An Elaborate Fraud: How Could One Journalist Create A Monster And Terrorize Open Discussion For 15 Years?

This is the third of a three part series in Age Of Autism, that takes apart the propaganda cloud around Wakefield, Deer, the GMC hearings, and more.

This is what fellow editor at AOA Mark Blaxill wrote introducing this (old, now seen through new eyes) series by Dan Olmsted, on FB:

“The attack on Andrew Wakefield by Brian Deer, the Sunday Times, and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) was really an attack on the parents of autistic children. These parents have overwhelmingly stood by Wakefield. What’s more Deer obtained private medical information without parental consent. The BMJ published his findings anyway. That’s a clear violation of medical ethics. Fraud, privacy violations, ethics violations–all par for the course for the medical industry’s Elaborate Fraud. Here’s part 3.”



  1. Tom Wise says:

    It’s money. Money talk , now a days anyone can be brought.

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