? Remain Campaign Funded By Big Banks: Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley

Hate As Virtue Among The Politically Correct: Essay By Brendan O’Neill

  A superb essay but Brendan O’Neill, on neo-PC acceptable hatred of certain groups of people, such as older generations, Christians, labour (in the UK,) southerners in the U.S. and so forth. O’Neill’s essay: “Who You’re Allowed To Hate,” is a contemporary companion piece to Havel’s An Anatomy Of Hate, but Havel was able to remain […]

When Simple Clarity Seems Like a Diamond In The Sun (this is funny)

Snatched Sanity: A Reasonably Accurate Starting Definition of The EU

It’s summer time so there’s a trend here toward journalism by sea gulling. Like seagulls will grab half a french fry our of your hand at Brighton Beach, I grab comments I like and pin them here. They are not intended to be exhaustive, only impressionistic beginnings. (Actually there is no such thing as a […]

Manufactured Consent and Brexit Hysteria: Is the Dow Really “plummeting?”

This comment on my Facebook page today by TTB contributor Stephen Ericson, felt like a tiny powerful essay in its own right so I mag-pied it.   “I’ve been at my job for 12 years and for 12 years they’ve had CNN on the TV screen when I sit down for breakfast. Not once in that […]

What We Said: British Exit From EU Proves Media Impotent As Propaganda Organ

  My sister Bibi called me earlier today and mentioned how “shocking” it was to hear the wall to wall propaganda of NPR about the importance of Britain’s “Remain” vote, and preserving the EU. Now they’ve moved over to Sky Is Falling rhetoric.  Bibi told me about a documentary about Brexit showing British fishermen who had […]

Chronicles of Tyranny Dressed As Liberalism: “The EU Is Turning Into A Dictatorship.”

“It was devised to make sure that the great mass of the people could not control the government ever again.”   [Thank you to Bibi Farber for sending me this.]