How is Your Tolerance for Unspeakable Beauty?


I was recently asked what my America is. I haven’t asked myself that for decades. I’ve been living in Mexico for the past two years.
As we approach the wire where we can at last breathe non-election-tainted air for a minute, our lungs are choked.

A Beautiful, Forbidden Film: The First Baptism

Does art make you open, sad, awestruck, filled with love, close to tears? Maybe; Sometimes. Does all the art in the world come close to this? I wonder, silently, what it is that makes it hurt, (to watch this) like it used to hurt when you knew your mother was leaving on the first day […]

Great Photo of Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock, Rutland Road, Brooklyn early 1920s (not holding corn)

“She had never married, she had not, as an adult or as a child, ever pursued any of the goals that were conventional for women. She had never had any interest in what she called “decorating the torso.” …Barbara McClintock has lived most of her life alone–physically, emotionally, and intellectually. But no one who has […]

Glass Gem Corn


“Seedsman Greg Schoen got this seed from Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee man, now in his 80’s, in Oklahoma. He was Greg’s “corn-teacher”. Greg was in the process of moving last year and wanted someone else to store and protect some of his seeds. He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem. I grew […]