Lewis And The Mouse

Åke’s note to me this morning, translated:   “Lewis saw a mouse hide in the compost bin. He sat and watched for almost four hours (what patience.) Then I went out and carried him inside.”   Oh Lewis, I’m so sorry you waited in the snow four hours and the mouse still eluded you. I know […]

Pray Away The Ugly

“Father forgive them for they know not–” Luke 23:24 (my edit)   My mother used to say, “Pray.” I didn’t know what she meant. We were not a religious family, though we had the following progression: She was born, like most Swedes, Lutheran, her mother converted her to Catholicism at age 8, then she converted […]

Half Time

      “There is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” Hunter S. Thompson   What a beauty that quote is. I went through a phase around 2004, of being almost incapacitated by my sudden awareness of the genius of Hunter S. Thompson, who an ex […]

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

                    I’d just gone in to look for my notepad.  “You can come in,” Rita said, “but this is not a happy time.” One of the sparrows was being lifted from his small cage. “His feet are dead,” Rita said, her sky blue eyes the color […]

Quite Simply The Greatest Cat Video Ever Made

My son Jeremy showed me this  sublime video last night. There are thousands of “funny” or even “hiilarious” animal videos on the Internet but few deserve to be called sublime. It could prevent suicides, if it were shown on emergency screens affixed to bridges. It could save marriages. It could replace 10 years of therapy. […]

Baby Elephant Rescue

When she gallops off to be reunited with her mother at the end of the video, it’s heart breaking.