He Will Not Divide Us


  1. Mr. Anonymous says:

    How can you call yourself a journalist if you dont even “google” this . A white supremist going on about “saving the white race” and crazy actor guy screams at him . But , no , sadly you ignore the facts yet again.

  2. Mr. Anonymous says:

    You do realize the guy he is screaming at is a white supremacist. But i am sure you dont care.

    • Celia Farber says:

      If you think all Trump supporters are “white supremacists,” including those not white, you are nuts. And for stating that I “don’t care” about white supremacy–do you mean genuine white supremacy?–I say: Go to hell. You’re a destructive jerk and I am tired of your tedious acid droplets and attacks. From now on all your comments get deleted, oh cloaked one, oh lover of all humanity, fighter of white supremacy. You even KNOW who is being hit in this video and what their sins were!

      You hate women.

  3. Stephen Ericson says:

    “thereby becoming the physical embodiment of division. ”

    And unintended irony?

    To his, for lack of a better word, credit, Mr. Labeouf isn’t exactly known for being…sane.

  4. R. A. Davis says:

    The lunatic left has been mobilized by the power elite because they could not defeat him at the polls, and are now scared shitless he’ll bust them and put them in prison, which is where they belong. This is what the education system does nowadays: it teaches them how not to reason.

    • Sharon says:

      I got to thinking and hippie should not be used to describe these people. It does a disservice to my old self and friends. We really were about peace.

      • Celia Farber says:

        Good point Sharon. I’ll change it. I was trying to use irony but…now I see I should change it. Thank you. I’d give anything to bring back the hippies! And I have been pretty resistant to them most of my life (the hippie era was before my time, I came of age during the post-punk era in Europe) because I thought alot of it was men trying to con women onto sleeping with them because they listen to The Doors. Like what Crumb said.

        • Sharon says:

          Oh Celia, that is very thoughtful though not necessary, I wasn’t offended. However the edited title is quite apropos.

        • Stephen Ericson says:

          ” I’d give anything to bring back the hippies!”

          But only in comparison to what the left is now. Otherwise, please we should all agree that they should stay…back there.

          • Sharon says:

            I am an old hippie at heart. Now that I am retired I can tune out and turn on all I want and it is legal now. hehehe Perhaps I will until this insanity stops.

  5. Caroline says:

    snake eating its tale. yup.

  6. John Essmyer says:

    He was clearly putting on a show for a camera .
    I would have picked off the ground and put him back down again…
    Then he could have had a really good “show@.

  7. Rachel says:

    Good grief, good post but I can’t stand it.

  8. Sharon says:

    If this insanity continues, Rosie O’Donnell will get her wish.

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