The Mind Cage: An Uncensored History Of the War Against Andrew Wakefield And The Disappeared UK Victims

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In 1995 a lawyer in Norfolk England, began work on a civil claims case against three pharmaceutical companies. Over one and a half thousand parents were claiming for the damage the MMR vaccination had done to their children. The claims varied for different forms of damage, from conditions on the autism spectrum, which left children without speech or rational thought, to children who had hearing impairments.

In 2003 the government-run Legal Aid Department withdrew funding from the case, leaving parents of damaged children without representation and without ‘a day in court’. In 2007, two of the doctors who had agreed to act as ‘expert’ witnesses for the parents, Drs Wakefield and Walker-Smith were themselves charged, with another doctor, Simon Murch, by the General Medical Council (GMC) with around eighty main and subsiduary charges. After a 33 month trial, Professor Simon Murch was admonished by the GMC, Professor Walker-Smith was found guilty on the majority of charges and Dr Andrew Wakefield was found guilty on every charge, stripped of his right to practice medicine in Britain and had a number of already published papers withdrawn from Journals.

Professor Simon Murch returned to work, Professor Walker-Smith appealed against the findings of guilt against him and was found not guilty on every charge by a High Court judge. Judge Mittings at his hearing made it clear that in his opinion the ‘jury’ at the GMC hearing had badly misunderstood the evidence. Dr Andrew Wakefield, enmeshed in a now long running and massive campaign of character assassination, was denied an Appeal on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence opposing the decision of the GMC jury.

Outside the circles of the original MMR claimants and autism groups set up by parents, the one and a half thousand children damaged by MMR, were forgotten, they and their parents faced a new and difficult life denied special treatment because none had been researched and denied financial support and funding because many of their parents refused to discuss their childrens health without also claiming that they had been damaged by vaccine.

These children and their parents became Britains ‘Disappeared’[1] Everyone who spoke on their behalf was targeted and character assassinated by mercenary propagandists paid by the pharmaceuitical cartels.

[1] A term used by Argentians who knew those who had disappeared during the first reign of terror and thos Spanish people still campaigning for those who dissapeared during Franco’s reign.


[To Be Continued…]


* Martin Walker, Dirty Medicine: The Handbook on Facebook, and/or




  1. Linda says:

    Can’t wait to read “the rest of the story”.

  2. Stephen Ericson says:

    “Everyone who spoke on their behalf was targeted and character assassinated by mercenary propagandists paid by the pharmaceuitical cartels.”

    Or so it seems! Excellent article. More!!

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