Tracy Beanz: A Thoughtful, Careful Analyst Of 9/11, Trump, Saudi Arabia And The Real Story

NEW VIDEO- — Tracybeanz (@tracybeanz) November 5, 2017

Trump, 28 Pages, Saudi Arabia, Connecting Dots With Tracy Beanz, Who Has Studied 9/11 since 2001


TIME Magazine Religious Innovator Of The 21st Century Accused Of Numerous Sexual Assaults, Including Minors: Denies Charges   French officials knew of elite rape jihadi Tariq Ramadan’s ‘violent’ sexual attacks but failed to act Switzerland: Tariq Ramadan now suspected of pedophilia: 4 former students speak @UniofOxford ♥ @TariqRamadan

The Rise Of Christianophobia–The Last “Acceptable” Form Of Hate I remember when I “got it.” It was a scene in that movie about Harvey Milk, starring Sean Penn: “Milk.” A straight Christian politician, and colleague of Milk comes into his campaign office and all the gay staff fall dead silent. He is nervous. He has come to invite Milk to his wedding. Milk–who […]

Watching Ourselves, Loving Being Small In A Big World Of Monsters Who Can’t See Us

I have mixed feelings about my addiction to the illusion that I can make heads, tails, or demon horns out of the endlessly traumatizing news cycle. I try, and I am heartened by the feedback that many of you feel kind of safe and comfortable here, even if we are not equipped to BREAK BIG […]

Strange Events At The Truth Barrier

I was composing a post about “Your News Wire” having posted an article claiming it knew about the contents of the sealed indictments that are being posted on Twitter. I suddenly (as I was composing it) got an email saying I had published it. I was not aware of having published it–this usually requires a […]