“This Is The Way It Is Now.” (Raw Audio From Germany, As Girls Are Made Impossible– Canceled)

SICKENING!!! Terrified German parents ask Mayor what they should do in the wake of Muslim "Refugee" Sex Attacks & Rapes upon School Girls.. pic.twitter.com/HZ5f7kRKa1 — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) July 10, 2017

Bonfire Of The Vanities 2017 [When Satire Is Almost Identical To Earnestness]

She is hilarious. Great satire sketch. pic.twitter.com/YKUtSsJPc0 — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 10, 2017

Eye Witness Accounts And Footage From Hamburg G20: “Hellhole Beyond Imagination.”

Gary Ogden and others–I share your confusion and shock. Who and what is “Antifa?” Who and what is backing them, and to what end? Please let’s NOT ARGUE right now and instead put our heads together about what is going on, as it is obviously very dire. Very. And by the way, the word “Kristallnacht” […]

A Father And Son Story, by R.A. Davis

“You want to be a writer? Here.” He found a pen and an unlined memo tablet. Wrote: LIFE DEATH. “Now, write me a third word as big as the first two!” And walked away. I instantly knew the third word but was afraid to write it. The word came by intuition, and Dad was a […]

What Is A Metaphor?

(For Caroline)   An event so impactful that most people in a given time knows its name and roughly what happened is a “historical event.” These events spawn avatars, even centuries later, turning up in people’s sayings, writings and creative works. The Swedish pop group ABBA for example, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 […]

Kristallnacht Of Media Wars: Independent Journalists Stalked, Beaten, Lives Threatened By Antifa Thugs At G20 In Hamburg

German police to journalists: “You’re on your own.”