This Is One Of The Saddest Videos I Have Ever Seen


  1. Everything is relative. I was treated far worse in a Seventh-day Adventist church.

  2. john powell says:

    I’m not even gonna watch the video. I’ve lived it, on the other side of the lens.

    The Trumps and Clintons of this country could have long ago made homelessness obsolete in America, if they had a TINY fraction of their advertised amount of reverence for the national interest and for the lesser ones amongst us (reverence which their self-promoting sales propaganda tells us they have ONLY when they are campaigning to deify their ambitions on the presidential or some other throne).

    Liars, one and all.

    This poor woman is nothing but another day’s garbage at all the offices of the overlords, in the realm of market supremacy where that “garbage” is just part of doing business.

    That’s the American way.

    Who is kidding who.

  3. Nick F says:

    No words! These people are acting like animals..makes me sick to my stomach. Horrible, evil human beings.

  4. David Crowe says:

    This is sad, and the people around are being assholes. But nobody got hurt, unlike the anti-Trump protester at a Trump rally who was physically assaulted for exercising his free speech rights, and had to be rescued by police. It is as sad as the people bombed in Hillary’s wars (also supported by Trump)? Is it as sad as the people turned away from housing by Trump because they were black? Is it as sad as the hispanic American citizen children who fear that their mother or father will be thrown out of the country because they are not citizens? It is as sad as the muslim families who have been in America for decades, and who fear violence in the streets or deportation? Is it as sad as the women groped, propositioned or possibly even raped by Trump?

  5. R. A. Davis says:

    Sometimes we are reminded about just how recently we rose from our cave-dwelling past.

  6. James Schaeffer says:

    Grotesque in the extreme.

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