PEDOGATE: Enquirer Probe Unearths Detailed Evidence Of Charlie Sheen and Pedophilia: Reports That He Sodomized Corey Haim At 13; LAPD Opens Investigation Into Hollywood Pedophilia Decades After Initial Reports

LAPD Investigating Corey Feldman’s Claim Of Hollywood Pedophile Ring


  1. Berenice Kavanagh says:

    Five Days Old ~ Francis Webb ~ 1925-1973 ~
    {for Christopher John}

    Christmas is in the air.
    You are given into my hands
    Out of quietest, loneliest lands.
    My trembling is all my prayer.
    To blown straw was given
    All the fullness of Heaven.

    The tiny, not the immense,
    Will teach our groping eyes.
    So the absorbed skies
    Bleed stars of innocence.
    So cloud-voice in war and trouble
    Is at last Christ in the stable.

    Now wonderingly engrossed
    In your fearless delicacies,
    I am launched upon sacred seas,
    Humbly and utterly lost
    In the mystery of creation,
    Bells, bells of ocean.

    Too pure for my tongue to praise,
    That sober, exquisite yawn
    Or the gradual, generous dawn
    At an eyelid, maker of days:
    To shrive my thought for perfection
    I must breathe old tempests of action
    For the snowflake and face of love.
    Windfall and word of truth.
    Honour close to death.

    O eternal truthfulness, Dove,
    Tell me what I hold––
    Myrrh? Frankincense? Gold?
    If this is man, then the danger
    And fear are as lights of the inn,
    Faint and remote as sin
    Out here by the manger.
    In the sleeping, weeping weather
    We shall all kneel down together.

  2. Scott Gordon says:

    Unbelievable the recklessness, arrogance and brutality of this Charlie Sheen.

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