Could The NSA Have Prevented 9/11? The Movie That Will Finally Give Us Answers


And here is a fascinating article featuring Bill Binney, by Stefania Maurizi, whose 2016 Julian Assange interview was famously distorted by The Guardian. 




  1. Stephen Ericson says:

    And what if anything was learned from all of this?

    • It does highlight the fact that extraordinary individuals like Assange, Binney and Snowden haven’t said yea or nay to any of the powerful 9/11 documentaries on youtube that feature compelling eyewitness testimonies and scientific analysis. Isn’t that very mysterious?

  2. Caroline says:

    yes. let’s go.

  3. Could The NSA Have Prevented 9/11? Yes. They could have chosen not to do this inside job.

  4. September 11th was an inside job. When is the truth of that going to be made plain to everyone?

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