The Elites Have Minted A Palatable Hillbilly To Translate Trump’s Voter’s Despair, or “Concerns”

“The 2016 election was in part the revenge of a white working class long ignored and neglected by the establishments of both political parties. This America turned out in large numbers for Trump.

Vance knows these people. He’s one of them. So he became the Trump whisperer, the voice of a forgotten tribe that rather impolitely had the gall to reassert itself on the national stage. When Trump won, Vance became a permanent fixture on CNN’s pundit couch, explaining to puzzled liberals “what these people think”.

When I first sit down for coffee with Vance, he nervously checks his watch every five minutes. He’s worried about being late for the US celebrity news anchor Megyn Kelly, who later arrives in a fleet of sleek black executive cars to record a special programme on his recent move from California back to Ohio, where he was born and spent much of his childhood.”

Article In The Times of London here.

[Is it arrogant to say: “I told you so?”]

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Thank you, from the editor, who has never revealed–but will– her strange life journey through privileged beginnings and a childhood crash into working class misery, in Sweden, in the 1970s. This may partly explain her incapacity to express total hostility toward Trump, or at least her visceral defense of his voter base.


  1. Rebecca Lee says:

    Thats how I feel, too.

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