Swedish Psychologist Too Afraid To Reveal Identity Exposes Depths Of Sweden’s Intellectual Tyranny

“Do you realize the absurdity of having to… protect the identity of a psychologist in a Western nation?”

“Yeah, it’s embarrassing.”



  1. David Crowe says:

    As a counterbalance here is a page from the Swedish government that contradicts all the major points in the video, yet it seems to be surprisingly open for a government document. For example, it admits that immigration has costs, but also points out that the Swedish government has an annual surplus, and that youth employment is increasing. It also admits that there are a few areas where the police have difficulty carrying out their work, but the police can still go there. They are not, in other words, ‘no go’ areas.

    Who is paying Tim Pool to travel to Sweden with a film crew to make videos like this?

    And how do we know that the supposed psychologist isn’t just an immigration activist using this disguise, and the anonymity, to make shit up?

  2. I.M. Pistoff says:

    Did i just hear the interviewer suggest that it’s possible for the majority to be at fault if the minority underachieves?!

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