Dorion Sagan on Lynn Margulis: An Evolutionary Eulogy

This morning I received this link from Dorion Sagan, and though I generally avoid publishing non-original material, this is, to my mind and ear, such an exceptional piece of writing and thinking that I wanted to share it. I wonder if any grieving grandchildren anywhere on earth have ever received such exquisite comfort as Dorion […]

The Sleeping Mouse

Ake Larsson, Runmaro, July 2012

Åke and I were sitting in the two canvas chairs outside the Larsson house, and it was time to unpack a big box of Swedish history I was beginning to possibly misinterpret. I’d just returned to Runmarö after being away for a couple of weeks. All the guests (over 40) who’d descended on the island […]

Postcards From The North

Evening Walk in Rinkesta

I’m back in New York after five weeks in Scandinavia, mostly Sweden. Like the whale whose body sleeps in sections at a time, parts of me are enlightened but not all of me. Tonight I am feeling particularly luminous, after partaking in a live radio show that offered re-pattering of negative beliefs about Self, on […]

Australia’s Healthiest Kids: None Vaccinated

Here is an inspiring article about the supreme health of a group of Australian orphans who were well fed and not vaccinated or otherwise poisoned. (Thanks to the lovely Anna Rodgers for the piece.)

More US Soldiers Killed By Pharma Than By Enemy Combatants

Losing more troops to suicide than combat, and US media says not a story. This, as the first commenter rightly points out, is due to the troops being plied with drugs, most dangerously SSRI’s, well known to trigger suicides. See–a pure data website which collects thousands of reported cases of suicides, homicides, arson, shootings, […]


Here’s the story–text as well as podcast of today’s episode of my show “Radio Free Science.” A life was saved, a new era begins. One down, many more to go. Thank you Clark Baker and the entire OMSJ team.