Shock Videos Emerge From Fascist Crackdown In Spain Against Peaceful Voters On Catalan Referendum

Straight up fascism. Whose quiet? Who’s not?

Who followed it since the beginning and Tweeted until we opened our eyes.

Julian Assange.

Thank you Mr. Assange, for keeping us aware of  the real wars on freedom, not the fake ones.



  1. David Crowe says:

    I’m not sure whether independence for Catalonia is the right choice, but the violence of the right-wing government in Spain is completely unjustified. It is not quite the violence of Franco, as so far I don’t that anyone has died, but violence tends to get out of control and then Spain will be back in the Franco era.

    As far as I know the referendum was non-binding and the central government should have seen Catalonia in court. All they have done is accomplish the reverse of what they wanted, they have breathed energy into the independence movement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government falls, which would be a good thing.

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