Breaking News: Rico Has Been Released From Hospital

Text from Cheryl Nagel, 2:00 pm EDT, March 8, reads:


“Hey gals, Rico is almost home. ”


“I am standing outside the cafe waiting to get them on film when they arrive. They should be here any minute.”



  1. Carl Stryg says:

    I am relieved to hear that the baby is home where he belongs. Sadly, this story is not new, as my friends Kate and Sophie both had their children withdrawn from their care here in Canada in order to force compliance with HIV treatments. Anyone who thinks this situation is unique is sadly mistaken.

  2. Rosamel says:

    Please, SIGN this petition for the European Parliament. Thank you.

    Asking Robert Gallo, Antony Fauci, Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barrè-Sinoussi to provide the gold standard to prove that Hiv exists.…

  3. ricci says:

    At last ! And hopefully this will be the end of it for this family and Rico will be prepared when his time comes to have kids.

  4. Good that the baby is heading home. Bad that chemical damage has already been inflicted. Time now to strike back at those responsible for this medical abuse, sue them for unnecessary treatment, for inflicting motochondrial damage on a kid with no clinical presentations at all, on the sole basis of assumptions. Make them pay dearly as a deterrent for future abuse.

  5. All the best for the Nagel family! We all are your friends! Thank you all for your courage, knowledge, wisdom, truth and humanity!

  6. David (Lobishome Romasanta) says:


    I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I read this news .. is great news and that the child remains healthy for many years and see a world full of peace and truth .. Congratulations to each and everyone who have been able to help and I hope one day to know the truth of all this .. a greeting!

  7. anna kenny says:

    So sorry to read what has happened. courage and strength to baby Rico’s parents now that they do not continue to ruin parenthood for them . Have courage …. They may have co opted baby Rico into this program by any means necessary but they have shown only how flawed and dangerous their agenda is , and how they will deliberately target people who question it s many varied outcomes. There should be room for questioning . She tested negative in Romania and positive in USA, later indeterminate, never had any further treatment after stopping AZT, stays well until baby born 22 years later but they have to take away that little triumph. It is a punitive strike , and everyone knows it. To do that to a mother so soon after giving birth , and to a father- surround them with legal militia.. what is the world becoming – ?

  8. Rowena says:

    Prayers can move mountains! And so the evil people! Shame on the evil people behind this cruelty against the Nagels!
    To Lindsey, I dont know how would u do it, but do everything you can to take care of that baby! Or else, I will be the next to get him.haha! I love baby Rico! Long live!

  9. Blu Rose says:

    This is a real triumph! The institutional bias in this country is very strong. I have gone through a lot fighting it. Rico was created to be “medically fragile” by the medical orthodoxy once they drugged him and his Mom, when she was on AZT as a child. Any child, any person, under state care-to get them home-it’s a miracle-I know this as an absoulute-even a healthy kid-much less a G-tube baby. You see the power of this community when we come together and put our differences aside?! I knew it was always under the surface! You are amazing. Know that always please. And Rico-that little boy-he is so special. I really want to keep this momentum he has taught us going. Press, flyers, organizing. I love you Celia. I’m laughing, I’m crying, I can’t believe it! This is a turning of the tides-this is it! You know Christine, Kim, Karri and Maria, all are there watching over this smiling-I feel it in my heart.

    • Rosamel says:

      This is WONDERFUL !!!! Thank you Celia and all people that have made this happen. Each day is closer the day that humanity frees from this cruel lie : HIV=AIDS . TRUTH makes us FREE, and the truth about this ghostly retrovirus IHV will come out, at last, soon.

  10. James Pelham says:

    SO HAPPY! LONG LIVE THE COURAGEOUS NAGELS!!! May peace, love and light be with you always. James Pelham 🙂

  11. Janet says:

    I have had this little one on my mind constanly the past few days and have prayed for him and your family. I guess when people join in unity and prayer God does preform miracles. I am so glad he is coming home. How can I keep up with his progress. This is just the perfect way to end a beautiful day! My prayers will continue for Rico. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL NOW AND FOREVER!

  12. M. Aziz says:

    Glad that this nightmare has come to a close, hopefully with no lasting damage.

  13. Noreen Martin says:

    We are all elated to hear this news but does this mean that Baby Rico will be forced to take the toxic HAART? A battle may have been won but are we losing the war? Hopefully, this whole ordeal will make a dent in the AIDS fiasco!

  14. Suman says:

    Great news! Thansk for the update!

  15. It’s a great victory that encourages us all to fight against this global fraud.
    Thanks Celia and thanks to everyone who worked to make this possible.
    Sorry for my bad English. A hug to everyone.

  16. karlonwheels says:

    Really, really beautiful news.
    I hope that Rico’s family are being offered the “right” to choose how to “treat” this perfectly healthy lad.

    What a bizarre tangle. Nice work, workers.

  17. JB says:

    This is wonderful news. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Celia.
    Love and admiration, JB

  18. Marina says:


  19. Etienne deHarven says:

    Hip Hip Hourra !!!
    What a joy to get this wonderful news tonight !
    And congratulations to all our friends who worked so hard to achieve this !!
    Lots of love and big hugs to Lindsay and little Rico!!

  20. Annie Andrey says:

    THANK YOU Celia, Prof Duesberg, Gary Null, David Rasnick and EVERYONE (far too many to mention by name) for EVERYTHING that each of you did / contributed towards Baby Rico’s eventual return HOME … and hopeful SAFETY forever more!
    You guys are ALL amazing … often unsung heroes … so permit me to dedicate this one to ALL OF YOU:
    @nnie ~ KwaZulu Natal xoxox

  21. Annie Andrey says:

    OMGOSH! This is the SWEETEST music to my ears in days … HALLELUJAH!
    Dearest baby Rico, WE your Earth angels prayed for this moment sweetheart, now ‘TAKE IT AWAY’ darling & live your life to the fullest.
    So, so sorry that your ‘start’ wasn’t as it should have been darling, but never mind, you were NEVER ONCE without deepest LOVE … never!
    God bless and please continue to protect & nurture YOU and your dearest parents, grandparents, relatives & ALL, throughout the whole WORLD, who love & did what they could to ensure your rescue & eventual safety.
    Biggest hugs little fellow!
    Annie ~ South Africa 🙂

  22. Raul says:

    I’m very happy to hear this new, thank you so much Celia for everything you do!

  23. Jason Erb says:

    Excellent — they kept their word, and Rico is home with his mother and father where he belongs. If CPS takes him again, they’ve been shown the response they can expect.

    Your article, the efforts of several dozens, alternative media coverage and the local TV coverage really made a difference!


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