I have a new mantra. I say the word “yes,” over and over, out loud, or to myself. Every time I say it I feel I am setting sail on a small sailboat. I draw my finger in the water. The water is warm and glittering in the sun. The past can sort itself out, […]

The Secret (A very short play)

It’s 2018, late fall. Two friends meet in an enclave of Central Park known to contain a sonic dead spot, where conversation can’t be overheard. It’s dusk.    

A Child’s Heart In A Woman’s Body

“Do your thing,” he said, when she said she needed to do something. All of a sudden she did not know what she “needed” to do. She was thinking there was some email she needed to send regarding something she had not done, but she was confused. She wanted to talk to him and ask […]

Touching Hunger–Fiction by Peter S. Kahrmann


Two weeks before she died Mary switched to day shift at Mookie’s Diner. She and Mickey Quinn wanted more time together. Mickey was the day chef. He’d taken the job fourteen months earlier after moving back to the neighborhood. He’d tired of life in the big city; thirteen years was enough.    Life had not been […]