What They Said: Adam Kolaczek

“Thanks for the great article. 1939 -1945 we fight with nazism , since 1945 to 1989 -we fight with comunism Now we fight for future of Poland with crazy and extremly dangerous people, who decided to destroy the youngest Poles by more and more and more mandatory vaccinations.”   Adam Kolaczek from Poland, in response […]



Thanks to Sheila Lewis Ealey for alerting me to this.     To write about opposition to communism in the 1980s, one must begin with Poland. The Poles were the only ones ever to stage repeated challenges to communist rule, with major uprisings in 1956, 1968, 1970, 1976 and 1980. Solidarity, the last of these, […]

Swedish Parliament Strikes Down Mandatory Vaccination: National Health Federation Cites Constitutional Protection From Pre-Meditated Murder


  The Vaccine Reich is hoping nobody notices what just happened in Sweden: The Parliament considered, and struck down, mandatory vaccination laws presented by politician named Sofia Arkelsten, of Sweden’s right of center party Moderaterna, (M.) Other motions, including for additional vaccines added to the schedule and HPV vaccines for boys, were also rejected. Age […]

The Vaccinated Girls

Via palbergstrom.com. Note: Denmark is an outpost of first amendment freedom, and known for strong laws guaranteeing freedom of the press.    

Is Vitamin D Deprivation Part Of The Great Attack?

American Ugly, Cont.

Submitted as comment by R.A. Davis, to “American Ugly.” Let me say something here: Those who read The Truth Barrier and comment, are themselves! They are not me. I enjoy seeing “different opinions” by which I really mean perspectives that can cause mine–or yours– to evolve, stretch, grow, or even faint in the road. I […]