You Go To Burning Man; I’ll Stay Home

Everything in  my being and soul rejects this supposedly “liberating” event, which I’ve been told for years I “must” attend.

It has always repelled and frightened me. In addition, like all things Luciferian, it strikes me as dull, tedious, and pointless.

What narcissism. What a load of bollocks. 

7 thoughts on “You Go To Burning Man; I’ll Stay Home

  1. This video is nearly identical to the ones the church used to torture, warp and twist my youth with warning of end-days/Armageddon/Come the Rapture based on 1970s media, punk rock, gay pride marches, new wave haircuts, yoga, meditation and anything else that challenged, questioned or frightened the blind-faith mentality of the church because they didn’t understand it.
    Burning Man lost its cool and appeal years ago. But there is nothing satanic or luciferian about it. Especially compared with the flesh eating and blood drinking rituals practiced by the church.

    1. Brother S, I understand, as much as I can, how much pain this caused you. We all have our experiences and then our reactions and protections against the original trauma (plural.) I don’t ever want to invalidate anybody’s experience and I think we should stop trying to change other people to more closely resemble US, the way WE have responded to trauma. If anything about Christianity is triggering for you, (and I get it) then be mindful of this website since I am Christian-identified. The people who tormented you were Luciferian sadists, lurking, as many do, in “Christian” hiding places.

      True Christianity is merciful and kind.

      I think of you with light and love all around, and every potential to release the trauma of these ghastly people who hurt you. But it takes WORK. Which trauma releasing modalities have you tried, if I may ask? It seems clear to me that you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I would counsel you to look into Bio Feedback. It is expensive but it works, apparently. Look it up on YouTube. Warmly,


      1. Celia.
        Dear Sister Celia
        I am eager to reply to your reply to my comment regarding your condemnation of artistic absurdities as being Luciferian Satanist bollocks opening entry to the spirit world in my usual style. Life, death and everything in-between however shuffles the focus of this writers eye hand coordination.
        My 84 year old neighbor who I have lived next to for eighteen years died Sunday night. Visited her Saturday evening in her living room converted to a hospital room with adjustable bed, oxygen tanks and morphine drip hearing memories of her fondness for Anne, the former owner of my home and star of Come The Rapture, her tellings of the bright and glorious past of this city now ghettoized by despair, her remembrances. She laughed, swaying dancingly side to side with glee at the bouquet of ballon flowers i brought.
        Buried her yesterday with a fresh bouquet of ballon flowers that gave joy on her final day.
        I am still trying to shepherd the words to tell of my love affair with the 105 year old who died two years ago. If anyone could have made me believe in god…
        Doing Christ’s work.
        Being the god that isn’t.
        Anyway…until you know me a little better it would be appreciated if you grant me the respect i do you and refrain from making presumptions of whatever trauma you consider me to be post.
        You don’t know my trauma.
        Tried to share revelations of my death trapped in the twisted metal of a 3am january car wreck struggling to keep from drowning in the cold mountain stream where my overturned vehicle finally came to rest after hurtling through the air launched by bent bridge railing serving as a ramp for my high speed vehicle fleeing violent unspeakable assault. That is my trauma. You were too caught up in pre-election pro tRump adoration and pizza-gate conspiracy theorizing to be interested.
        You don’t know my trauma.
        As my Come the Rapture shows, I have healed from the abuse of blind religious beLIEf and only hoped to spare you.
        Perhaps if you had ever followed though on that phone call you promised you would know who I am. Or at least that I am not who you think.
        Or vice-versa.

        1. My neighbor made and gave me some homemade chocolates about a week ago. Some of them are still in my fridge.

          1. Buried her Thursday. It has been a blur. Dud you hear about the 1500 missing children separated from their immigrant parents and sold into sex rings of human slavery due to tRump administration policies? What modalities would you recommend them post trauma?

      2. “I think of you with light and love all around, and every potential to release the trauma of these ghastly people who hurt you.”

        I keep coming back here just read these words that you wrote me.

      3. Is the narrator of the video an example of this merciful and kind Christianity?
        Odd then that he seems so familiar.

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