Holy War On Human Trafficking and Pedophilia Networks: The Staggering Number Of Arrests In Recent Weeks

“Since the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017, the number of trafficking arrests for human trafficking in 2017 have doubled the total numbers provided for the entire year of 2014 by the Department of Justice. Each individual law enforcement operation has been listed below for reader convenience.”


All the current data is here.


  1. Roger says:

    I seen you on alex jones. FIGHT! Speak your piece. A good many of us in the US know exactly what is going on. Dont believe main media. We know what is happening. Kind regards to you and your kin.

  2. Stephen Ericson says:

    This is great news by the way. It just goes to show what a little leadership can accomplish.

  3. Elizabeth Ely says:

    I have a question, and possible angle for investigating these stories. We often hear that a big bust got no mention in the media. But as a reporter knows, these things are filled as police reports. Police beat reporters access these all the time. Do a reporter noticed the arrests in the paperwork and submitted a story. And then what happened? His or her editor said they weren’t going to publish it. The reporter would have asked why. What happened in that exchange? Is this a frequent occurrence for reporters across America now?

    • Stephen Ericson says:

      That’s an excellent point Elizabeth. We’d have to do research into who was given these assignments.

      This morning I was also wondering what it would take to be able to track down some of Dennis Hastert’s victims and interview them?

    • R. A. Davis says:

      Yes, certain topics are unreported in the Mainstream Press. RFK jr and Bob Di Niro announce a strong challenge to the myth of vaccine safety, and NOBODY COVERS IT! It’s easy to see why: the billions of advertising revenue from Big Pharma.

      So why is pedophilia/human trafficking also ignored? The simple answer is: politics.
      This is the Swamp being drained, first at its outlying fringes, and finally in DC, which is a major hub of major players. Household names.
      Stand by.

      • Arbiter of truth says:

        So what is the “myth” of vaccine safety, anyway? Certainly no-one claims that there is absolutely no chance of harm, just that the chances of harm from the diseases are magnitudes greater without vaccination to prevent them.

        You think news outlets are controlled by “billions” in ad revenue from Pharma companies? Every one of them? Have you done your homework on this? How much is really spent in a year for drug company sds during news programs, what percentage of that is for vaccines, not other more profitable products, and how much of the total ad revenue does the pharma spend represent?

        Support your claims with facts.

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