Before The End Of Feelings


A Moment



The field where my brother died–

I’ve walked there since.

Weeds and grasses, some chicory

stalks; no trace of the scene

I can still see: a father

and his sons bent above a deer they’d shot,

then screams and shouts.


Always I arrive too late

to take the rifle

from the boy I was,

too late to warn him

of what he can’t imagine:

how quickly people vanish;

how one moment you’re standing

shoulder to shoulder,

the next you’re alone in a field.

–Gregory Orr


You Go To Burning Man; I’ll Stay Home

Everything in  my being and soul rejects this supposedly “liberating” event, which I’ve been told for years I “must” attend.

It has always repelled and frightened me. In addition, like all things Luciferian, it strikes me as dull, tedious, and pointless.

What narcissism. What a load of bollocks. 

The 7 Word Kanye West Tweet That Is Bringing About A Berlin Wall Moment In The US Around Freedom Of Thought

If Candace Owen is not “evil,” or “right wing,” then what hope is there for the coherence of the media’s hate symphony? Will Kanye now be retro-fitted as evil or right wing? Will “crazy” work? Probably not. Seems like Game Over, to me. Bear in mind, for propaganda to succeed, there must be NO interruptions of message. No hiccups. No deviations. Kanye is  doing what a real artist does, which is disrupt established patterns of conformist, consensus “reality.” Nobody should be surprised. There were indications long ago, that he was not hammered into place, had not surrendered his voice. Was in control of his own mind, though it was clearly an epic battle.

His Twitter feed is suddenly America’s Berlin Wall. And we are all heading over, or are there already. Birds too, are flocking there. And some people thought to bring champagne. What is being celebrated?

The survival of independent thought.