Television Captures American Insanity And Squalor Is The New Story

Spend two hours watching US television and there can be no question the country is fast becoming a very large mental hospital without walls or staff. Tonight: I sat down with my small bowl of nuts, decided to relax and watch some TV. First I watched “Hoarders: Buried Alive.” That’s always an uplifting show. Tonight’s […]

Missing Lynn

I thought surely this is Lynn Margulis from the other side trying to either, a) have some fun, or b) teach somebody at this nuclear plant something about some glowing jelly creature they really ought to know.

Is There Evidence That Jesus Existed (and does it matter?)

Today I received this email (below, if you read this from bottom up) from “The Nature of Reality.” I don’t really know who they are, but I did sign up for their emails. Here’s the nutgraph: [full text below:] “In addition to the problem of the striking similarities between the Jesus story and the much […]

My Father’s New Book, Out June 7

Donald Trump Condemns “Link” Between Obesity and Autism; Blames “Monster Vaccines”

If you’re as rich as Donald Trump you can say anything you want. You can even state the totally obvious, as one commenter put it, as obvious as the fact that the sun goes up. God bless Donald Trump for saying this. Please support the documentary film about vaccines and “autism” “The Greater Good,” by […]

Favorite Quote Today So Far

“Perceiving your innocence is my own salvation. It’s not that you didn’t make a mistake — it’s that your mistake isn’t who you are.” Author Unknown. (Via my friend Lisa Zapata, on Facebook.)