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[Editor’s Note: I am a contributor to The Indicter,¬†wrote this article for the periodical, know, and trust–utterly– Professor Marcello de Noli who I met while living in Sweden recently. Such trust is intuitive, and rare. I will tell you more about this very interesting man, and this group,¬†Swedish Doctors For Human Rights, in future posts. CF]


Thanks to Sharon Warner for alerting me to the Veterans Today article.

Games Without Frontiers: Perspectives on World War lll, By John Powell

[Note: I will be publishing select comments and submissions from Truth Barrier friends, not as reflections of myself but as reflections of you all, along with other voices on the Internet etc. This first one, by John Powell, was submitted as a comment. CF]


Exactly as I predicted, in an analysis posted on Facebook a few weeks ago.

It’s exactly what Putin and the Chinese leadership wanted, for initiating the consummation of their collaborative project of achieving global dominance by baiting “the West” into World War III (a war which, as all reputable military analysts concur, will be easily won by “the East”).

Russia is the only military force on the planet, which has manuveurable orbiting weapons in space, closely trailing America’s satellites which are vital for U.S. offensive targeting and for defensive detection of incoming weaponry.

Those Russian orbiting drones are ready at any moment, to fire satellite-killing shots at those space-based U.S. assets, thereby rendering American defensive targeting and mission-critical communications completely useless.

The American military itself has admitted its helplessness in the face of that vulnerability.

The convergence of “Eastern” interests and “Eastern” imperial imperatives has arrived at its apex of existential imminence. Its post-Nixon/post-Yeltsin strategy of seduction has successfully provided it with the time to prepare for the grand betrayal of the trust granted to it by those in “the West” who were seduced.

Trump is the man whom that “Eastern” convergence wanted in charge of the attempt to “deal” with its trap.

Exactly as that convergence planned, Trump has grabbed the bait.

If not now, that trap will eventually be SUCCESSFULLY sprung, because “the East” IS superior in weaponry, superior in the will to deceive, and superior in sophistication of the will to conquer human destiny’s bumbling, arrogant, vainglorious western overlords of Eden.

“What a piece of work is Man.” Bullshit. To hell with them all.

I pledge allegiance only to the children, and to the republic for which they stand.

–John Powell