The Simple Way To Stay Alive: Shatter Your Conditioning And Set Yourself Free

More from the remarkable Dr. Jennifer Daniels (and if you listen at the 30 minute mark, you’ll hear some familiar corrections about HIV, AIDS. the nature of “retrivirusus,” AZT and more.

Reuters: U.S. Unemployment Drops To 45 year Low

Breaking Through Fantasies And Myths About Candida, “Inflammation,” and Cancer: And How Slaves Cured Their Dying Masters With Gum Spirits

“Ok so this is another, I believe, fantasy. Whenever medicine talks about inflammation you can just substitute the word ‘inflammation’ for parasites.” –Dr. Jennifer Daniels This is one of the most eye-opening interviews I have ever heard. Before I posted this, I watched many YouTube testimonials from people who have used turpentine in either sugar […]

Lyme Disease: What Really Works?

Signs Point To Q Anon Being Real: Deep State Financial Crimes Tied to 9/11 Means Charges of Treason For The Guilty

“The spirit of liberty is the spirit that is not to sure it is right.” –Justice Learned Hand I trust this narrator. I find new Q narrators now and then, replacing older ones, who perhaps get a little too famous. I go on voices, and just the way a person makes me feel. Frequency. This […]

Trump Derangement Syndrome (Unchecked Chronic Indignant Narcissistic Fury Never Tempered By Humor Or Self-Awareness) Wrecks Wall St. Man’s Life In One Tweet (Wishing A Woman A “MeToo Moment”)

“Because it really is a mental condition, he couldn’t just apologize.” –Mike Cernovich Note: Mike Cernovich correctly assigns Trump Derangement as a “mental condition.” If it is, it is a form of “traumatizing narcissism,” a phrase described in this book: The Truth Barrier‘s position (i.e. my position) on “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is that it […]