Belkin: Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism

Michael Belkin, outstanding chronicler of deep hidden facts in vaccination battles, (whose infant daughter died after an adverse reaction to Hepatitis B vaccine,) reports this bombshell news.

A Scientist Who Has Studied AIDS For 30 Years Comment On The Wikileaks Cable For The Truth Barrier

TIME Magazine AIDS 1985

Having taken on board the various responses, from indignant and scathing that I would think this was “news” to those who say their minds are blown, I called one of the most truth worthy people I know, Dr. David Rasnick, in Berkeley, California, yesterday. We spoke for a long time about it. “One view holds […]

[Re-Published] Real Watergate Story Revealed In New Book


Note: The Truth Barrier first published this in Feb. of  2012. I decided to re-publish it in light of the events in the US, Hillary Clinton, and the re-opening of the FBI’s criminal case against her. Michael Hastings, mentioned at the end of the article, has since died in an unnatural car crash. I believe […]

New Green Dress

Don't be afraid

Reflections on The Hidden Meaning of Drama and Trauma “It may well be that you have been cast in the role of trigger for the emotional release work in which another being is engaged. And it may appear to you that the individual in question is overreacting to your prompts. Yet, from that other person’s […]

What They Said: Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

“The artistic process, perhaps apart from ballet and Victorian theater, it doesn’t engage the physical form the way that rock does. And particularly not the kind of fighting cock, peacock male thing. It’s a kind of courtship. All that undermines what is really going on in rock, which is a deep, deep , awful and […]

Celia Farber: Over the Rainbow with Marco Ruggiero

Marco Ruggiero

Photo: CF, Rethinking AIDS Conference, Oakland, CA, 2009 It was the late winter of 2009 when I met Dr. Marco Ruggiero at the Rethinking AIDS (RA) Conference in Oakland, California. I’d heard of him, seen glimpses of his work, and wondered who he was, in the way I’d grown accustomed to looking at scientists through […]