Tribeca Film Festival Caves In To Pressure: “Vaxxed” Pulled From Schedule













The Tribeca Film Festival has pulled “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe” from its schedule. The Truth Barrier reached Andrew Wakefield, who confirmed the chilling news. Clearly, they succumbed to monumental pressure, from various powerful entities, some of whom have been named, but it is premature to report on the details.

Andrew Wakefield will be making a statement shortly.


Update: Here is the statement.


  1. Brother Strawberry says:

    Pardon me if i overlooked answer to this question elsewhere in this discussion but how often in the history of this tribeca festival has a film already accepted and scheduled for showing been pulled/dropped from the line up under pressure from supporters of the festival or protestors denouncing the film?

  2. JBerry says:

    Autism up from something like 1/200,000 in the early 80’s to in 2008 1/88, and in correlation with the drastic increase in vaccine schedule? Sure, its genetic because as we all know there are billions to be made in genetic research and patent royalties that wouldn’t have any affect in pursuing that premise?

    Read, donate, volunteer, advocate with Barbara Fischer has irreproachable integrity. Vaccine laws are being enacted and written now, across the country, to take away conscientious and religious exemptions.

    Thank you Celia for your coverage!

  3. David Crowe says:

    Science is so confident in vaccines that it has to silence all critics.

  4. Paul Fassa says:

    This was a shocker. All set to submit my RealFarmacy article and wave my vax refuser flag on the topic then this. The vaccine pod people and their walking dead win again – thanks to the obedient media minions and their hacks who benefit financially from big pharma. Dangerous times indeed. I may leave the country to avoid senior citizen vaccinations that are being ramped up for the demise of our health and lives.

  5. Stephen Ericson says:

    It’s a shame. Clearly someone very powerful is very frightened of this film.

  6. Caroline Azar says:

    Shocking. It was thought that DeNiro was good to stand by the film, that looked impactful. My regrets to the Heroes. Greater regrets to the families and the many affected,

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