Sisters On Crosstown Bus, NYC

Yevtushenko’s Moral Genius

Why is it a brilliant poem? [In Memory Of The Poet Xenia Nekrasova] Well, first of all, what would be the purpose of “poetry,” in this age, old or new. The same as it would be in any age—to make us feel. It is rarely lamented that poetry is eliminated in Western society, as we […]

A Yevtushenko Favorite

IN MEMORY OF THE POET XENIA NEKRASOVA I’ll never forget about Ksiusha, Ksiusha, who looked so like a ninny, with her squinting eyes, her pockmarks. And how was she to blame? Her blame lay in her pockmarks, her squinting eyes, and the unsightly dresses she wore… What did she really want of us? A kindly […]

Cat Pause

Jack, today

Jack is lying on the ottoman we call “Puzzle Island,” named after our dearly departed Puzzle, who was so almighty and strong, and suddenly withered to a skeleton with a vague and devastating diagnosis. Liver failure. They gave him a week to live, and I spent the week fighting wildly to replenish his liver, with […]

Old South African AZT Documentary Surfaces Via Venezuela

From a new HIV dissident group in Venezuela, this documentary by South African journalist Vivienne Vermaak is re-posted on FB. I had never seen it before. I remember lovely, blue-eyed Vivienne well; She jump-gagged me from asking an AZT question at the first press conference in Pretoria, in 2000, whispering bitingly in my ear as […]

From TAC Propaganda Pamphlet: Learning To Love “Voluntary” Circumcision [Part 1]

The TAC is the strangest, most barbaric unified body of “activism” since the KKK. It has to be seen to be believed. Like this Voluntary Circumcision Information Pamphlet, that says even if you were circumcised as a baby, there’s still more foreskin you can remove, with their great program. It’s free! Outtakes: How is medical […]