Best Blog On The Internet

My sister Bibi and her rabbit Sandra have a blog that is so good people go crazy with delight when they read it. It is simply the best thing ever. I love every post, every word, and especially loved today’s post about Sandra’s Secret Superpower.

Decades of Institutional Swedish Anti-Racism Undone by Art Cake Experiment

This image is exloding across the Internet, and has quite understandably caused an international as well as national uproar, in Sweden, making the world wonder if Sweden has been out of its mind all along, despite its carefully cultivated image. The piece accompanying the photo, by Johan Palme, is direct, informative, and revealing. I have […]

Do Only What You Really Want To Do

So, this week was “dark,” and alot of pain came up. What happens next is that you seek the answer behind it, because you know the pain is not the answer. Not the truth. I choose not to cover up, repress, or prettify my emotions, because I would rather connect with those who might feel […]

Western Famine

There is one movie that forever changed my soul–took a piece of it away–which I did not think a “movie” could do. I was about 12 years old, and the movie was The Exorcist. Now there is an photograph that has done the same. On Facebook all I could ‘say’ was: “Oh my God. I […]

Now It Can Be Told: An Accidental AZT Confession In Nairobi

For Liam Scheff In late spring of 2008, I was invited to speak at a conference in Nairobi, Kenya. The situation was unusual in many respects. It all began in 2006, when Harper’s forwarded to me a hand-written letter that had arrived from a woman named Mary Ann Burris, living and working in Kenya, who […]

Kimberly Bergalis: One of The AIDS Media and PR Machine’s Many Victims

Via a very industrious colleague on Facebook, who is compiling known cases of people who died from ARV drugs and or what we once called “nukes,” (first generation AIDS drugs; AZT, DDi, D4t etc) comes this stirring video about Kimberly Bergalis, who was on all three, I believe, and died as one would, from three […]