Skip Tribeca, Go Directly To Hollywood: Wakefield’s Life and Book Optioned By Second Most Successful Hollywood Screenwriter Of All Time

One of Andrew Wakefield’s articles of faith, often stated by him when the matter of his troubles, the tar ball that journalist Brian Deer set upon his life,  is raised, is

“It isn’t about me. This isn’t about me.”

When asked how he has managed to bear the brunt of the two decade long vilification campaign against him, Wakefield says: “I don’t have a problem. The children with autism have a problem.”


I hope they paid him a lot of money for this. And I hope the screenwriter makes it a franchise, like he did with Pirates Of The Caribbean. Because as the article says: “The details, and drama surrounding his life are even more remarkable than generally known.”

Yes indeed. His name is even a verb. Many doctors and scientists told Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree that they knew the truth but “didn’t want to get Wakefielded.”

Well, maybe they will be more encouraged now that the next stop on the Madness Train after being “Wakefielded,” is to be “Hollywood-ed.”


—Celia Farber














  1. This is what makes America the most interesting land on the planet. The psychic continuance of surprise, obvious discourse and more fascinating anomalies. But nothing is what is without the reporting from the underground. America the word.

  2. Stephen Ericson says:

    I also hope they paid him a LOT of money, and I also hope he didn’t sign away the rights to continue to tell his story in his own words.

    That said…I’m…I don’t know how to feel about this exactly. Screenwriters, no matter how powerful they are, aren’t the most powerful ones in Tinseltown.

    I’m of course willing to wait and see.

  3. Gary says:

    I, too, am jaded, and skeptical of everything, but of this I am hopeful. The reputations of Del Bigtree and Robert DeNiro have given the story legs. The tide is turning, and I think we will see the day when the astroturfers and trolls go scurrying back under their rocks.

  4. Sharon says:

    I am so jaded, rather than rejoicing at this turn of events I am skeptical. Perhaps this is another form of controlled opposition. Buy the book and rights to a man’s story and control the narrative??

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