Sweden Drops All Rape Charges Against Julian Assange After Long Overdue Review Of Forensic and Electronic Evidence

Swedish prosecutors have dropped all charges against Julian Assange, after review of the evidence that could have been (and in part, was) obtained years ago.

In setting out to destroy the reputation of Julian Assange, it seems to me Sweden succeeded on destroying its own reputation, cultivated for so many decades, and with so much success.

Many jumped on the “Assange is a rapist” bandwagon; The Truth Barrier was not among them.

The person who should be investigated is Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny.

“After the incidents for which he is wanted for questioning took place, in mid-August 2010, Mr. Assange remained in Sweden for five weeks, until September 27, during which time Swedish prosecutors once dropped the case altogether, only to re-open it days later. Prosecutor Marianne Ny was quoted in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter as having said: “Even if I’m wrong, I won’t give up.”

–Celia Farber, The Indicter

New Analysis of Swedish Police Report Confirms Julian Assange’s Version in Sweden’s case



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