Saints March In: The Talladega Tornados Are In D.C.

And I am in Sweden, trying to get somebody–anybody–to understand that this is America. This too, is America. The choreography of contradictions, overseen by Our Better Angels, careening screamingly toward a happy ending. Though always, always, some people are so outraged they are calling for The End Of The Nation.

But can anybody no matter how hate filled, truly resist the love that overtakes you when you watch the Talladega Tornados?



  1. Gary Ogden says:

    We have a new president and the Clinton Foundation is defunct, all 22 staffers fired. That didn’t take long!

  2. R. A. Davis says:

    This is a lot more than your typical feel-good story.
    It’s a particularly American anomaly: that black college students embrace the act of honoring a white President-elect by performing at his Inauguration. At a time when US media do their utmost to foment racial tensions.
    These kids will remember their trip to Washington for the rest of their lives.
    And so will Donald Trump.

  3. Gary Ogden says:

    Totally cool! My marching band days are long over, but I remember what great fun it was. The band was our social group, and we were bad boys and girls!

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