Poetry: Sandra Cisneros (via Junot Diaz)

One Last Poem For Richard December 24th and we’re through again. This time for good I know because I didn’t throw you out — and anyway we waved. No shoes. No angry doors. We folded clothes and went our separate ways. You left behind that flannel shirt of yours I liked but remembered to take […]

What They Said: Junot Diaz

“The biggest megaphones want to talk about the person on top. They want to talk about the hero, the winner. But the little megaphones, you’re in a library with your librarian, you’re working at the church in the basement, helping folks out, you’re coming in to a home and reading to elderly. There are all […]



In church, today, an elderly couple sat two pews in front of me, a bit apart. They both had short, grey hair. He reached over and stroked the nape of her neck, tenderly. I quickly decided this was happening because they were Christian, so not overcome with the hatred that has consumed men and women. […]

Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves

I turned to Lester Bangs today to ponder Lou Reed, the totally encrypted enigma of rock who just died, as you probably know. I tried to find the text of Bangs’ legendary interview with Lou Reed from Creem, Let us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves, , and I found it as a PDF, but WordPress […]

Aftermath [For Mary]

Why didn’t I think of it before? The feeling that permeates everything, of opposition, of denser, stranger gravity, the way things fall down, fall apart, explode, implode, that didn’t before. Dreams, love, plans, bonds. You know what I mean don’t you. Or do you? That quality that creeps into everything sacred. You can’t protect anything […]

Dust Ball


It was around 5 am when I realized that everything one can no longer put into words is the aftermath of 9/11. The way we all are with one another is consistent with trauma victims. We all began to behave in ways that made no sense to us, being particles in shock waves, not entirely […]