Quite Simply The Greatest Cat Video Ever Made

My son Jeremy showed me this  sublime video last night.

There are thousands of “funny” or even “hiilarious” animal videos on the Internet but few deserve to be called sublime.

It could prevent suicides, if it were shown on emergency screens affixed to bridges. It could save marriages. It could replace 10 years of therapy.

At the first “pom!” I am laughing so hard I forget I have PTSD. In fact, am cured.








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  1. john powell says:

    Super-imaginative creativity. Super-thoughtfully imaginative. Splendidly entertaining and captivating. I was disappointed only by it’s too soon ending. It had me so attentively amused and fascinated, I would have loved to have it continue five or ten times longer. Maybe the folks who created it will turn it into a series of additional cat-duo encounters. That’d be a worthwhile contribution to the massive bin of magical avant-garde genius being ignored by the vulgar and/or superficially-sentimental appetites of the so-called “marketplace”. :-)

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