What They Said: Trump Protesters and Trump Supporters


  1. John Barron says:

    How can i become a soros-sponsored troll? I would really like the money.

  2. Brother Strawberry says:
    • john powell says:

      Fake news!!!!! The so-called Trump supporters in that video are actors hired by George Soros, Obama, the Clintons, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springstein, and Globalist LGBT-loving Latino Liberal FEMA camp planners, to make Trump look bad.

      In the Great Trump’s base, there are no ignorant, idiotic, racist assholes who, like the ones in that video, proudly advocate incest, banning Mexican food, and redefining “smart” to mean the man who has followers who believe (as he does) that he would still be qualified for the country’s highest position of public trust after he randomly shoots an innocent citizen on the street.

      You are spreading fake news propaganda! …and you are a Soros-sponsored troll.

      Stop it! …or we will have you deported for being an enemy of the people!

      Your propaganda is, like, incredibly libelous and slanderous, like, big time libelous and slanderous! Believe me!

      Get on the Great side, and stop promoting those fake news lies, or get out!

  3. Sharon Warner says:

    They just like a snowflake when they have no answer to very logical questions.

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