Make No Allowances For A Cold Disposition



Ill will is ill will.

We should oppose ill will.

Not targeted persons, but rather–the spiritual impulse that produces the ill will.

The media is the source of the “emotional plague” that sets humans into psychosis and division.

This is the invasion of Ahriman that R. Steiner predicted accurately: That his (Ahriman’s) nature would invade and take hold, around the year 1998, through electromagnetism.

Steiner called his nature “perfectly cold.”

I am terrified of cold people. Not wrong people–cold people.

Who Exactly Are The Individuals Protecting The Rich Family, I Mean Protecting…Oh Dear This Gets Confusing…

(For John Powell. How could you not understand, from this previous post, that the “them” being driven “straight up the wall,” were the DNC and its media? How weird.)

To the comment that suggests Seth Rich never existed and is part of a new Psyop–all theories are valid, but that one needs some evidence on its scaffolding before it can, never mind must be considered seriously.

Meanwhile, Twitter has banned some accounts for posting on the story.