Diaz in Moviemaker Magazine: The Tribeca Precedent Is the End of Festivals As We Know Them and The End of Free Speech

Cinema Libre’s Philippe Diaz has thrown down the gauntlet to the film industry, on life support now after Tribeca’s Jane Rosenthal breached the firewall between filmmakers and industry, by sending VAXXED to members of the medical profession, and setting in motion a wave of manufactured hysteria that caused Robert DeNiro to be forced to drop it from the lineup against his wishes.

The “vaccination” issue has birthed, like Russian dolls, new uprisings that have nothing to do with vaccines, and everything to do with freedom of speech and the values of a democratic society.

My father, radio broadcaster Barry Farber, coined the following phrase, the night I took him to see Vaxxed, when it premiered April 1, in New York City:

“The correct prayer is not “we shall overcome. No. We shall never overcome. Rather, the correct prayer is: “They shall overreach.”

Diaz’ article in Moviemaker Magazine (we could all have lived without the disclaimer, but greatly appreciate the act of publishing the piece) is linked below:



Barry Farber, on the air, 1960s

Barry Farber, on the air, 1960s





  1. tony villar says:

    Power Corrupts.

    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

  2. Gary says:

    Philippe Diaz has penned a fine piece. Let us hope there are others in the film industry with backbone (I’m not holding my breath). I wrote a lengthy supportive comment, jumped through all the hoops, posted it, and it disappeared!

    • Celia Farber says:

      Sorry Gary. Did you try again?

      • Gary says:

        Celia: Technology has trained me to always make comments as a Word document to copy and paste, but as you well know, inspiration sometimes comes in a flash, and words pour forth. I’ve always written this way. Fully-formed paragraphs appear in my brain, followed by the sometimes-long slog of editing. I was so impressed with this that I just started wailing away on the keyboard. But I will reconstruct it, and attempt to post it again. It is worthy of high praise.

      • Gary says:

        Celia: It posted, along with a multitude of good, supportive comments. Only one astroturfer! That may change, though.

  3. Sharon says:

    Yes, no holding back this tide!

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