A Searing, Brilliant Summation Of America’s Chemical Vaccine Warfare By Liam Scheff, R.I.P

I had not listened to this before. I am extremely grateful he left behind so many spoken word pieces, like this one, through which he lives on.

The way Liam channelled the whole “story,” and everybody in it, and all the angles of the trap, all the countless attacks, and all the ways in which they have blocked all the exits–was powerful and original.

What is evil?

I like what Andre Tarkovsky wrote, in “The Sacrifice:”

“Evil is everything that is not necessary.”

It may at first sound laconic but it is actually a perfect definition of evil.


  1. Jay says:

    So sorry to hear that Liam has passed away … so sorry … he did some really good work for the truth …

  2. Paul says:


  3. john powell says:



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