The Truth About Popular Culture

Is anybody else, as I am, thinking: This can’t be happening?

How does Paul Joseph Watson stay in one piece? This is now new, but was brought to my attention for a second time and I watched it all the way through. There are no longer any words, really, that so justice to the Satanic storm we are in. What’s the answer? Is there one?

Say The Lord’s Prayer? Ignore? What?

What They Said: Derek Prince

“Let me give you another example of how rejection can occur at a very young age and of the spiritual impact it can have on a child. Many years ago I was conducting services at a church in Miami. While visiting one of the parishioners at home a few
nights earlier, I had done something I rarely do. I said to her, “Sister, if I’m correct, you have the spirit of death in you.”
She had every reason to be happy, but she never was. She had a good husband and children, yet she hardly ever smiled or looked happy. She was like a person in continual mourning. Although I very rarely make that kind of statement to anybody,
I felt I had to say something to her that night.
I said, “I’m preaching on Friday night in Miami. If you come, I’ll pray for you.”
At the beginning of the meeting I noticed her sitting on the front row. Once again, I did something I do not usually do. At a certain point in the service, I walked over to her and said, “You spirit of death, in the name of Jesus, I command you to answer me now. When did you enter this woman?”
And the spirit, not the woman, answered very clearly, “When she was two years old.”
I said, “How did you get in?”
Again it was the spirit that answered, “Oh, she felt rejected; she felt unwanted; she felt lonely.”
Later that evening, the woman was delivered from the spirit of death, but for several days that incident kept coming back to my mind. It gave me a new understanding of the effect that rejection can have on a person’s life. It is not merely evil in itself, but it also opens the door for various other negative, destructive forces to move in and gradually take over a person’s life. Rejection truly is a root from which much that is harmful can grow.”


From: God’s Remedy for Rejection,

Derek Prince

Mass Media Fits Description Of Delusional Narcissists

aliens1Many of us feel that the mass media in the present day manifestation is not unlike a psychopathic narcissist that sees all of us as extensions of its enraged vision, with which me must comply, or be destroyed. When you encounter this is a person, you can leave.

How do we protect ourselves from the destruction this malignant “being” intends for us all? I say: Expression and more expression, is the only answer. Keep expressing what YOU think. What YOU think is found in your own thought and voices, and every time I encounter them here, I know we are succeeding, just in being our own collection of sea-glass on a beach.

[As for so called trolls– I make exceptions to comments that feel malignant and abusive. Those don’t count as freedom to express.]




Are narcissists delusional and mentally unstable?

Lisa Rochwarg
Answered May 20
“I would say that a person whose rage is barely under control, whose original personality has been obliterated, who regards the slightest autonomy in others as a dire threat to his control, who treats his intimates like dogs, who literally gets high off another’s pain, who becomes depressed and down by the happiness of another, who makes a point of betrayal, who entraps and isolates, who falsely accuses, who plays for a sympathy that he knows really belongs to another, who wants leadership but cannot responsibly handle it, and who manipulates every one around him to gang up on his victim is indeed unstable and much, much more.

As for delusional—narcissists only thrive when surrounded by an entourage of flying monkeys, sycophants, dupes and suck-up wannabes. They’re the buffer between him and reality—the narcissist’s bubble—to keep reality at bay and the flimsy ego intact.

Narcissists are utterly impossible, and sometimes, they’re much worse. Ira Einhorn is one famous example of “much worse.”