High Noon: Peter Duesberg on Rico Martinez Nagel and The Madness At Hand

Dear all – dissident and non-dissident Americans,

This is “High Noon” for all of us to save a little baby. We have only time for facts now – the facts of life and biology. The clock is ticking for a little baby on DNA chain-terminators including AZT, just as it was in High Noon. Here are some of those facts:

1) Life is 3 billion years old, and for all this time it depended on mothers to give birth to babies and to raise them – not on government-paid protection agencies. And it worked pretty well so far.

2) The now 3-month-old baby Rico has been taken away from his mother Lindsey Nagel, his father and his family to treat him with the DNA-chain terminator AZT against the “AIDS virus,” HIV. But it’s not even clear, whether Rico is infected by this virus at this time. He is only “positive” for antibodies against HIV – yes AGAINST HIV, nor for HIV – which he inherited from his mother. It takes many months after birth to determine, whether he has indeed infectious HIV, instead of just antibodies against it, and is able to make his own antibody against HIV. Rico is now only suspected to carry HIV, but is treated with AZT as if he were infected.

3) DNA chain-terminators like AZT are inevitably toxic. They were designed in the 1960s by Jerry Horwitz, Gertrude Ellion and others, to kill human cancer cells making DNA, by terminating DNA synthesis. But since normal cells also make DNA, they also die as long as they make DNA. Therefore DNA chain-terminators were never designed for babies with antibodies against HIV or against any other virus for that matter, in whom DNA synthesis, and thus vulnerability, is at a record high for making the cells of their growing bodies.

4) HIV is naturally transmitted from mother to child, like all other retroviruses of its kind, again since millions of years. According to the World Health Organization , HIV is presumably transmitted by a third of all African mothers to their children . The African mothers and their children have, however, increased from 400,000 to 1.2 billion since the 1980s when AIDS presumably started in Africa. So HIV can’t be a reason for taking a baby away from his mother in a free country – but it is.

5) Where is the evidence from the Child Protection Agencies, who take babies away from their mothers, that AZT has ever cured an AIDS patient? Can they name just one such study?

In view of this and the American constitution shouldn’t mothers have the right to decide what’s best for their babies – in particular, if forced treatments with inevitably toxic drugs that have never cured an AIDS patient, are applied to their babies away from home?

Where is Gary Cooper or John Wayne to help a “damsel in distress and her baby” against our very own AIDS-Polizei?



Peter Duesberg


  1. I 鏈綋銇珅鏈綋銇珅鐪熴伀 妤姐仐銇縸 瑾浉銇亾銇畕銈点偆銉坾銈︺偋銉栥偟銈ゃ儓|銈ゃ兂銈裤兗銉嶃儍銉堛偟銈ゃ儓銇瘄銈点偆銉坿銇€亄銇焲鎸併仯銇︺亜銈媩 |銈掍繚鎸佸劒銈屻仧| |绱犳櫞銈夈仐銇剕銉愩兗銈层兂|绱犳櫞銈夈仐銇剕绱犳櫞銈夈仐銇剗 銈炽兂銉嗐兂銉剕銉栥儹銈拌浜媫 鑹亜銇屽惈銇俱倢銇︺亜銇俱仚銆?{“绉侀仈銇閬斻仺鍚屾剰銇欍倠浜恒€呫伄闁撱伄蹇仼銇曘倰瑕嬨仱銇戙倠 – 鎴愰暦銇椼仾銇勪汉銆呫伄闁撱€?銉曘儵銉炽偗路A.銈儵銉笺偗|銆?”闆诲姏銇ぇ銇嶃仾绉樺瘑銇€併亗銇仧銇岄仈鎴愩仚銈嬨亾銇ㄣ亴銇с亶銇俱仚浠ヤ笂銇亾銇ㄣ倰琛屻亞鎰忓織銇仾銈嬨亾銇ㄣ伅銇傘倞銇俱仜銈撱€?銉樸兂銉儍銈枫偆銉椼偦銉炽伀銈堛仯銇銆?”銇勩仱浜洪枔銇剰蹇椼仺鐔卞績銇€佺銆呫伅銈ゃ兂銉併伀鍙傚姞” 銆傘偄銈ゃ偣銈儱銉偣銇倛銇c仸| “銇濄倢銇亜銇勩€併仹銈傛暤銇仾銈嬨亾銇ㄣ伅绨″崢銇с仚 – 鏂囧瓧銇瑺濡傘亱銈夈€?銉€銈癏ammarskjld銇倛銇c仸|銆?”涓€銇ゃ伅銆侀潪甯搞伀闀枫亜鏅傞枔銇仧銈併伀宀搞倰瑕嬪け銇嗐伀鍚屾剰銇涖仛銇柊銇椼亜鍦熷湴銈掔櫤瑕嬨仚銈嬨亾銇ㄣ伅銇傘倞銇俱仜銈撱€?銈兂銉夈儸路銈搞儍銉夈伀銈堛仯銇銆?”绉併伅鏂般仐銇勫摬瀛︺倰鎸併仯銇︺亜銈嬬銇€佷竴搴︺伀1銇ゃ伄鏃ャ伄鎭愭€栥伀琛屻亶銇俱仚銆?銉併儯銉笺儷銈篗.銈枫儱銉儎銇倛銇c仸|銆?”绌烘皸銈堛倞閲嶃亜椋涜銉炪偡銉炽伅涓嶅彲鑳姐仹銇傘倠銆?銈便儷銉撱兂鍗裤伀銈堛仯銇銆?”鏆村姏銈炽優銉炽儔鏂囧銇ㄤ汉鐢熴伄涓℃柟銆併仢銇椼仸鏆村姏銇父銇師娌广仺銈嗐亴銈撱仹銇勩倠銆?銈ㄣ儸銉陈枫偘銉┿偣銈淬兗銇銆?”鐪熷疅銈掕銇︺亜銈嬪郊銇€佸郊銇仢銈屻伄銇熴倎銇亗銈嬨亱銆併仢銈屻伀瀵俱仐銇﹁銇岃銇с亗銈嬨亱銈掑晱銈忋仛銇€併仢銈屻倰瀹h█銇椼伨銇椼倗銇嗏€嬧€嬨€?銉樸兂銉兗路銈搞儳銉笺偢|銆?”銇傘仾銇熴伅鍋ュ叏銇韩浣撱伀鍋ュ叏銇簿绁炪伄銇熴倎銇銈嬨伖銇嶃仹銇傘倠” 銆傚辜銇倛銇c仸| “鏂囧姹恒伨銈婃枃鍙ャ伄銈兗銈便偣銉堛儸銉笺偡銉с兂銇с亗銈嬨€?銈姐兗銉炽儓銉炽伀銈堛仯銇銆?”銇勩仱銇嬪郊銈夈伅鎴︿簤銈掍笌銇堛倠銇犮倣銇嗐仺瑾般倐鏉ャ仾銇勩仹銇椼倗銇嗐€?銈兗銉枫偟銉炽儔銉愩兗銈般伀銈堛仯銇銆?”銇傘仾銇熴亴鎭愩倢銇︿綍銇嬨€併仺鎭愭€栥伄姝汇伅纰恒亱銇с亗銈嬨€?銈兂銈姐儖銉笺儹銉撱兂銈恒伀銈堛仯銇銆?”浜堟脯銇с亶銇亜浣曘亱銇屻€佹渶绲傜殑銇€併仢銈屻伅銇濄亞銇犮€佺銇亗銇仧銇汉鐢熴伄鏅傞枔銈掓寔銇c仸銇勩倠銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銆? Greenday銇倛銇c仸|銆?”銉栥儷銉笺偪銈广伅褰笺倝銇欍伖銇︺亴銆併仚銇广仸銇珛娲俱仾鐢锋€с仹绔嬫淳銇敺銇?銈︺偅銉偄銉犅枫偡銈с偆銈偣銉斻偄銇倛銇c仸|銆?”銇ㄣ亜銇嗚█钁夈伅銆併倐銇°倣銈撱€佹渶銈傚挤鍔涖仾钖伅銆佷汉椤炪伀銈堛仯銇︿娇鐢ㄣ仌銈屻伨銇欍€?銉┿儔銉ゃ兗銉壜枫偔銉冦儣銉兂銈般伀銈堛仯銇銆?”姘搁仩銇嫢銇曘伄绉樺瘑銇€侀枊鐧鸿€呫倰閫崟銇椼仸銇勩倠銆?銈儶銈孤枫儷銉笺偤銉欍儷銉堛儹銉炽偘銉兗銈广伀銈堛仯銇銆?”銈傘伄銇編銇€併仢銈屻倝銈掓兂瀹氥仐銇︺亜銈嬪績銇瓨鍦ㄣ仐銇︺亜銇俱仚銆?銉囥偆銉淬偅銉冦儔路銉掋儱銉笺儬銇倛銇c仸|銆?”銇亜灏忋仌銇あ銈掕銇︺亜銇亜褰笺倝銇€佷汉銇瓊銈掓敧鎷屻仚銈嬪姏銈掓寔銇c仸銇勩伨銇涖倱銆?銉淬偅銈儓銉伀銈堛仯銇銆?”鍋夊ぇ銇偆銉炽偣銉斻儸銉笺偡銉с兂銈掔敓鎴愩仚銈嬨仧銈併伀銆佹啩銈屻伅姹恒仐銇﹀銇忋伄鎲с倢銈掔敓鎴愩仐銇俱仜銈撱仹銇椼仧銆?銈姐儠銈c兗Kerr銇倛銈媩銆?”澶╂墠銇汉銇伝銇ㄣ倱銇╁彴鐒°仐銇仌銈屻仸銇勩伨銇涖倱銇屻€佽嚜鍒嗐仹銆?銈点儫銉ャ偍銉枫偢銉с兂銈姐兂|銆?”瀵屻仺瀛愩仼銈傘仧銇°伅銆佷汉鐢熴伄瑁呴>鍝併仹銇傘倠銆?銈炽兗鈥嬧€嬨儵銉炽伀銈堛仯銇銆?”銇汇仺銈撱仼銈掕ù銇堛倠浜恒€呫亴鏈€銈傝ù銇堛仾銇戙倢銇般仾銈夈仾銇勩€?銉炪偡銉ャ兗路銉樸兂銉兗銇倛銇c仸銆倉

  2. 绉併伅鎰泑妤姐仐銈€銈掋亾銇腑銇叆銈屻仸銇勩倠鍙栥倞绲勩伩銈掋€亄鎰熻瑵|銇傘倞銇屻仺銇唡銇枹銇椼仸|銇濄倢銈掓劅璎潁 瑷樹簨銇欍伖銇︺伄鍋夊ぇ銇仧銈併€?

  3. Rosamel says:

    Please, SIGN this petition for the European Parliament. Thank you.

    Asking Robert Gallo, Antony Fauci, Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barrè-Sinoussi to provide the gold standard to prove that Hiv exists.

  4. I am most grateful to Peter Duesberg, Celia Farber and Dave Rasnick, and others for all their efforts! Thanks to them, little Rico is at least home…
    But under #4 above I read “HIV is naturally transmitted from mother to child…”
    Could Peter Duesberg explain to us how a virus (HIV) that has NEVER been proven to exist is “naturally” transmitted from mother to child ??
    Clarification is needed here, please !

    • William says:

      Finally the prayers have been succesful, at least for now, hopefully Rico will regain full health and the worried parents and grandparents can go on living a normal life. Were there not P. Duesberg this wonderful young mother wouldn’t be alive today. I’d also wish that Dr. Duesberg could agree on this HIV not being existent, at least not as a virus that is claimed to be. From what I understand he means it to be a harmless passenger virus, but myself was also tested 13 years ago but I’ve never taken any pill and I am perfectly healthy at the age of 42, so I could agree on it being some genetic code in my DNA but certainly do not share the thought of this virus theories. But then again, who am I to know? But as well, who is Dr. Fauci to know? I am trusting thee who deserve my trust and I can see many good people out there, like Celia Farber, Gary Null, Robert Scott Bell, Dr. David Rasnick, Liam Scheff, the Nagel family, and certainly also Peter Duesberg. I hope this mess will come to a definite end now and the Stigma is going to be erased.

      • William says:

        Of course I wanted to include Etienne de Harven, Neville Hodgkinson, Christl Meyer, Claus Köhnlein, Christian Fiala, Stefan Lanka, Juliane Sacher and many many more who are with the good guys.

    • Flahute says:

      Been following this circus for quite a number of years.

      I think all Dr Duesberg is subtly saying is that HIV-antibodies, or HIV (if it exists via the medical establishment conventional thinking), have been passed on to babies in Africa via a great sociological experiment known as ‘population growth’. If HIV were truly infectious, pathogenic and a public health threat, the population there would not have increased 3-fold. My guess that there’s such high HIV antibody titers in Africa, for instance, has more to do with the exposure to other environmental stressors and poverty in much of that population than actual/manufactured HIV-caused disease. The fact is that Western medicine, employing the continent as a great outdoor medical testing laboratory for much of the last 75+ yrs, likely contributed to some, if not most, of the high HIV rates as well and allows the “HIV with African origins model” to persist.

      The ruse that an HIV-antibody positive newborn, whose immunity is undeveloped and passively acquired from his mother, requires AZT at this time seems unconscionable.

      This infant is will be 2 yrs before his _true_ HIV status is known and his natural immunity developed. Unfortunately, all AZT treatment of this newborn does is the latest manifestation of killing the messenger over this issue. Why? Because Lindsay Nagel, and by proxy her infant, represents what the HIV=AIDS orthodoxy can’t have: a highly visible surviving HIV-positive and non-antiretroviral-taking individual who, in her 20+ yrs of post-AZT treatment life, has not only survived but reproduced.


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