My 2006 Article In Harper’s “Out Of Control: AIDS And The Corruption Of Medical Science”

What happened to my life after this article came out has been unavailable to me, by way of a sonic trauma boom that separated me from it. It eventually came to involve such macabre manifestations of the the whacko kingdom that although it was all happening to and through me, I became utterly disassociated. It seemed like “bored,” but really it was my brain protecting itself while it healed.

People have said over and over: “Tell the story. Write the book.”

Here is part of the story–I hope you will read it as a cautionary tale.

In the meantime, it’s Dec 1, which the propagandists have marred forever as “World AIDS Day,” and I thought I should find it, and post the article, as a counter-measure.

One thing though: I did not refer to Yoweri Museveni as a benevolent dictator, but rather, as a “benevolent dictator,” but Harper’s lost the quotes on that, so I am forever contrite to the people of Uganda. (It’s obvious why they branded him as such, due to his corrupt collusion in “HIV/AIDS,” which was the kind of crisis that could soften the heart of any brutal dictator when the right people came knocking.)




  1. john powell says:

    Thank you for all the above-shared links, Celia, and congratulations for reaching the clearing in which you can at last say that the “bored”, “disassociated” and “unavailable” state produced by “a sonic trauma boom” is now a “has been” and effectively “healed” condition.

    • john powell says:

      correction to my first sentence: “Thank you for all the above-shared AND the below-shared links…”

      Yes, thank you for everything here, all of it!

      I’ve been exhilarated by visiting your triumph here, in this exhibition of the record.

      • Celia Farber says:

        John, thank you for reading it so closely. It’s so vast. I have yet to begin to tackle it, as a “journalist.” I mean a NOT journalist. (Since I’m, of course, not even close to a “real” journalist. 🙂

        Real journalists have a story to tell that is about the shrapnel in their bodies, and how it helped them fact check, and know they were onto something. It’s easier to write a book when they have not actually killed you. But you have to get your HEART back, before the book will be any good.

        • john powell says:

          Yes, it’s so vast.

          Schrapnel as affirmation and fuel: That’s both saddening/heartbreaking, and awe inspiring.

          Majestic considerations and articulations of one woman’s history, there, in just a two-paragraph and ostensibly off-the-cuff comment:

          Considerations and articulations which unintentionally summon the imperative of reverence, from within the heart and mind of he or she who closely reads *that* woman’s vastness.

  2. Anonymous says:
  3. Rachel says:

    OMG. And I thought that what happened to Dr.Wakefield was bad. Increadibly grateful that people like you are around.. If prayers are helpful, I’ll keep you in my prayers

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