Letter From Sweden This Morning: Was This The First Terrorist Event?

  “Yes, the gang rapes are terrorist acts and they let them happen for years. The street attacks are completely predictable, it is like putting lives on a sadistic lottery. The government doesn’t act preventatively nor act at all. But who will ever hold them responsible for such a hideous form of treason exposing people’s […]

Games Without Frontiers: Perspectives on World War lll, By John Powell

[Note: I will be publishing select comments and submissions from Truth Barrier friends, not as reflections of myself but as reflections of you all, along with other voices on the Internet etc. This first one, by John Powell, was submitted as a comment. CF] Exactly as I predicted, in an analysis posted on Facebook a […]

RT–Strike On Syria: Did Trump Drink Kool-Aid? Does It Makes Sense?

I Don’t Trust Trump, But I Know Who My Friends Were Not [A Facebook Post, To Be Elaborated On]

I don’t trust Donald Trump one iota, but instead of being engineered to “hate” him from the outset, I took my time. During this suspended space, many people I wrongly thought were friends went nuts, became abusive, caustic, morally superior and even abandoned me altogether. I am NOW opposed to Donald Trump, due the Syria […]

Farage Decries EU “Mafia” Tactics, Is Booed, Changes Word To “Gangsters.”

Who Is “He?”

Misery has gotten into everything, like a dust bowl. My neighbor Jim gets into the elevator and says, with a stricken face: “Did you hear what he tweeted this morning?” I said I didn’t. [Except I did.] I smile a little, trying to deflect. I should have asked who he was talking about. I don’t […]