A Far Left Critique of Obama: The President Who Wasn’t There

“Obama is a master of gesture politics, but he tends to flinch in nearly every pitched battle, even when the odds and the public are behind him. His political instincts drive him to seek cover in the middle ground. He is a reflexive compromiser, more Rodney “Can’t We All Just Get Along” King than Reverend King. Even when confronted by bumbling hacks like John Boehner and Eric Cantor, Obama tends to wilt.

Perhaps Obama had never before been confronted with quite this level of toxic hostility. After all, he’d lived something of a charmed life, the life of a star-child, coddled and pampered, encouraged and adulated, from Indonesia to Harvard. Obama was the physical and psychic embodiment of the new multiculturalism: lean, affable, assured, non-threatening. His vaguely liberal political ideology remained opaque at the core. Instead of an over-arching agenda, Obama delivered facile jingoisms proclaiming a post-racial and post-partisan America. Instead of radical change, Obama offered simply managerial competence. This, naturally, the Berserkers of the Right interpreted as hubris and arrogance and such hollow homilies served only to exacerbate their rage. The virulent right had profiled Obama and found him to be the perfect target for their accreted animus. And, even better, they had zeroed-in on an enemy so innately conflict-averse that even when pummeled with racist slurs he wouldn’t punch back.

Of course, Obama’s most grievous political wounds were self-inflicted, starting even before his election when he rushed back to Washington to help rescue Bush’s Wall Street bailout. This was perhaps the first real indication that the luminous campaign speeches about generational and systemic change masked the servile psyche of a man who was desperately yearning to be embraced by the nation’s political and financial elites. Instead of meeting with the victims of Wall Street predators or their advocates, like Elizabeth Warren and Ralph Nader, Obama fist-bumped with the brain trust of Goldman Sachs and schmoozed with the creme de la creme of K Street corporate lobbyists. In the end, Obama helped salvage some of the most venal and corrupt enterprises on Wall Street, agreed to shield their executives from prosecution for their financial crimes and, predictably, later got repaid with their scorn.”

Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch


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Do They Advocate Mandatory Vaccination in Sweden?


American progressives have long fetishized everything Swedish as the ideal way of the civilized world. Sweden is also probably the most safety obsessed nation in the world. Since I am half Swedish and have moved back here, I thought to look up Swedish vaccination laws. I was just curious: Do Swedes have any political movements toward eliminating parental choice and making school attendance dependent upon vaccination adherence?

Turns out: No.

Here below are two relevant passages that I pulled out and translated.

“I Sverige finns inga krav på obligatorisk vaccination, utan det är du som förälder som avgör om ditt barn ska vaccineras. Inför ditt beslut har
du säkert många frågor. Varför ska man vaccineras? Finns det risker? Är det vanligt med biverkningar? Hur går vaccineringen till? Här hittar du svaren på de vanligaste frågorna.”


“In Sweden there is no mandatory vaccination, rather, you as a parent decide if your child should be vaccinated. Facing this decision, you undoubtedly have many questions. Why get vaccinated? Are there risks? Are side effects common? How does the process of vaccination work? Here are the answers to the most common questions.”

“När ska man inte vaccinera sitt barn?

Om barnet har en infektionssjukdom med feber och påtaglig trötthet ska man inte vaccinera. En lättare förkylning är däremot inget hinder. Om ditt barn har en långvarig sjukdom eller ett starkt nedsatt immunför- svar ska du först prata med den läkare som behandlar barnet. Det gäller också om barnet tidigare har visat sig överkänsligt för något ämne som ingår i vaccinet.”

Translation: When should you not vaccinate your child?

If the child has an infection with a fever and observable fatigue you should not vaccinate. A very light cold is not a problem on the other hand. If your child has a chronic illness or a diminished immune system, you should talk to your pediatrician. The same thing applies if your child has shown to be overly sensitive to any chemical that may be in the vaccine.”

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten



Australian Film Festival Organizers “Personally and Professionally Threatened,” Pull Vaxxed For Fear Of Personal Safety

Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson, Aug 27, 2014
Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson,
Aug 27, 2014
“A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been withdrawn from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival.
The festival committee says it faced a firestorm of abuse after announcing Vaxxed would be included in the October event, and last night issued a statement because some members felt “personally and professionally threatened’’.
“This is unacceptable,’’ the statement read. “It is with the utmost regret therefore that CLIFF is compelled, for clear reasons of personal and public safety, to withdraw the screening from the CLIFF 2016 programme,” the statement said.
Vaxxed explores allegations of a cover-up by the US Centre for Disease Control and a link between the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine and autism.”


–Chris Pedler

Pedler’s article describes the by now familiar dynamics of intimidation, threats, and festival organizers having to choose between their safety and the safety of their families, and showing a sought after “controversial” documentary, which to date has not had its contents refuted by the film’s central subject: CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson.

You can read Dr. Thompson’s revealing text exchange with Dr. Wakefield and his wife Carmel, published in 2014 at The Truth Barrier, here.