How To Replenish Dopamine Naturally

During the many years I was lost in the black forest (trauma, aka “depression”) I avidly, obsessively researched ways to increase bio-available dopamine. I watched hundreds of videos, read hundreds of thousands of words, and experimented on myself ceaselessly. I was seeking even a minute of a pain free psyche, or spark of joy. I consider myself […]


Standing in the Larsson kitchen on Runmarö, thinking about the word “home,” and wondering what 30 years is, or is not. Why did it seem the other night like I never left, or like we were once again in the beginning? I fend off homesickness for my other home, America, which Åke’s father Bengt pronounces […]

A Divine Drum Track You Need To Re-Appreciate Tonight

If we were forced to give up every other drum track since the dawn of rock and roll to a terrible new dictator, my thinking is, we would each be allowed to keep two. I would keep this one, [Keith Moon, on Going Mobile] and the drum track to Rock Around The Clock by Bill […]

Hate As Virtue Among The Politically Correct: Essay By Brendan O’Neill

  A superb essay but Brendan O’Neill, on neo-PC acceptable hatred of certain groups of people, such as older generations, Christians, labour (in the UK,) southerners in the U.S. and so forth. O’Neill’s essay: “Who You’re Allowed To Hate,” is a contemporary companion piece to Havel’s An Anatomy Of Hate, but Havel was able to remain […]

Thank You

The donations you sent are so appreciated, and brought so much warmth and inspiration. THANK YOU. Onward!    

Thank you Richard Karpinski

I rely on occasional reader donations to keep the site going, as the ads have not yet generated any income for Truth Barrier. Hardly anybody clicks on them, it seems, and it has taken 7 months to accrue about $37 in the penny jar, but Google won’t release it to you until you have $100. […]