Bonfire Of The Vanities 2017 [When Satire Is Almost Identical To Earnestness]


  1. The trouble is we are in a society where people don’t even remember good comedy

  2. Gary Ogden says:

    I’m with Tim Lundeen and ALEXANDRA GATSIS. She’s good! Morse code!

  3. Tim Lundeen says:

    “When Satire Is Almost Identical To Earnestness”: love it.


    Lololol. She deserves an Oscar.

  5. Celia Farber says:

    R.A. Davis, she is performing satire here. I have no doubt. Did you not perceive it that way?

  6. R. A. Davis says:

    Yeah, glad it ruined her day. She deserved it.
    Best I’ve heard came from Dennis Miller. Says he got a job as a Safe Space lifeguard.
    “What’s that?”
    “I jump in and save them when they’re drowning in their own bullshit..”

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