How I Helped OJ Get Away With Murder

Note: On the 20th anniversary of the “Crime Of The Century” The Truth Barrier brings you the real story, the true story, as it was lived by the actual people who were close to Mr. Simpson and his family, professionally and personally.  Everything else you will read in the news media in the coming days […]



In church, today, an elderly couple sat two pews in front of me, a bit apart. They both had short, grey hair. He reached over and stroked the nape of her neck, tenderly. I quickly decided this was happening because they were Christian, so not overcome with the hatred that has consumed men and women. […]

Update: Rico Enjoys First Drug Free Days Of His Life: Laughs

Rico and Lindsey

(Update is a copy of a Facebook Post) I spoke with Cheryl Nagel this evening and she updated me on the situation with her grandson Rico, and said I could share it. Rico was seen by several different doctors today. They are anxious to get him back on ARVs but not before he is tested […]

Indomitable Lynn

Lynn Margulis, Puffers Pond, 2010

Photo by Celia Farber

         By Dorion Sagan           Unlike many, perhaps, she continued to grow and learn until the end. One of the last projects she was involved in was the characterization of the symbiotic bryozoan, Pectinatella magnifica, who, like Lynn, loved to dwell in the possibility of Puffers Pond, the […]

Diane’s Cup


  I was in my kitchen rummaging for a coffee cup when I suddenly felt a yearning for one particular cup. It was earth brown, with a a rough surface, and no ear. Karl had been using it last time he was here. It was his. It was somehow emitting a frequency to me in […]

The Crucible: Dangerous and Primitive HIV Criminalization Laws Are Claiming More and More Victims: One Group Is Doing Something About It

Yvonne Nicole Andrews

After Yvonne Nicole Andrews left an ex-boyfriend who had repeatedly assaulted her, he turned around and falsely accused her of exposing a total of four men to HIV, none of whom she had ever met. [All four tested negative.] Soon, before she knew what was happening, Ms. Andrews found herself in a Florida prison cell facing a sixty-year sentence. Despite hospital records documenting the injuries, which included a badly sprained neck, severe concussions, and more, and despite overt statements that he planned to kill her, her ex used the laws to become make her the criminal. He was never charged.

The blond, soft-spoken mother of two had languished in county jail for several months when OMSJ contacted her attorney and prepared her defense.