Assange Agrees to US Extradition and Prison Time

True to his word, Julian Assange has agreed to be extradited to the US, and serve prison time, in exchange, if need be, for Chelsea Manning’s release.

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  1. Mr. Anonymous says:

    No way will he do it. He is a spineless coward. Thats my final answer. If he does pizza is on me (get it)

  2. Stephen Ericson says:


    Are you there Anonymous?

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      He wont do it. But if he does trump will pardon him for all his good work with the russians.

      • Stephen Ericson says:

        Wow, you made it through an entire post without mentioning Pizza Gate. Lol.

        L O S E R.

        • Mr. Anonymous says:

          Truth is , Assange is a weasel. Manning is already released , only has a 120 day program to find housing and get affairs in order . She has been in almost 100% solitary confinement for 7 years . Took 100% responsibility . She is a badass . Assange is a wothless weasel.

  3. Sharon says:

    Interesting, this should fill the headlines for sometime.

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