Farage Decries EU “Mafia” Tactics, Is Booed, Changes Word To “Gangsters.”


  1. Linda says:

    Only the Mafia would have a problem with anything Nigel has to say.

  2. Stephen Ericson says:

    Not only did he set them straight, he kept his composure in the process. I hope he continues to do this.

  3. john powell says:

    None see. None feel.
    None hurt, as the dying bleeding
    starving thirsty
    utterly powerless
    invisible children
    into the dirt
    on which
    primped and tidy
    Lords and Ladies
    profitably and properly
    stride ever-toward
    vain pride

    They all properly summon us
    to select a profitable lie
    in which to reside.

    For a fraud called Glory,
    the children’s story of
    the future’s dawn
    is buried deeper
    with each God’s and
    each Country’s

  4. I.M. Pistoff says:

    I’m guessing The Mafia was offended by the analogy.

  5. Trish Fahey says:

    FBI ( Fantastic Beyond Imagining !! )

    I’d like to buy a Nigel Farage tee shirt OR baseball cap … AND … do likewise with a Trump tee shirt
    OR baseball cap … AND … wear ONE of EACH of these items … TOGETHER … to show SOLIDARITY for two BRILLIANT Anti-Globalist, Truly Inspired Leaders. BRAVO Nigel … Way to Go !!

    Thank you very much Celia for posting this for us to see !!

  6. Sharon Warner says:

    Bravo Nigel!

  7. Greg Teetsell says:

    Such condemnations of the EU are pointless. If the EU fails, that is, if the Euro fails—as most indicators seem to reflect that the Euro is heading for failure—none of Nigel Farage’s ranting will matter.

    In the words of that old spiritual “Money changes everything.”

  8. Scott Gordon says:

    A great defense of national sovereignty.

    These globalists are de facto mafia gangsters. That is the way they conduct business.

    • Celia Farber says:

      I tend to agree with you Scott, Trish, and Sharon. Greg, you are in favor of the EU. Can you explain why? Do you believe the EU keeps peace in Europe? Is good for the European worker? What? Why is Farage “ranting,” when he is describing a chokehold that has a documented record? Please be mindful of using inaccurate words like “ranting” here if that is not the right word and it only means you’re pissed off at the one speaking.

      • Greg Teetsell says:

        It is not that a favor the EU. What I am saying is that this Farage fellow and his pronouncements are largely, if not entirely, pointless. The Eurozone is going to fail, most likely in the next massive Recession.

        As for keeping the peace in Europe…The is more the business of NATO. NATO has been successful in that business of peacekeeping.

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