I Don’t Trust Trump, But I Know Who My Friends Were Not [A Facebook Post, To Be Elaborated On]

I don’t trust Donald Trump one iota, but instead of being engineered to “hate” him from the outset, I took my time. During this suspended space, many people I wrongly thought were friends went nuts, became abusive, caustic, morally superior and even abandoned me altogether.
I am NOW opposed to Donald Trump, due the Syria threats AND his vile statement that Bill O’Reilly “did nothing wrong.”
Screw him. AND good riddance to all the people I used to think were friends in the sense they would allow me time to weigh situations and draw my own conclusions.
Thank you Donald Trump, for that, at least. You make it easy to detect fanatics in one’s life.

Anybody who was not your friend when you were undergoing some understandable political disorientation is what is known in clinical terms as a “traumatizing narcissist.” These are people who need you to be just like them.

This whole Trump thing really lit that up and made it easy to answer Pete Townshend’s question, how many friends have I really got?