From TAC Propaganda Pamphlet: Learning To Love “Voluntary” Circumcision [Part 1]

The TAC is the strangest, most barbaric unified body of “activism” since the KKK. It has to be seen to be believed. Like this Voluntary Circumcision Information Pamphlet, that says even if you were circumcised as a baby, there’s still more foreskin you can remove, with their great program. It’s free! Outtakes: How is medical […]

Emily’s Words

Taken Outside Emily Dickinson's House in Amherst

The Whale That Swallowed The Research, And Had The Link For Desert


“Look behind you. The whale is there.” Ralph de Toledano, Seeds of Treason A few days ago I received from an astute reader of this site whose identity I keep concealed, for now, an email with the following title: “Blamed For Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Collapse Research Firm.” In the email, was the […]

Television Captures American Insanity And Squalor Is The New Story

Spend two hours watching US television and there can be no question the country is fast becoming a very large mental hospital without walls or staff. Tonight: I sat down with my small bowl of nuts, decided to relax and watch some TV. First I watched “Hoarders: Buried Alive.” That’s always an uplifting show. Tonight’s […]

Missing Lynn

Lynn Margulis with "jellyball," Puffers Pond, Amherst, June 2011

I thought surely this is Lynn Margulis from the other side trying to either, a) have some fun, or b) teach somebody at this nuclear plant something about some glowing jelly creature they really ought to know.

Is There Evidence That Jesus Existed (and does it matter?)

Today I received this email (below, if you read this from bottom up) from “The Nature of Reality.” I don’t really know who they are, but I did sign up for their emails. Here’s the nutgraph: [full text below:] “In addition to the problem of the striking similarities between the Jesus story and the much […]