What Can I Do About The Pain My Pain Has Caused?

How I wish there were a special Church for those who grew up in houses of extreme pain, who were born and steeped in constant lashing terror and verbal shrapnel that seemed to became actual metal by the time it hit you. When you were small you only knew how to try to make it […]

Will Hogan Victory Have A Chilling Effect on Sadistic Websites?

Latest stunning developments in the Gawker v Hogan lawsuit, the same day as a Florida judge upheld the verdict and denied Gawker a new trial. From the NYT article: “Mr. Thiel has donated money to the Committee to Protect Journalists and has often talked about protecting freedom of speech. He said he did not believe […]

Your Word Is Your Decree: What Do You Decree For Yourself?

I bought a book of Psalms yesterday and began to read, and pray, to the best of my ability.  There could be no doubt that I had committed–for years– the sins of negativity and scattered dark words, which I believed were acceptable because they were “accurate.” I am ready now finally to take control of […]

DeNiro And Weinstein Making Vaccine Movie

Finally, somebody is making sense. The Kool-Aid is not working anymore:   “And they were saying it’s because of the filmmaker and he was discredited, but how was he discredited? By the medical establishment? There’s a lot going on that I still don’t understand, but it makes me question the whole thing, and the whole […]

Come The Rapture


Come the rapture, would someone please inform the prodigal Messiah that I am holding his mail? There is a special shelf in my home reserved for the mail to Jesus. I felt that there should be. Not like a shrine or anything, just some dried roses, a few ceramic nuns playing baseball, an invitation to […]

Bridge Over Troubled Water


3:30. I’m not finished thinking about it all. Who did I betray? I am credited with never betraying certain ideals, but what people did I betray? Well, I was angry. I thought they were leaving me. That’s always why I behave the way I do. Tonight, my fears were returned to me as love–just like […]

Love Song to the Smallest Bit of Paradise

              It was easier to love at that time, It was the smallest bit of paradise, no more than a drop of rain that fell as we fished. The ant with her straw did not give up, she is always the same. She gleamed in the sun, she was […]

Was Pan Ambushed by Vaxxed? More Info Emerges About Pan’s Despotic Conduct

Errors are under-rated in journalism. Minor errors are not journalism’s cancer–willful distortions are. Minor errors are more interesting and more complex. For when minor errors are corrected, they are often so fruitfully corrected that it winds up being a good thing you made the error to begin with. My father, a journalist, has many Southern […]

Detoxification Allows For Love: Alexander Bloom

Love, loneliness, toxicity & detoxification   “Over the past few months I came across and worked with people wanting to heal their loved ones, such as a parent wanting to heal their autistic child, or a wife wanting to heal her husband and vice versa. However what I very rarely saw was love. Instead, what […]

Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken


“We’ll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet.” –Pete Townshend   “Revolutions are times of reversal; those who have been defenseless for so long suddenly find teeth. Their numbers have to make up for the experience in viciousness which they lack.” Elias Canetti, Crowds  and Power,   “Reversal Crowds” pp.58       […]

A Strange Harvest

Via Forbidden Knowledge TV, comes this vintage, disturbing, sober documentary about cattle mutilations that began in the 1970s across the United States. Warning: Disturbing, heartbreaking images, very hard for animal lovers. I apologize, for that, in advance. If you know anything very specific about UFO’s, I welcome your insights. It’s not a subject I have […]

Sounds of My Half Homeland

Of all things! I discovered that listening to Evert Taube’s “Flickan i Havanna” can bring one out of a dissociative PTSD fugue state, and restore feelings of moral order and hope. Now WAIT. On second thought. Maybe I am not “kidding.” I mean, I was never “kidding,” but I thought it was a fluke, until […]

Abandonment, According To Your Brain

  I woke to feed the cats. I wandered to my desk and punched in a search on “PTSD, Abandonment Rage, Brain Chemistry.” I found a fascinating article on the subject. An outtake: “The emotional volcano of abandonment unleashes a torrent of primal emotions that overwhelm us. Molten lava spews from the rock bottom of […]

What He Said: Conversation With Grandpa

“His Unmistakeable Goodness Dealt Anti-Semitism A Painful Blow.” —Barry Farber   Is the world redeemable? Is there any hope at all? Once a friend, acting teacher and trauma coach David Tawil, emailed me a photograph of a sunflower that grew straight up through a concrete sidewalk in Coney Island, and I laughed through tears. Majestic […]

The Girl In The Poem


  I found this girl on the street a couple of weeks ago, right outside my building. My initial instinct was to  walk past her, because I had no idea what she was. Then I thought I should slow down, and at least look at her. The next thought was: “I’ll never be able to lift […]

Modernity, Political Correctness, And Satanism In Our Midst

“Naturally, I prefer someone who feels but does not write, to someone who writes but does not feel.”   –Marina Tsvetaeva, Art in The Light Of Conscience   “Narcissist,” “sociopath,” “psychopath,” etc are all contemporary words that compensate linguistically for the removal of the old world definition “the devil,” which bothers modern people, and of […]

On Hiatus

The Truth Barrier is on hiatus due to emotional exhaustion on the part of the editor (me.) When I can recover my inspiration, I will come back, but right now I need a break. –Celia Farber      

Skip Tribeca, Go Directly To Hollywood: Wakefield’s Life and Book Optioned By Second Most Successful Hollywood Screenwriter Of All Time

One of Andrew Wakefield’s articles of faith, often stated by him when the matter of his troubles, the tar ball that journalist Brian Deer set upon his life,  is raised, is “It isn’t about me. This isn’t about me.” When asked how he has managed to bear the brunt of the two decade long vilification […]

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Hooker’s Statement On Thompson’s Rumored About Face

                    Editor’s Note: This statement was published today, here, at Focus For Health. Dr. Brian Hooker’s official statement regarding William Thompson April 26, 2016 Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E. | Science Adviser, Focus For Health     Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control […]

CDC MMR Coverup Is To “Watergate” As Lightning Is To The Lightning Bug

(Phrase on loan from Barry Farber) Editor’s note: “Watergate” is just a liberal incantation that means “Daddy and Mommy Washington Post gave me permission to find something in government scandalous and to be appalled.” (But that was the 70s, that was Nixon, and since then, I deem everything a “conspiracy theory.”)

What I Mean by “Vaxxed Fever”

  April 24, 2016, Manhattan Film Festival, Video by Celia Farber

An Elaborate Fraud: How Could One Journalist Create A Monster And Terrorize Open Discussion For 15 Years?

This is the third of a three part series in Age Of Autism, that takes apart the propaganda cloud around Wakefield, Deer, the GMC hearings, and more. This is what fellow editor at AOA Mark Blaxill wrote introducing this (old, now seen through new eyes) series by Dan Olmsted, on FB: “The attack on Andrew […]

UK Press Turns Fair With Tide As Vaccine Injury Denialism Continues To Crumble

This article was called “best article yet,” on Facebook by JB Handley of Generation Rescue, who also pointed out that the chances he would have a brain damaged child today if he had been able to watch the FOX News interview with Wakefield and Tommy in 2002, are 0% I think the days of believing the […]

Principles of Non Violent Communication: “How Come Some People Enjoy Other People’s Suffering?”

Breaking The Sound Barrier

“Chances I’d have a child w/autism if I’d watched this interview in 2002: 0% ” –JB Handley, Generation Rescue ‪#‎autismtimemachine‬

Diaz in Moviemaker Magazine: The Tribeca Precedent Is the End of Festivals As We Know Them and The End of Free Speech

Cinema Libre’s Philippe Diaz has thrown down the gauntlet to the film industry, on life support now after Tribeca’s Jane Rosenthal breached the firewall between filmmakers and industry, by sending VAXXED to members of the medical profession, and setting in motion a wave of manufactured hysteria that caused Robert DeNiro to be forced to drop […]

Arianna Huffington Reinstates Simmens Account Following VAXXED Censorship

This does not solve the “mystery” as to how Simmens’ review violated HuffPo’s guidelines. ARE there “ideological” guidelines for HuffPo? This raises more questions than it answers. But I am intrigued about this development. Perhaps I was too harsh on Huffington Post. Stay tuned. –Celia Farber   Via Facebook, Lance Simmens “To All Following @lancesimmens […]

Watch “Positive Hell,” The Film Banned By The London Not So Independent Film Festival

“Imagine the sudden announcement of a plague and a death sentence with no real science to support it. It doesn’t seem possible, does it?” The Truth Barrier presents here the short award winning documentary film by Andi Reiss and Joan Shenton pulled from the lineup by the London Independent Film Festival, after pharmaceutically supported “AIDS […]

HuffPo Pulls VAXXED review From Veteran Columnist, Blocks His Account, as Vaxxed-Fever Spreads


                  “This is seriously troubling.”     Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran,  fracking activist,  and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and […]

Half Time


      “There is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” Hunter S. Thompson   What a beauty that quote is. I went through a phase around 2004, of being almost incapacitated by my sudden awareness of the genius of Hunter S. Thompson, who an ex […]

DeNiro Sets Media Tumbling, Unrepentant About Vaxxed: “Everybody Should See This Film”

    I am writing this in haste. Something enormous happened today: Robert DeNiro went on The Today Show and spoke openly, clearly, and at length about his true feelings about the vaccine catastrophe. “Everybody should see this film,” he said. He even admonished the media for failing to investigate. This is the new media […]

Village Voice–Profiteers of Child Sex Trafficking– Rejects “Vaxxed” Ads


By Stephen Ericson       Anyone following the drama surrounding the film Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe who was expecting things to finally be settling down, will just have to get used to being disappointed. As anyone following the story has to know, the film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival only to find success […]


                  Please find below our latest release. For further information, please contact: Joan Shenton – Tel: 07957 585 515, Email: joanshenton@clara.co.uk Published online with high quality images at http://bit.ly/LIFFaxe April 11, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LONDON FILM FESTIVAL PULLS FILM SCREENING IN LATEST NO-PLATFORMING * London Independent […]

You Tell Me (On The Vanished Post About Vaxxed/Tribeca)

              I know you place your faith in something here, at The Truth Barrier, because you have expressed it. We are in symbiosis–trying to crack this whole unfathomable thing. I get most of my information by way of being willing to not be in control, and not “know” what […]

What They Said: Del Bigtree–“Journalism Is On Its Last Breath”

Here’s what Del Bigtree said when I asked him a question about journalism at the NYC premiere of Vaxxed, April 1. What a third chakra this man has. Absolutely extraordinary.  

March Against Monsanto Joins Forces With VAXXED: “The Most Powerful Documentary Of Our Lifetimes”

I was just informed that March Against Monsanto has one million followers on Facebook. VAXXED: The Documentary That Will Destroy The CDC’s Lies About Autism and Vaccines



aWill Forbes’ Emily Willingham correct her chosen word “fizzled” to describe how Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe is doing? What will happen next? Will people turn on Pharma-media, demand accuracy? Or will Forbes allow this propaganda travesty to stand uncorrected? How many filmmakers have already boycotted The Tribeca Film Festival? Will they ever recover from […]

Houston Mayor Under Attack By Free Speech Defenders For Censoring VAXXED

The tables are turning on the forces seeking totalitarian control of the vaccine narrative in the culture.

What They Said: Andrew and Carmel Wakefield, on Houston-Gate

Carmel and Andrew Wakefield, GMC Hearings, London

“I’m searching life for observations, nuances, details. Because my interest in life is not the event as such, not war as such, not Chernobyl as such, not suicide as such. What I am interested in is what happens to the human being. How does man behave and react? How much of the biological man is […]

It Boggles The Mind

[Sometimes a comment will impress me so much that I publish it as a stand alone essay. ]                 Reader’s Gold: It Boggles The Mind   “It boggles the mind that the CDC threw out the definitive proof the MMR caused autism (which was retrieved from the trash […]


The following letter was sent to Philippe Diaz, Chairman of  Cinema Libre, Distributor of Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe, on April 5, at 8:56 am. The situation has now apparently escalated to criminal conduct and extortion. We urge all media to investigate immediately. –Celia Farber, Editor         Dear Philippe~ Good Morning… I wanted […]

What They Said: Werner Herzog

                    “If you’re purely after facts, please buy yourself the phone directory of Manhattan. It has four million times correct facts. But it doesn’t illuminate.”     –Werner Herzog

DeNiro Speaks About Vaxxed: It’s Not Over

In a somewhat candid interview with Fox 5 NY, Robert DeNiro at last addresses the hysteria about the documentary “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe” that was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival in late March.   Fox: Do you have hope to bring it back? DeNiro: I might. I’m thinking about working that out right […]

What They Said: Philip Nelson


            “Manhattan Film Festival strongly feels that part of the role of an independent film festival is to spark debate and give filmmakers a platform. It is not to limit their first amendment right of free speech, nor is it supposed to be the main stream media. Over the weekend […]

“Vaxxed” Foes in NYT, Forbes and More, Grossly Distorted The Story Of Ticket Sales


By Stephen Ericson and Celia Farber                       There is already a Wikipedia page set up attacking the film Vaxxed:  From Coverup To Catastrophe, from all angles– citing lies and distortions, from the usual cast of illegitimate hostile bloggers. It states, for example, under “Premiere” that the film […]

Media Propagandists Willfully Ignore Core Content Of “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe”


By Stephen Ericson                     Last night I was able to attend a screening of  Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, the now famous documentary that was wrongfully kicked out of the Tribeca film festival for reasons not yet completely understood. The writers, producers, stars if you will, of […]

Why Did Salon De-Publish This Article on Arthur Caplan?

    Thank you to Erik Leon for retrieving this for us from the Way Back Machine.*   It is the Sept 2000 article describing the lawsuit against Arthur Caplan, which came up in an earlier Truth Barrier article. The back story can be read here:   From the disappeared Salon article, by Arthur Allen: […]

Paging Dr. Wakefield: One Of Your Critics Quoted By CBS and FOX Was Named As A Defendant In A Wrongful Death, Fraud Case With $33 Million Conflict Of Interest

Jesse Gelsinger

I was going to call it a day, when a piece of particularly distressing Associated Press anti-“Vaxxed” (the movie) propaganda caught my eye–on Fox (Health) News Online  and CBS News online.   The headline was: Medical Community Is Fighting A New Germ: Celebrities.   It managed to be all at once offensive, (actually in a […]

The Mind Cage: An Uncensored History Of the War Against Andrew Wakefield And The Disappeared UK Victims


A New Column: By Martin J. Walker                         In 1995 a lawyer in Norfolk England, began work on a civil claims case against three pharmaceutical companies. Over one and a half thousand parents were claiming for the damage the MMR vaccination had done to […]

The Mind Cage: A New Column By Martin J. Walker


              It was on the morning of March 31, 2016, that I read British investigative author Martin J. Walker’s commentary on an article that was updated and re-posted, in the first days of the crumbling of the great media blackout on the vaccination war and the CDC Whistleblower. This […]

BREAKING NEWS: Cinema Libre To Distribute Vaxxed: “We chose to distribute this film to correct a major issue, which is the suppression of medical data by a governmental agency that may very well be contributing to a significant health crisis.”

VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE DISTRIBUTOR CINEMA LIBRE STUDIO RESPONDS BY PREMIERING THE FILM FRIDAY 4/1 ANGELIKA FILM CENTER IN NYC     LOS ANGELES, CA (March 29, 2016) Cinema Libre Studio will be distributing Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, the explosive documentary directed by Andrew Wakefield which was “de-selected” from the Tribeca Film Festival […]

Live To Tell, Part 1: How Dirty Exactly Are Big Pharma’s Tactics? Britain’s Toughest Investigative Writer Brings Back Lost History


                    By Martin J. Walker     The row over Vaxxed: From Coverup To Corruption, has led me to consider my experiences of censorship, apart from attempts to wipe out my book, and I thought I would write a little about the subject as a whole […]

Producer Of Vaxxed: We Must Forgive Robert DeNiro

Minnesota, dusk, ll

                    Robert DeNiro Is Not At Fault For This Disaster   By Polly Tommey   Autism is hard to live with for many families. I know as I am Billy’s mother. Billy is a 19-year-old who had a severe adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine at […]

Easter Greetings: A Passage From Handel’s Messiah

                He was despised Isaiah 53: 3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Isaiah 50: 6 I gave my back to […]

Wakefield: De Niro Spoke With Posey For An Hour


  Andrew Wakefield (Director) and Del Bigtree (Producer) of the recently censored “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe” have released this statement.  “Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower […]

Tribeca Film Festival Caves In To Pressure: “Vaxxed” Pulled From Schedule


                      The Tribeca Film Festival has pulled “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe” from its schedule. The Truth Barrier reached Andrew Wakefield, who confirmed the chilling news. Clearly, they succumbed to monumental pressure, from various powerful entities, some of whom have been named, but it is […]

Easter Eggs

      Friends– Donations are HUGELY  welcomed, to help us grow, thrive, and eventually dominate the media landscape. Some of our recent posts about the CDC Whistleblower are going viral and we are poised to make a big impact. Also, please welcome new Senior Editor, Stephen Ericson, whose debut article I was very proud […]

De Niro To Vaccine Lobby: “You Talking To Me?”

“There’s a whistleblower from the CDC who’s going to come out and say that the CDC had committed fraud on the MMR study, and that they knew that vaccines were actually causing autism.” –Del Bigtree Investigative Medical Journalist, former Producer, “The Doctors.”   Tribeca Film Festival is, as the name suggests, a place where films […]

Avoid Cafes

  The propagandists have now achieved their goals, judging by the young man in a bandana from whom I ordered a hot chocolate. It’s spilling over, the people are like bursting sausages of propaganda. “Crazy times we live in,” he said,” as he began to mix my cocoa. “Some people just so full of hate, […]

Who’s Really Stealing Your Job?

What They Said: Jacques Ellul

                    “We are in the process of seeing the fulfillment of Edgar Allan Poe’s prophecy in which the painter, impassioned by his mistress-model and also by his art, “did not want to see that the colors he spread on his canvas were taken from the cheeks […]

Dead Dissidents: How We Were Wrong


Keep away old man, you won’t fool me You and your history won’t rule me You might have been a fighter, but admit you failed I’m not affected by your blackmail You won’t blackmail me. –Pete Townshend, Slip Kid                         There is an elephant […]

An Open Letter From Cheryl Nagel

Lindsey started ballet at age 4

                  Dec 1., 2015  I am writing this open letter to let everybody know that our daughter, Lindsey has passed away. She was 24 years old, and leaves behind her son Rico Martinez Nagel, who will be 3 in December.   The cause of death was a bacterial […]

Tranströmer Fragment

              “Listen to society’s mechanical self-reproaches the voice of the big fan like the artificial wind in mine tunnels six hundred metres down. Our eyes keep wide open under the bandages If I could at least make them realize that this trembling beneath us means we are on a […]

Tomas Tranströmer, Author Of “The Truth Barrier” Dies


    Our beloved poet Tomas Transtromer–from whose work we took our name– has gone on to “the real party,” as he once called it. Thank you Tomas, for insisting on mystery, magic, beauty, stillness, and majesty, while modernity and sterility raged all around us. You always reached across, with your quiet but warm modesty, […]

America (for John Powell)


        If you encounter the public language of America as an outsider, or somebody whose formative years were elsewhere (mine were in Sweden) you’re struck by a quality that is very difficult to identify. I think about it almost all the time. Just now I think I got it. I want to […]


Betrayal           I always thought I would wear that bracelet to my grave. I thought about it for a moment and then I heard myself say the words, “Yeah that’s for sale.”       –Celia Farber

R. Crumb Speaks Out On The Killings At Charlie Hedbo

Today The New York Observer published an interview I did with Robert Crumb, on Jan 9, about the massacre of 12 people in Paris, including two satirical cartoonists. Special thanks to the late, and greatly missed, Christine Maggiore, who connected me to Mr. Crumb many years ago. He is one of the most vast, patient, […]

How Wolves Bring Life: An Astonishing Short Film

Special thanks to R.A. Davis

Challenging Orac To Determine Authenticity Of Wakefield/Thompson Exchange: Were The Texts Fake?

To my readers: This link must be viewed first, to make sense of the text below, which I posted this evening at Respectful Insolence. It offers the context of this journalistic challenge.     Dr. Gorski, You and your readers have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy speculating about the veracity of the text message […]

CDC Whistleblower Thompson Text Exchange With Mrs. Wakefield: “..Your husband’s career was unjustly damaged…”


“…and this study would have supported his scientific opinion.” (This text was cited in a  previous post but now I offer the JPG of the full exchange.)        


Text message from Dr. William Thompson to Dr. Andy Wakefield

“I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty…” –CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson     The last desperate effort when the CDC whistleblower story broke last week was for the vaccine establishment and media to drive a wedge between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose “fraud” (according to British journalist Brian […]

CDC Whistleblower Statement Confirms Data Manipulation Around MMR

This statement was released by Dr. William Thompson through his attorney just now. It is being spun by both sides because it is a mixed bag, with some dog bones for the pro-vaccine set, such as a sudden, oddly placed lecture on how much Dr. Thompson believes in vaccines in general. It seems to me, […]

International Newspaper Dares Report on CDC Whistleblower

Today’s Epoch Times.   Breaking the sound barrier…

CNN Reinstates Two Deleted Stories on CDC Whistleblower After Verifying Veracity

In a remarkable turn of events, after a weekend that included a total of three reports on CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson being deleted from CNN’s iReport page, the first two have been reinstated, presumably following review from CNN. You can see them here, and here. This means de facto that the mainstream media magic carpet […]

CDC Whistleblower Story Again on CNN’s iReport by new Citizen Reporter

UPDATE: It’s been taken down. It was apparently up for two hours, and had garnered 20,000 views and 5,000 shares, before it was deleted.   ‘iReport” at CNN.com is an open, free form page that CNN normally does not vet, or take responsibility for, so this is strange indeed.   —-(Text below was posted a […]

CNN Complicity in Media Blackout of CDC MMR Vaccine Whistleblower Deepens

The Truth Barrier received the following message this evening, providing additional details about the CNN iReport story that was taken down on the morning of Aug 23. .   “I wrote the CNN iReport.  The producer contacted me and wanted to know how I know what I know.  I gave her contact info for Hooker, […]

CNN Complicit in Media Coverup of CDC Whistleblower

CNN is now overtly complicit in the mainstream media blackout of the developing story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who stepped forward and revealed that he had partaken in cooking data attempting to minimize the truth about the toxicity of the MMR vaccine in infants and the increased risk of developing autism.   Yesterday, […]

Breaking News: CDC Whistleblower Escorted off Grounds, Life Believed In Danger

 The Ed Snowden of the Pharmaceutical/Petro-Chemical Industry is here and his name is William W. Thompson.   “A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety” —The Liberty Beacon Read more here. Thompson helped […]

Support Independent Journalism

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Hope Is The Thing With Feathers


                    I’d just gone in to look for my notepad.  “You can come in,” Rita said, “but this is not a happy time.” One of the sparrows was being lifted from his small cage. “His feet are dead,” Rita said, her sky blue eyes the color […]

Exiting The Trauma Cult: Reflections On The Emergence of Totalitarian Science


      “War against the “denialists.” Nothing more. When you’re in a war, there are no rules. This IS a war, there ARE no rules, and we WILL crush you, one at a time, completely and utterly (at least the most influential ones; foot soldiers like you aren’t worth bothering with. )”   —Weill […]

I Believe O.J. Committed The Murders and I Also Loved Him (And What A High Dose of Prozac Had To Do With It)


As FX ends its series “The People Vs. O.J. Simpson,” tonight, The Truth Barrier brings you some narrative that is a bit different. This is the real story–a more real story– for those who care to know it, and understand it on a level beyond the media’s cartoonish renditions.   The teller of the story is Mike […]

You Will Hear Thunder

    You will hear thunder and remember me, And think: she wanted storms. The rim Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson, And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.       [From: You Will Hear Thunder, Anna Ahkmatova]  

Bounce (A Truer Story)


by Liam Scheff                     I’m almost human today, having reverted from whatever maudlin and darkly creative state the world usually extrudes me, into a more wide-open pose. Perhaps it was my intersection with a woman accelerating blindly into the intersection yesterday. I’ll restrain myself from a […]

Quite Simply The Greatest Cat Video Ever Made

My son Jeremy showed me this  sublime video last night. There are thousands of “funny” or even “hiilarious” animal videos on the Internet but few deserve to be called sublime. It could prevent suicides, if it were shown on emergency screens affixed to bridges. It could save marriages. It could replace 10 years of therapy. […]

The Secret (A very short play)

It’s 2018, late fall. Two friends meet in an enclave of Central Park known to contain a sonic dead spot, where conversation can’t be overheard. It’s dusk.    

Poetry: Sandra Cisneros (via Junot Diaz)

One Last Poem For Richard December 24th and we’re through again. This time for good I know because I didn’t throw you out — and anyway we waved. No shoes. No angry doors. We folded clothes and went our separate ways. You left behind that flannel shirt of yours I liked but remembered to take […]

What They Said: Junot Diaz

“The biggest megaphones want to talk about the person on top. They want to talk about the hero, the winner. But the little megaphones, you’re in a library with your librarian, you’re working at the church in the basement, helping folks out, you’re coming in to a home and reading to elderly. There are all […]



In church, today, an elderly couple sat two pews in front of me, a bit apart. They both had short, grey hair. He reached over and stroked the nape of her neck, tenderly. I quickly decided this was happening because they were Christian, so not overcome with the hatred that has consumed men and women. […]

Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves

I turned to Lester Bangs today to ponder Lou Reed, the totally encrypted enigma of rock who just died, as you probably know. I tried to find the text of Bangs’ legendary interview with Lou Reed from Creem, Let us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves, , and I found it as a PDF, but WordPress […]

The Crystal


                          I don’t know if you can see the crystal yet. On clear nights when your heart has good reception, when you have managed to push aside your illusions, noise, static, your notions that you were not loved–you can begin to decipher the […]

Discovering The Diamonds of René Char


I am staying in a loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn that has many intriguing books I sometimes pull from the shelves. One that has pierced my heart is “Selected Poems” by renowned French poet René Char, who I never read before. Char is sometimes referred to as a “surrealist” which may be why I was phobic […]

What They Said: Theodore I. Rubin


“I must learn to love the fool in me–the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also […]

A Child’s Heart In A Woman’s Body

“Do your thing,” he said, when she said she needed to do something. All of a sudden she did not know what she “needed” to do. She was thinking there was some email she needed to send regarding something she had not done, but she was confused. She wanted to talk to him and ask […]

Truth Barriers [Seed of Novel]

I can try to put it down more or less but you won’t believe a word of it. I want to counsel you to close your eyes, look the other way, or whatever you can to counter the filthy truth-seeking habit that landed me where I am. Forget the truth like you forget nightmares about […]



Anyway I had a goldfish, a common Woolworth’s goldfish, who I brought home in a water filled plastic bag, and somebody, a man named Rick I think, who worked for my father, said it would be safe to place him in a concrete planter on the terrace, filled with water. Everybody is always doing their […]

Touching Hunger–Fiction by Peter S. Kahrmann


Two weeks before she died Mary switched to day shift at Mookie’s Diner. She and Mickey Quinn wanted more time together. Mickey was the day chef. He’d taken the job fourteen months earlier after moving back to the neighborhood. He’d tired of life in the big city; thirteen years was enough.    Life had not been […]

Nushawn Williams Verdict

This afternoon I received this email from OMSJ’s Clark Baker, about the Nushawn Williams Civil Commitment verdict in Buffalo: Nushawn just called me – he said that the jury deliberated for 25 minutes before finding him guilty. I told him that there are a lot of constitutional problems with the law and that we will […]

Can Electron Microscopy Resolve The HIV Battle? An Exclusive Interview with EM Pioneer Dr. Étienne de Harven


I have known Belgian scientist (pathologist and electron microscopist) Dr.  Étienne de Harven since 1993, when he introduced himself to me at a conference, with characteristic graciousness and enthusiasm, clasped my hands, and said he had translated my 1992 SPIN article Fatal Distraction into French. I was of course delighted. I was writing about this […]

Update: Rico Enjoys First Drug Free Days Of His Life: Laughs

Rico and Lindsey

(Update is a copy of a Facebook Post) I spoke with Cheryl Nagel this evening and she updated me on the situation with her grandson Rico, and said I could share it. Rico was seen by several different doctors today. They are anxious to get him back on ARVs but not before he is tested […]

Thought Crime Trial Against Nagel/Martinez Family Adjourned

Courthouse, Austin, MN

Brownsdale, MN This is a short dispatch written to convey the essential facts of what happened on April 1 and 2, in the court case against John Martinez and Lindsey Nagel, parents of Rico Martinez Nagel.  It’s early morning in Brownsdale MN, a very small town near the Iowa border, about two hours from Minneapolis. […]

Indomitable Lynn

Lynn Margulis, Puffers Pond, 2010

Photo by Celia Farber

         By Dorion Sagan           Unlike many, perhaps, she continued to grow and learn until the end. One of the last projects she was involved in was the characterization of the symbiotic bryozoan, Pectinatella magnifica, who, like Lynn, loved to dwell in the possibility of Puffers Pond, the […]

For Profit HIV Forum Abuses, Threatens, and Bans HIV Positive Man Who Posts Naturopath Protocol


CENSORSHIP FROM POZ MAGAZINE – HIV STIGMA WITHIN THE HIV+ COMMUNITY By John Strangis After testing positive on an HIV antibody test, and taking medication for more than a year, I became aware of the dissident perspective on the matter. After carefully comparing the orthodox and dissident sides of the issue, I made the personal […]

Now It’s War: Crowd Fury Rises Against TED Elites For Pulling Sheldrake and Hancock Talks

The Discharge   The most important occurrence within the crowd is the discharge. Before this the crowd does not actually exist; it is the discharge which creates it. This is the moment when all who belong to the crowd get rid of their differences and feel equal.   Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power   The Dissolution […]


As I posted here, (old post at bottom) last week, I created a donation page for The Truth Barrier at GoFundMe, one of the major crowd funding sites. In the first day I raised $450. I was quite surprised to find, last night, that I was getting emails from GoFundMe telling me donors funds had […]

AIDS Industry Defeated As Rico Ends Media Blackout

Christian Fiala

 I want to speak clearly. In the evolution of democracy the first step is this: citizens outside the Party, including writers, should not have to applaud things with which they do not agree. To make anyone do so is unfair and unworthy of man. But to force a writer to do so is to make […]

Rico Home: Mirthless Bolsheviks Who Almost Killed Him Still In Command And Without Remorse


  We are all heartened and  grateful for all the good-hearted people who came here from all over the world this week, and are still coming, to support baby Rico, who as we reported earlier today is HOME. People have been asking:  Do his parents still have to medicate him? The answer is absolutely. It […]

Breaking News: Rico Has Been Released From Hospital


Text from Cheryl Nagel, 2:00 pm EDT, March 8, reads:   “Hey gals, Rico is almost home. ”   “I am standing outside the cafe waiting to get them on film when they arrive. They should be here any minute.”  

High Noon: Peter Duesberg on Rico Martinez Nagel and The Madness At Hand

Dear all – dissident and non-dissident Americans, This is “High Noon” for all of us to save a little baby. We have only time for facts now – the facts of life and biology. The clock is ticking for a little baby on DNA chain-terminators including AZT, just as it was in High Noon. Here […]

Radio Free Rico

Steve Nagel and his grandson, Rico

It has been the most astonishing week, experiencing the enormous reaction from around the world to the plight of little Rico Martinez Nagel, in what seems to be the death-throes of the rogue AIDS machine. Here at TTB,  other blogs,on Facebook, on Twitter, on radio, and even local TV, the outrage, sorrow, and commitment have formed […]

Light Of Corinthians

Lindsey and Rico

  If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  If I give […]

War on Life: The Kidnapping And Torture of Rico Martinez Nagel


         “They aren’t gonna quit. It doesn’t end. There can’t be two of them. Can you imagine if Lindsey had a baby after 22 years and the baby lived? Can you imagine? It didn’t happen to Lindsey. It happened to Rico.” Steve Nagel, grandfather of Rico         We’ve kept […]

The Recoil: The Anxiety Of Command (Crowds and Power)

Small Heart


                                –for Jan Jozef Szczepanski       The bullet that I shot at the time of the great war made a circle around the globe and struck me in the back   at the least suitable moment when I […]



by Gary Ryan  

The Crucible: Dangerous and Primitive HIV Criminalization Laws Are Claiming More and More Victims: One Group Is Doing Something About It

Yvonne Nicole Andrews

After Yvonne Nicole Andrews left an ex-boyfriend who had repeatedly assaulted her, he turned around and falsely accused her of exposing a total of four men to HIV, none of whom she had ever met. [All four tested negative.] Soon, before she knew what was happening, Ms. Andrews found herself in a Florida prison cell facing a sixty-year sentence. Despite hospital records documenting the injuries, which included a badly sprained neck, severe concussions, and more, and despite overt statements that he planned to kill her, her ex used the laws to become make her the criminal. He was never charged.

The blond, soft-spoken mother of two had languished in county jail for several months when OMSJ contacted her attorney and prepared her defense.

Keep The Truth Barrier Running With A Small Donation

If we can raise even a small amount of money we can keep the site going and hopefully grow. Thank you for lending us your spirit and attention. We hope to grow big and strong in 2013. You can donate $1 or $5, and it will help a lot. You can use GoFundMe or the […]

Romanesque Arches

An Angel with no face embraced me and whispered through my whole body: ‘Don’t be ashamed of being human, be proud! Inside you vault open behind vault endlessly. You will never be complete, that’s how it’s meant to be.’ Blind with tears I was pushed out on the sun-seething piazza together with Mr. and Mrs. […]

Alice Miller’s Powerchord

The opening graph to Alice Miller’s classic, Prisoners of Childhood: The Search For The True Self, (original title) strikes like a bell. I never tire of reading it: “We live in a culture that encourages us not to take our own suffering seriously, but rather to make light of it or even to laugh about […]

My Father’s Dream


My father calls me every night, or almost every night, between 9:30 and 10:30 pm, after the show. He is now 82. I cherish our talks, and often take notes. This summer we talked many evenings about Normandy, and his theory that it should have happened somewhere else, but I’d have to find my notes […]

That Was All That Happened


Judging from her feet, she was no princess. Size 9, with toes that were long, one shaped like a tennis racket, bunions, bones adrift. They hurt, in all shoes except sneakers. She walked fast and hard, up and down the streets of Manhattan. She could clip 20 blocks in 15 minutes, easily. Thinking, thinking, thinking. […]

The Whale Is Behind You


The voice in my head said: “So. Would it be possible to document a family?” [Equally soundlessly I replied:] “This family?” The voice nodded. “The only way to do it honestly would be to melt the spoon. Jump in after them. Tell the whole truth. Otherwise you’d get too much power and that would be […]

Dorion Sagan on Lynn Margulis: An Evolutionary Eulogy

This morning I received this link from Dorion Sagan, and though I generally avoid publishing non-original material, this is, to my mind and ear, such an exceptional piece of writing and thinking that I wanted to share it. I wonder if any grieving grandchildren anywhere on earth have ever received such exquisite comfort as Dorion […]

The Sleeping Mouse

Ake Larsson, Runmaro, July 2012

Åke and I were sitting in the two canvas chairs outside the Larsson house, and it was time to unpack a big box of Swedish history I was beginning to possibly misinterpret. I’d just returned to Runmarö after being away for a couple of weeks. All the guests (over 40) who’d descended on the island […]

Great Photo of Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock, Rutland Road, Brooklyn early 1920s (not holding corn)

“She had never married, she had not, as an adult or as a child, ever pursued any of the goals that were conventional for women. She had never had any interest in what she called “decorating the torso.” …Barbara McClintock has lived most of her life alone–physically, emotionally, and intellectually. But no one who has […]

Why We Lack Courage


Why we lack courage * We lack courage because if we happen sometimes to be brave as individuals we know that we will for sure be undercut by committees (by managers).  Once this has happened, once some individual has done the right thing (what would strike any individual as the right thing – maybe just […]

What They Said: Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

“The artistic process, perhaps apart from ballet and Victorian theater, it doesn’t engage the physical form the way that rock does. And particularly not the kind of fighting cock, peacock male thing. It’s a kind of courtship. All that undermines what is really going on in rock, which is a deep, deep , awful and […]