How To Heal Your Body: Edgar Cayce’s Everlasting Insights For Us All

I listened to this yesterday and I highly recommend it. (Not sure why we use that phrase, “highly recommend it…”)  I trust Edgar Cayce. And I generally trust those who spread the word of his works. They are straightforward and not trying to dominate and hypnotize us. Edgar Cayce is often referred to as the “father of alternative medicine.” God bless him. Had he lived today, the demons of “rational medicine” which could also be called “militant atheist medicine,” or even Luciferian medicine, would have hounded him to death. But he made it. And his wisdom lives on and is available to us all.

Please let me (us) know how, if you watched this, it resonated with you.


  1. Larry Trivieri Jr says:

    Definitely resonates with me. Thanks, Celia!

  2. Berenice Kavanagh says:

    resonates very well, with me..

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