That Was All That Happened


Judging from her feet, she was no princess. Size 9, with toes that were long, one shaped like a tennis racket, bunions, bones adrift. They hurt, in all shoes except sneakers. She walked fast and hard, up and down the streets of Manhattan. She could clip 20 blocks in 15 minutes, easily. Thinking, thinking, thinking. […]

Great Stuff: InnerTalk

I often come across things I want everybody in my “family” to know about: Starting this new column, today, with something I kept hearing about on, called “InnerTalk.” I’ve long been interested in accessing and CHANGING my sub conscious mind closets, but never got around to it. Yesterday, I heard a riveting hour on […]

A Beautiful, Forbidden Film: The First Baptism

Does art make you open, sad, awestruck, filled with love, close to tears? Maybe; Sometimes. Does all the art in the world come close to this? I wonder, silently, what it is that makes it hurt, (to watch this) like it used to hurt when you knew your mother was leaving on the first day […]

The Whale Is Behind You


The voice in my head said: “So. Would it be possible to document a family?” [Equally soundlessly I replied:] “This family?” The voice nodded. “The only way to do it honestly would be to melt the spoon. Jump in after them. Tell the whole truth. Otherwise you’d get too much power and that would be […]

First Aid Kit Sings ‘America’ For Paul Simon


The Glass Frog