UK Medical Film Bombshell: Austrian Pathologist Told To Back Off HPV Vaccine Death Case

Below is part one of a three part YouTube series by veteran, incorruptible medical film maker Joan Shenton, and her documentary co-creator Andi Reiss, whose film “Positive Hell,” I posted about here.

I have known Joan Shenton, and (featured UK Berkeley cancer virologist) Peter Duesberg, since 1987, the year Peter Duesberg published what should have been a shattering critique of the post-Nixonian “War On Cancer,” and its ill-omened investment in ghost-theories about viruses causing cancer. Instead, it was Duesberg’s career that was shattered, while the NCI/NIH para-scientific juggernaut rolled over American science like the Soviet tanks entering Budapest in November of 1956, to crush the uprising against the Soviet occupation of Hungary.

Between my first interview with Peter Duesberg, (1987) and my first interview with Andrew Wakefield, (2012)–I draw, not a line, but a circle. Inside the circle is an indescribable field of chaos, loss, and death. I don’t know if anybody who survived it is in a mood to sit down and deal with it, narratively. I do a whole lot of staring at my walls, and wondering if I should throw out all the historical evidence in my boxes (which auto-spelled as “bones,” and yes, that too.)

Radically simplified:  The groundwork for what would become the vaccination holocaust was made possible by the demolition of evidence based science that was “HIV-AIDS.”

Shenton, Duesberg, and Dr. Christian Fiala are already well known heroes and survivors of the sunken battleship “HIV/AIDS.” And just to throw a total curveball into the story, Brian Deer was known to us, then, (in the early to mid 1990s) as a champion of truth (yes) on a super-deadly “AIDS” drug called AZT.  He did not start out corrupt, but rather, was somehow tormented behind closed doors for his sins on the AZT story, and was turned.

It’s one war–not several. One continuous war on science, sanity, and life.

I just wanted to say that, so that when you see these brave people say their piece, you have a sense of their lineage. They come to the screen as near-miracles, at least in my eyes.

I ask my friends in the vaccine movement to pay special attention to this series, and to help it go viral.

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  1. Cristian lewis says:

    Thank you Celia for coming back.

    After I understood the HIV/AIDS story, the HPV story and the vaccine pushing behind it came out pretty obvious to me: it is also a fraud. At the time I didn’t view the gardasil thing as part of the same troubled, not evidence based science, but now I have come to a similar conclusion as yours myself.

    They say there are more than 100 different known HPV strains out there, there could be more, some are harmless, some cause warts, and four strains in particular (6,11,16 and 18) cause cervical cancer. How did they came out with all these strains? how do they know which causes what? Viruses don’t cause cancer anyway, that is 80’s stuff (remember the Nixon War on Cancer flop?). So what’s the use of this Gardasil vaccine anyway? Even if they could resurrect the corpse Virus-Cancer theory by showing that those particular strains caused cancer, the vaccination wouldn’t be justified because the proportion of girls who go on to develop cancer in adulthood is minimal without the vacinnation… and if you put the side effects on the balance, the unknowns… like AIDS drugs and the so called”cocktails” the long term effects are not known, and I suspect that this Gardasil thing could be even cancer causing like the AIDS causing AIDS drugs.

    In my country Chile this debate is also ongoing, I’ve been to public meetings about vaccination in the Instituto de Salud Pública (ISP), the FDA here, and they don’t even mention all of this: They say the HPV Cancer thing is proven, and the detractors of vaccination and the worried mothers are fringe groups who beleive in myths, like the myth of mercury and metals in the vaccines. That is how this girl on a public discussion group meeting on ISP called it: a bunch of “myths”.

    Here the poor mothers who don’t want they child vaccinated for whatever reason are sent the police for believing in “myths” and endanger the child and the “herd immunity”

    Same story different names here…

  2. Where is part 2 and three, and part 1 short or is there a full version ?


    Dr. Scott Perlman

  3. Gary Ogden says:

    Celia: Thank you for this. I think R. A. Davis is on to something. Having read “The Real Lincoln,” (Thomas DiLorenzo), I’m pretty sure this madness started with our sixteenth president, who most think was the best thing since sliced bread, but I now realize was the worst president, worse than Dubya. A murderous thug who shredded the Constitution in order to build an overwhelmingly powerful state centered in Washington, D.C. The epitome of evil, the HPV vaccine, sacrificing our daughters (and now sons, too) for profits, prestige. The ACIP members who approved this, along with Julie Gerberding and the NIH head at the time (may have been Insel) should all be breaking rocks at Leavenworth; life sentence with no parole.

  4. Gunnyhiway says:

    GARDASIL gave my daughter CERVICAL CANCER at 17.
    She died on Christmas Eve 2013, just 8 days after her 20th birthday.
    RIP Jessica D. 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    Ps… One day very soon, I will hunt down and “vaccinate” the ENTIRE Board of Directors of MERCK Pharma.

    E-7 Ret.

    • Berenice Kavanagh says:

      I am so sorry that your Jessica suffered and died, while she yet tenderly bloomed, seventeen.
      My sincere condolences.
      Appreciation for the courage beating in your heart.

  5. R. A. Davis says:

    Frantic signs in my drug store: “get vaccinated now. Free with most health plans.”

    There’s something called “The Great Dying” and it’s a plan of the Deep State/NWO swamp dwellers to reduce global population to around 5 million–the better to control them and give them the menial work so the Elite don’t dirty their hands. I’m thinking this is no conspiracy myth.

    • Gunnyhiway says:

      GARDASIL gave my daughter CERVICAL CANCER at 17.
      She died on Christmas Eve 2013, just 8 days after her 20th birthday.
      RIP Jessica D. 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

      Ps… One day very soon, I will hunt down and “vaccinate” the ENTIRE Board of Directors of MERCK Pharma.

      E-7 Ret.

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