Interview With Hacker Who Brought Evidence Of Child Porn To DC Police: Explains What “Fake News” Shooter Incident Was Really All About

Targeted Individuals, A Whistleblower Reveals All: The Struggle To Remain Human Is The Only Struggle, And It Must Be Won

“The program is going to be rolled out nationwide, and it will become the norm. Every man, woman and child in America will be under the influence of this technology…Hive mind, voice install, emotion manipulation, behavior modification. This is horrible stuff that’s being done to people. It’s specifically to make sure that people will pull […]

PEDOGATE: Enquirer Probe Unearths Detailed Evidence Of Charlie Sheen and Pedophilia: Reports That He Sodomized Corey Haim At 13; LAPD Opens Investigation Into Hollywood Pedophilia Decades After Initial Reports LAPD Investigating Corey Feldman’s Claim Of Hollywood Pedophile Ring AN OPEN LETTER 2 MY FRIENDS IN HOLLYWOOD & BEYOND… Read: — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) November 8, 2017

Activating Our Dormant Minds By Way Of Questions: New Q, New Tracy Beanz

NEW VIDEO by Tracy Beanz, interpreting “Q.” As my only commentary, I will say that your pilot over here is on the map, (as opposed to not) I know true north–many of the salient points light up in my mind as “yes, right. Yes right. Exactly.” Sometimes: “I’ve been saying that and people said I […]

Snail Week At The Truth Barrier: A Poem

Snails = teachers of ballet, and silent buddhas of professorial, contented devotion to self-exile from life’s jungles of adversarial competition. Snails = celebrity worthy of celebrity. stardom worthy of stardom. prestige worthy of prestige. Queens and kings of peace… beings in a world not worthy of them.   –John Powell

A Book By Its Cover: “Hacks” By Donna Brazile

It’s called Hacks. How dare anybody guilt trip anybody for not voting for Hillary Clinton? Donna Brazile was there.  Be the first to read "Hacks." You can "preorder now": — Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) July 12, 2017