A Beautiful Sight In Barcelona

Amazing https://t.co/nPNMirHCSn — Julian Assange 🔹 (@JulianAssange) November 11, 2017

Sexual Liberation & Political Control: Libido Dominandi

New Q

New "Q" Video Update: #FollowTheWhiteRabbit https://t.co/GI8ZnEkiNp — Tracybeanz (@tracybeanz) November 10, 2017

Cooler Minds Prevail: The Trump Kool-Aid That Doesn’t Work On Everybody

Best part of awesome summary essay. pic.twitter.com/HoNMAgDutm — The satirist formerly known as . . . Badger Pundit (@BadgerPundit) November 10, 2017

DC Metropolitan Police Dept. Sudden Reversal: “…No Investigation Involving Comet Ping Pong” (And No Explanation)

https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/929018593592922112 Citizen journalists persist. [link above, to exchange between Titis Frost and DC Metropolitan Police] Also, here below is a link to the images that started the quest for truth. Who do you think the babies and children belong to? What feeling do you get when you look at those images and read the hashtags […]

Emails Purporting To Show “Pizzagate” Investigation Launched By DC Police Based on A Video

COMET PING PONG UNDER INVESTIGATION thank you @trebillion @ImperatorTruth @Cunningham623 @defango AND EVERYONE else who won't stop exposing the darkness! pic.twitter.com/85ekRl7w0u — Mellisa Zaccaria ‍⚖️ (@TheHoneybee_) November 9, 2017