I have a new mantra. I say the word “yes,” over and over, out loud, or to myself. Every time I say it I feel I am setting sail on a small sailboat. I draw my finger in the water. The water is warm and glittering in the sun. The past can sort itself out, […]

Bounce (A Truer Story)


by Liam Scheff                     I’m almost human today, having reverted from whatever maudlin and darkly creative state the world usually extrudes me, into a more wide-open pose. Perhaps it was my intersection with a woman accelerating blindly into the intersection yesterday. I’ll restrain myself from a […]

My Dad


By Paul Murray                     I had vivid recollections of my dad just now. How he smelt: that fusion of cologne, cigarettes and – well just his own unique and comforting    smell. How he looked at me when I’d said something sensible or surprising – like he […]

Epigram: Poem by Tomas Tranströmer

Epigram   The buildings of capital, the hives of the killer bees, honey for the few. He served there. But in the dark tunnel he unfolded his wings and flew when no one was looking. He had to live his life again.       –Tomas Tranströmer, For The Living And Dead, 1989

Quite Simply The Greatest Cat Video Ever Made

My son Jeremy showed me this  sublime video last night. There are thousands of “funny” or even “hiilarious” animal videos on the Internet but few deserve to be called sublime. It could prevent suicides, if it were shown on emergency screens affixed to bridges. It could save marriages. It could replace 10 years of therapy. […]

Merry Christmas


                      So much is broken, has broken, over the years, but we still try and try and try, repair and restore, begin anew, on Christmas. It’s a good day to reach out to someone you love,to break a silence. We need more goodwill, more time, […]